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Play by Post Games / (Recruiting) Encounter Risical!
« on: May 23, 2013, 01:19:36 PM »
So I've been gone for three years from this site, lets run a PbP!

Any interest in a Risus game set in the mighty land of Vanth, the setting of Encounter Critical!?

I've been recruiting in the Risus G+ community and so far have one commitment.

Anyone else?

You awake in the back room of the the Lusty Lizard, one of God City's more raucous drinking establishments. The previous night was enjoyable (you think),as you each made the acquaintance of a blue eyed robodroid doxy named Azure. There was much drinking and fun of an adult nature, but now that you try to pull the details from your alcohol addled brain, the evening is otherwise a blank.

What's more, in addition to your splitting headache, you each have a strange blue rash spreading over your sword arms. Hmm time to see a doctor.

Just another day in the Mighty Land of Vanth!

Greetings! I have the good fortune to be on vacation but the misfortune to have taken it during a horrid heat wave. I've long been a lurker here and I think I'd love to run a game. A game of Encounter Critical. A game of EC based on an old TSR Forgotten Realms adventure.

EC, is for the uninitiated, a faux rpg, a homage/parody of 70's rpgs. Its a free download here. But I assume many of the denizens of this site have heard of EC :)

I'd love to have 4 players, although I'll take more. Characters begin at level 1. You may roll your stats.

I would love to have daily posts, but I am realistic. But a couple to three times a week would probably keep the game going.

I'll post an invite at the EC yahoo group, too.


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