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News and Adverts / [RQ6] Hardback now available for $60!
« on: January 21, 2014, 03:06:02 PM »
For the last two months the Design Mechanism has found itself in the rather pleasing situation of having sold out its entire first and second print runs of RuneQuest 6th Edition. We have been very fortunate that our customers have not only rated RQ6 very highly in reviews, but also spread the word amongst their gaming friends.

Faced with the need to print a new batch of the core rules, we are pleased to announce that RuneQuest 6 is now available as a high quality, durable hardback. This latest print run includes all of the errata, the upgraded artwork funded by the Indiegogo fundraiser; and has been produced by the same company who printed our excellent Collector's Special Edition.

For $60 you get a complete 456 page game including one of the most highly regarded combat systems in RPGs today, five different forms of magic with hundreds of abilities and spells, a comprehensive bestiary, Game Master advice and tons of additional extras, such as rules support for creating your own setting, cults, diseases and poisons, even traps.

Anyone who held out, put off by the price of the softback, will find this edition excellent value for money. You can order directly from us at the Design Mechanism website (we will throw in the pdf for free), or locate it at your local game store.

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