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Okay so lock down, despite still being working, has left me with a lot of downtime - as I am sure many of you are also in the same boat.

And to be honest, I came across a couple of rather interesting books.

This is kind of tied into Pundit's Abyss thread, in that Champions Mystic World would be a great for this, in that it uses the same ideas from Gurps Cabal, just in more detail. Such that it has on the tree universes that run exclusively on magic (Exalted crossover anyone?), or to those dimensions that have rulers. You could then have Briar and Atziluth as the province of the Primordials i guess.

Although a better source book is from the Age system - this is the absolutely superlative Threefold. It has three types of world lines - Netherworlds (Demon dimensions), Otherworlds (magic can be freely used), and Primes (where technology is used, but magic can be used by some / few). The cosmology is interesting, in that it can easily incorporate the Lords of Olympus stuff, and allow for Amberites etc.

It has some multiverse travelling factions such as the Divine Empire, Sodality and Peridexion (kind of UFP across planes), and the Nighthost. I absolutely plan on using this myself at some point, veeeery soon.

Let me know your thoughts.

I was thinking of ways to add other factions into a combined game. So we have the Olympians, Amberites, Gossamer Lords, so a freaky idea came to mind.


Crazy, well sorta. Then I remembered a series of books I read when I was younger, like a lot younger. The Incarnations of Immortality. What if another faction, kind of like the Endless from DC, and Incarnations existed? Each one representing a concept, but without being too OTT like Nobilis tends to be.

With a bit of tinkering, and splitting them up, like in the books into Greater, Intermediate and Lesser would actually work. It may result into a bit of cosmology changes.

That raises a question, would Death actually collect an Amberite, or Olympian upon death?

This led to a whole host of other thoughts. What if there was a family of Gossamer Lords? Perhaps one of the gods, was not actually a god in the first place. But one of the first to eventually walk the Infinite Stair? For me I think this would have to be Janus. But you could just as easily invent your own.

Perhaps because there are infinite universe, he was obviously once mortal, so his children, and children's children, descendants over X number of years - before the gene dilutes itself too far, could also become Gossamer Lords? Hence in a way they are his family, albeit through probability.

Just a few musings I was having.
As always, let me know your thoughts?

This was posted in G+, so @RPGPundit kindly suggested that I post it here.

Has anyone given any thought to a combined Diceless game?

How would you do it?
What concessions would you give to powers and cosmology?
Would you shift the costs of some powers?

Help Desk / WARNING: There Is a Predator on RPG Sites
« on: November 03, 2013, 02:05:22 PM »
Hi All

I am like many of you, a member on more than one site. Having come across this thread on another one of my stops I decided it was definitely worth sharing.

Predator on RPG Sites

As you can see it also states that said individual is on other RPG sites, so I figured this was worth sharing so that everyone is aware of the issues and the danger. I have PM'd a Mod so hopefully they will sticky this or something, and anyone who is contacted in the manner in the linked thread report it immediately and maybe between us all we can ensure that those members that have received contact know that they are not alone and something can be done.

Play by Post Games / Renaissance RPG Interest
« on: February 18, 2013, 09:14:44 AM »
Good Morning

New member here, so hello to everyone.

Secondly, would there be any interest in a Renaissance / Black Powder RPG. The rules are completely free.

My idea is that the main Renaissance RP will be used to design characters in conjunction with MRQ II Core, but they can be from any other D100 setting. Would there be interest in this?

News and Adverts / Renaissance RPG Interest
« on: February 18, 2013, 05:56:32 AM »
Good Morning

New member here, so hello to everyone.

Secondly, would there be any interest in a Renaissance / Black Powder RPG. The rules are completely free and can be used in conjunction with Clockwork and Chivalry.

My idea for the the RP is that the characters will not just be set in one location but likely go across the multiverse, maybe visit a variety of places. They can create a character from one of any of the other D100 sourcebooks using the Renaissance rules.

So would there be any interest in this?

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