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While searching for historical RPGs, I realised I'd never seen one about the French Revolution, which is odd, because of its importance.

Then I discovered there was one, released by FGU in 1976, called Madame Guillotine. So, any of you RPG historians and collectors know about it ? Is it any good ? I've seen a blurb describing what appears to be a proto-social combat. Is that so ?

Thanks in advance.


If you guys wanna check, this is an Indonesian action movie about a 20 SWAT-like policemen raid into a 30 stores high building controlled by a bloodthirsty Drug Lord. There are some twists, but it really feels like a modern megadungeon invaded maybe by an unprepared party... Will it be a TPK ? No spoilers here.

Hi guys, I often have wished to ressurrect one of my oldest campaigns, which used AD&D 2nd edition rules, but in a different ruleset.

The game world was a detailed homebrew threatened by the appearance of a chaotic evil entropic force (not really a god), which was channeled into several mortal proxies throughout the world in order to create an apocalyptic event.

The forces of Good, knowing that some unspeakable acts would be necessary to slay these proxies, recruited and empowered the nastiest, most powerful, Lawful Evil individuals, the PCs, which started at 12th level, veritable one man armies.

The game was a troupe style epic semi-sandbox, as there weren't really missions, just the knowledge of impending doom coming from unknown places, and the dark champions would more often than not work alone, or with followers, rather than together.

As I don't think AD&D 2nd is really a good system for epic, cinematic, games, I was trying to figure out a replacement, although one that didn't deviate too much from a D&D feel.

At first I thought about using Legends of Anglerre, but was thinking maybe the new 13th Age could scratch that itch (if it isn't too clanky with 4e-ness), or maybe Savage Worlds (but that could be too far from the original experience).  What do you think ?

So, folks, been mostly a lurker here and on tBP for so long, I've started mostly information request threads, but now I feel I must introduce myself properly to the board.

I'm a 32 year old compulsive collector GM, living in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, and part of your old friend, The Butcher's regular group. From this board I also know silva, and am currently pestering to GM some Glorantha for us. Hi guys !

Well, thing is, like the title says, my RPG game collection is numbering, today, 721 titles, only counting dead tree ones, and unfortunately many of them haven't seen much, or any usage.

I'm currently GMing two campaigns, a Game of Thrones d20 one, set prior to the Blackfyre Rebellion, and a murder mystery Vampire the Requiem one, centered in San Antonio, Texas, with elements from Damnation City, The Danse Macabre, and Night Horrors: The Wicked Dead, and between these and playing on Butcher's Warhammer game, I'm out of face to face game time.

I'm, as I've stated, an all-school kind of guy, having before GMed a Black Company pastiche sword & sorcery campaign, using Castles & Crusades in a semi-sandbox style, and before that a Changeling the Lost meets WoD Slasher game, and BEFORE that a 4e game with the PCs as Black Lantern spies in Eberron...

And I could go on and on, but mostly, besides the introduction, and stating the case that the few I times I gave books away I regretted it afterwards, what you guys think my course of action should be to make the most of my collecion... Online gaming ? Shorter-term games ?

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