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Hello everyone,

Hyacinth Games have a slew of new RPG and miniature gaming content coming out for Wreck Age, our post collapse RPG and miniatures line.

Shangri LA is an upcoming Wreck Age source book which will give you a plethora of details and background on the fabled floating city that lays isolated on the Washed Coast of the Merikan continent.

The city state of Shangri LA is a coalition of many water-borne communities in Malibu Bay and the surrounding areas, from the lawless Sandy Echo, to the social and economic heart of Shangri LA: the Sphere. Shangri LAs borders span many countless kilometers, and is defended by a volunteer citizen militia. Outsiders are met with disdain and contempt, and all but the most resourceful and renown traders must do business at the far-flung trade posts of the Boneyards, laying deep in the Mojave desert, and connected to the city by a high speed rail line.

You can find out more at:

The Omen is a Wreck Age adventure for 3-5 players, who may each control up to two characters each. This adventure is designed for green level characters.

The Omen is set in the rugged eastern end of the Merikan continent, but can easily be modified to fit any Wreck Age setting.

Hyacinth Games has a rapidly expanding line of Wreck Age RPG content, tabletop wargames, and a full line of miniatures.

It is currently available for $4.99 at

Thanks for the interest! If you want to check out Wreck Age our site is the best place to start.



Wreck Age is a post-collapse 28mm tabletop skirmish miniatures game and is also a narrative RPG.

The world of Wreck Age is rich and varied, allowing you to use this starter box as a jump off point for a variety of campaigns and
encounters limited only by your imagination.

We're proud to announce our first starter box, which allows 2 people to play Wreck Age. It features the vampyric Stitchers and the
barbaric Drifters. Showdown @ Burnt Tierra Gulch features 8 pewter miniatures, 4 pieces of resin terrain, waypoint tokens, a scenario
pack, and quickstart rules. Miniatures come unpainted and unassembled.

Many of the haggard and dilapidated roads and trails through the Wilds of Merika leave travelers exposed the elements. Burnt Tierra
Gulch offers protection from the weather for the caravan paths and walking trails that converge there. Due to the high rate of traffic, it
holds strategic significance to both the Stitchers and the Drifters in the Area, either for the organs they can harvest, or the goods they
can take. Playing Showdown at Burnt Tierra Gulch will determine who will control the gulch, and in turn, the resources that flow
through it.

We're a small gaming company out of Chicago, and we'd really appreciate your support. We offer free international shipping on all orders over $200.!/~/product/category=0&id=38820387

News and Adverts / Wreck Age Core Rules PDF Now Available
« on: February 04, 2014, 05:41:35 pm »
Hello all,

We are extremely excited to announce the Wreck Age Core Rules are available at and!

The world of Wreck Age depicts humanity’s desperate struggle after betrayal and disaster have decimated Earth as we know it. Your introduction to Wreck Age begins in the 26th century, during the re-setting of the calendars, or Year Zero, the first year in the re-emergence of civilization we call The Resurgence.

Wreck Age is a roleplaying game and tabletop wargame set on a post-apocalyptic future earth.

This 247 page rulebook features background, game rules, campaign and narrative play, as well as full weapon and equipment descriptions.

• Gorgeous full color artwork.

• Play as an RPG, tabletop miniatures game, or a hybrid of both!

• 4 playable factions, with more than a dozen additional archetypes to choose from. Faction books coming soon for the Stakers, Drifters, Stitchers, and Reclaimers. After that, we'll have a larger sourcebook with the infamous cults the Church of Fun and The Vale, as well as the corporate forces of Unicephalon and The ARHK

• Wreck Age features the same rule set to play as an RPG and table top skirmish miniature war game, or a unique hybrid.

• Set on a Post collapse Earth environment

• For fans of all RPG and tabletop skirmish games, post-apocalyptia, as well as movies like Mad Max and the Road.

Hyacinth Games has a rapidly expanding line of Wreck Age RPG content, tabletop wargames, and a full line of miniatures.

We publish under a Creative Commons license to to reach and involve a wider audience; to not only grow our gaming community, but give back to it as well.

Also if you pledged for a book via Kickstarter check your messages! I sent you a download code so you can redeem your copy.


News and Adverts / Drifters invade Wreck-Age!
« on: August 03, 2013, 02:38:44 am »
Hello all,

We are happy to announce the Drifters Box Set for the Wreck Age miniatures line. This set includes nine unpainted pewter miniatures and I think it is our best offering to date.

You can find out more about the marauders of our world (and purchase some if you like) at Thanks for supporting the little guys, everyone!

Other Games / Wreck Age Staker Box Sets Are Here!
« on: March 06, 2013, 04:08:06 pm »
Hey guys!

The Staker box set has arrived, including 7 of our true scale 28mm minis for only $55! This set also includes the box set only Pitchfork Farmhand. It is exciting to get these bad boys out since we feel they are a pretty good deal compared to our standard blister packs.

You can find more info on the Stakers on our site here:

And the box set is available for purchase at:!/~/product/category=0&id=20909510

Thanks for your continued support!


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