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The RPGPundit's Own Forum / 2020 Election Commentary
« on: July 17, 2020, 04:22:33 PM »
The non-Partisan Cook Political Report released an electoral map based on how they rate each state.  They currently rate 279 electoral votes as solid/likely/lean Democrat and 187 electoral votes as solid/likely/lean Republican.  Compared to Real Clear Politics which includes Missouri and Texas as toss-ups, the Cook Political report is assigning them to Trump, along with Iowa and Ohio.  Even with that, winning the 72 electoral votes listed as 'toss-up' (which is comprised of Arizona, Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina, as well as a Maine district) Biden would win 279 to 259.  It would require Trump to run the table and poach at least one large State from the Lean Democrat column.  

Current polls in the 'toss-up' states are unfavorable to Trump (polling numbers from 538's polling average):

Arizona (Biden +2.6%)
Florida (Biden +6.8%)
Georgia (Biden +1.0%)
North Carolina (Biden +2.9%)

Even Ohio, which is listed as Lean Republican and was included with Trump's electoral totals is polling with Biden at +2.2%

Derek White wrote an editorial for Knights of the Dinner Table #268.  His son (among many others) is on the autism spectrum, and the amount of noise and chaos can be difficult for him.  Especially with larger conventions it can be an issue.


Many of us have or know someone with social anxiety issues who has found solace in tabletop RPGs.  These are our brothers, sisters, children, parents, and friends.  We should be making it easier for them to come and be a part of our mutual gaming experiences

His major recommendation is to include quiet spaces (Sensory Friendly Rooms) and some of the challenges that he's encountered at Cons.  

It's an interesting read - not something I had thought about before.

I was reading the following article from before the release of 3.x:

At the time of the article, the Open License was still a consideration, and Ryan Dancey laid out what they expected to happen.  What's interesting to me is that the reasons that the OGL were seen to work (primarily in relation to "The Theory of Network Externalities") may no longer apply.  

D&D was the 'leader', and competing product drove more people to D&D.  Considering the 'boom' cycle, this seemed to be largely correct.  

It would seem that if Pathfinder is the market leader, then the release of Next will help them more than anyone else (assuming, again, that the tenants that led to the OGL were correct - as they appeared to be since everything he laid out as an expectation became observed fact).

There is a kickstarter to turn Knights of the Dinner Table into a live action web-series and/or a possible 90-minute movie.  Below is the Jolly Blackburn (creator of Knights of the Dinner Table) editorial from issue 204:

Quote from: Jolly Blackburn

Cries from the Attic - "$!!#@ JUST GOT REAL..."

Okay, so "what's with the cover on this issue?" you're probably asking yourself.  Those familiar looking characters?  They're the proposed cast for a very special project that's about to get underway.  As I write this editorial, the ink is still drying on a contract granting a license to D20 Entertainment for a, wait for it, Knights of the Dinner Table live-action movie.  Yeah -- this $!!#@ just got real.

And that's where you come in.  This journey involves you, the reader, as well.  But before we get to that -- let me tell you a little story.

A few months ago, just prior to GenCon, we were approached by an old friend with an interesting proposal.  Ken Whitman (D20 Entertainment) wanted to do a Knights of the Dinner Table webseries.

Now over the years, Dave, Steve, Brian and myself have been approached perhaps a dozen times about doing such a project.  From the guy with a video camera and perhaps more ambition than know-how to a few big name animation studios whose names you would immediately recognize.

As much as we've chomped at the bit to see such projects happen, they all came to nothing.  And for one very simple reason.  Our insistence on having some measure of creative input/control.

We just weren't willing to take a check and put our beloved characters into the hands of strangers (especially when one studio exec insisted on changing the Knight's background from 'losers' (her words) to teens who were "heroes" in their day to day lives outside the game).  

Giving up complete creative control is just something we've been unwilling to do.  Unfortunately, most studios aren't willing to negotiate on that point.  So, as the years have passed, and offers have come and gone, the likelihood of a KODT film project just seemed to diminish, along with our hopes.


Now, I've known Ken since 1993.  We hit it off right from the very start.  When Ken told me he'd like to have a 'sit down meeting' with the D-Team at GenCon to discuss a movie license? - my first thought was "Oh boy.  I love you Ken, but you're not going to like what I'm about to say..."

When I shout out an e-mail reply saying we were interested but would want creative input, I figured it would be the last we would hear from him.  I was surprised when the answer was not only an immediate yes but "actually, I'm going to insist on that.  I want you guys involved in the entire process."  

Well, played, Mr. Whitman.  Well played.

My wife and I had the opportunity to play small cameo roles in one of Ken's filming projects last fall; Brother's Barbarian: Season 2 (I played an Orc).  I knew the level of excitement he brought with him to any project and his gift for bringing talented people together.  But I was still skeptical.  Could he really pull of bringing KODT to the screen?  Could he meet fans' expectations?  When the D-Team indicated we would need some assurances, D20 Entertainment would be up to the challenge, Ken once against surprised us.  

He immediately assembled a crew, cast the roles of Weird Pete and Brian, located a gamestore willing to let them crash their premises on a Saturday night after hours (Hard Knox Games in Radcliffe, Kentucky) and filmed a 5 minute teaser/proof of concept.  Ten days before the meeting!

The script was taken directly from the pages of KODT and filmed as written -- one of the few strips in more than 200 issues with JUST Brian and Pete having a conversation (A GM Comes Calling, KODT #102/BOT vol 31)

Long story short, we were totally blown away when it was shown to us.  

It was immediately obvious to us that D20E loved KODT and understood the characters.  Things have been moving quickly since that first meeting.  

There were terms to iron out.  Script proposals to bounce around.  Casting considerations.  Determining which characters from KODT's huge cast would be appearing.  Exciting stuff to be sure.

But -- everything hinges on funding the project.

The Knights of the Dinner Table film project is to be funded via Kickstarter with a starting date of December 1st.  If it hasn't already launched by the time this issue finds your hands?  It's about to.  Here's what you need to know.  Depending on the funding levels achieved, D20 Entertainment will be either producing a webseries, a full 90 minute movie, or (if things go really nuts) both!

And that's where YOU come in.  The success or failure of this Kickstarter ultimately lies with our readers.  I would consider it a personal favor if you helped spread the word -- to every gamer haunt on the net, to your local favorite game store, to your buddies who used to game and drifted away from the table because life got busy, to anyone you know who might want to be a part of making this happen.

The more people who contribute to this fantasy-project, the more D20 Entertainment (along with KenzerCo's help) will be able to do.  Over the last 23 years and 200+ issues, Knights of the Dinner Table fans and their amazing shows of loyal support have allowed us to live our dreams.  Crowd sourcing this project seems perfectly fitting.  As I write this, Ken and his team are putting together some exciting stretch goals and award levels.  I hope you'll take time to check out and come along for the journey.  

Be it a webseries or a full on movie, it promises to be a wild ride!

Until next month -- may all your hits be crits!!

Game on!

If you've had any dealings with Jolly or KenzerCo, you know that they're good people - and old school gamers to boot.  

The Kickstarter is live:

There are 49 days left to fund the project.  They've currently raised $17,500 of a $60,000 goal.  

If this is a project you're interested in, I hope you'll consider supporting it.  If you're not personally interested, but you know some people who might, please pass the word along.


I apologize in advance if I'm posting this in the wrong forum, but considering both the altruism and love of supporting small(er) publishers, I figured I'd throw this out here.

Chris Pramas, founder of Green Ronin, is having spinal surgery to relieve a pinched nerve.  While he has insurance, apparently it doesn't cover the full cost, and he needs another $10,000 for the surgery.

To make up the difference, several of his friends have penned original stories and the collected work is being offered.  They've already raised more than $8,000, but there's almost $2,000 left to go.  For more information, please check out this site:

Cadaver Bone Benefit Fiction Anthology

The RPGPundit's Own Forum / Pipe Smoking - An Introduction
« on: December 10, 2012, 11:51:11 AM »
I can see the appeal of pipe smoking.  I've long enjoyed cigars, but I have a friend that would like me to try pipe smoking.  I'm interested, but I lack a solid background in pipe smoking.  I have several questions, that, rather than diving in to a website devoted to that, I'd query the experts here.

1) What type of pipe or pipes should I buy?  I've heard people mention the excellent value proposition of some 'used' pipes of various names where the quality if far superior to new pipes.  What is a cost effective 'entry-level' pipe.  Since I don't know much about the advantages/disadvantages of different pipe shapes, what is a good option to start with.

2) My friend has mentioned 'impregnating' a virgin pipe with any number of possible solutions, from honey to different spirits (brandy, maybe?).  Is there an advantage to this?  If so, what preferred substance do you have.  Does it only work on a 'virgin pipe', or if I do buy a used pipe, would this be recommended?  

3) I'm familiar with cigar smoking and have the appropriate accouterments.  However, what is the preferred method of lighting a pipe?  Is match lighting greatly preferred?  What are the advantages/disadvantages of a torch lighter?  

Fortunately, there is a pretty good place for all one's smoking needs in Knoxville

I know they'll be able to help me with anything, but I want to be able to ask intelligent questions.  

Thanks for any suggestions.

Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games (RPGs) Discussion / Game Style Quiz
« on: August 24, 2012, 12:43:46 PM »
I noticed a link to a Gaming Style Quiz in John Morrow's signature.  It seems that arguments about gaming style seem to come up frequently, with different suspicions about where a particular poster might be coming from.

To that end, it might be helpful to take the quiz and post your results (optional, of course).  It might help other people see where you MIGHT be coming from.  

I Scored as Tactician:
You're probably a military buff who wants to have the chance to think through complex problems. You want the rules, and your GM's interpretation of them, to match up what happens in the real world or at least be consistant. You want challenging yet logical obstacles to overcome.

Tactician 83%
Storyteller 75%
Method Actor 75%
Specialist 58%
Butt-Kicker 58%
Power Gamer 50%
Casual Gamer 33%

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