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On facebook today I'll be talking with TSR and overall RPG and gaming luminary Jim Ward at 3:30 Eastern time.  You don't have to follow or friend me on FB, just click and go!


'Community': Why Netflix Just Pulled the 'Advanced Dungeons and Dragons' Episode
Mishal Ali Zafar  TwitterMORE ARTICLES
June 26, 2020
After being off the air for five years, NBC's hit sitcom Community found a new home on Netflix. But the streamer, which carries all six seasons of the series, recently pulled one controversial episode from their catalog. Here's a breakdown of why Netflix is no longer streaming "Advanced Dungeons and Dragons."

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons - Community
Advanced Dungeons and Dragons" Episode Charley Koontz and Joel McHale | Lewis Jacobs/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images
'Advanced Dungeons and Dragons' appears on Season 2 of 'Community'
As the fourteenth episode of Season 2, Advanced Dungeons and Dragons is centered around Neil (Charley Koontz), a fellow Greendale student who is teased about his weight. After being nicknamed "Fat Neil," Neil seems depressed and possibly suicidal, so Jeff Winger (Joel McHale) decides to cheer him up by playing his favorite game, Dungeons and Dragons.

Jeff gets the entire study group to join in on the game. Each student takes on a different character, with Abed (Danny Pudi) leading the game as dungeon master.

Eventually, Pierce Hawthorne (Chevy Chase) forces himself into the game. And in the end, after he relentlessly tortures Neil and loses, the group learns that Jeff was only trying to cheer Neil up because he felt guilty for coining his nickname.

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The episode is often regarded as one of the series' best
Written by comedy writer Andrew Guest and directed by Joe Russo, "Advanced Dungeons and Dragons" touched on subjects like bullying and suicide, and it also featured meaningful character growth. Among fans of Community, is often considered one of the show's best episodes.

"'Advanced Dungeons and Dragons' is the best-contained episode of anything I've ever watched," one fan wrote on Reddit. "The acting and characterization is wonderful, and it's totally sold by the cast. The narrative's funny, tight, and surprisingly emotional -- I can't get over how well they did this – it's just incredibly talented writing."

RELATED: 'Community': Chevy Chase Called Joe Russo a 'Napoleonic Pr*ck' During a 'Meltdown' on Set

Why the 'Community' episode was pulled by Netflix

Community found a new life on Netflix, with fans old and new revisiting the show and thrusting it back into the spotlight. But amidst the growing awareness of racial insensitivity, the streamer pulled "Advanced Dungeons and Dragons" because it features Ken Jeong's character, Chang, in blackface.

While the group is playing their game, Chang shows up with covered in dark black paint, wearing a white wig, and elf ears. He declares himself as a dark elf called Brutalitops the Magician.

"So, we're just going to ignore that hate crime, huh?," Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) asks the group, to which Chang responds, "I'm a dark elf or a drow."

So Netflix pulled the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons episode of Community because of blackface. But Chang wasn't in blackface. So no nuance or analysis here at all.

-- Breana Miller, M.A. (@brethebaker) June 26, 2020
But some Community fans are arguing that Chang's get-up was not racially motivated. And they're pointing out that he dressed up as a dark elf, just as he implied.

"@netflix removing the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons episode of Community does nothing to heal racial injustice," one fan wrote on Twitter. "Chang was dressed as a mythical creature from a fantasy world. Skin tone was not a social commentary or a representation of black culture. You did an oops here!"

"So Netflix pulled the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons episode of Community because of blackface," another fan tweeted. "But Chang wasn't in blackface. So no nuance or analysis here at all."

It's unclear if the episode is gone from Netflix for good. But the streamer may make an announcement in the coming days.

Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka is a three-times spouse abuser, and his paypigs at SA are just now waking up to the fact.

The ancillary correlation with RPGs is of course that the harassment led by Ettin, Halloween Jack, and others, comes from their little walled-off compound of their Traditional Games forum.  

I'm sure someone will create another forum that costs $10 to join, $20 to use the search feature of, $10 to have an avatar on, etc. etc., that they can all congregate in, but given that all of Lowtax's patreon has dried up in literally the space of 36 hours, and the various forum moderators are in full rebellion, this is likely the end of SA.

Just trying to keep up morale.  I'll probably end up calling the affair "Crazy Gibberish" but haven't settled on a "name" yet.  Here's links to the first two videos.  Tomorrow, kicks off at 2pm  US Eastern Standard Time.  That's when I'll probably do it every day here on out, "for the duration of the emergency", as they say.

Log on, chill, watch the stream, make comments at me, whatever!

Today's stream:


These are viewable to the whole world, so those links should work just fine.

A new book of mine released today!!!

This is an OSRIC re-master of my original AD&D release "WGH2 Temple of the Sun".  New art, newly remastered maps.  Grab a copy today, and thank you!

The stories of D&D are not character backgrounds or elaborate plots created by the DM. They're the memories we create when we play, whether meta-game or within the game, they're the "Remember the time Bob cast invisibility on himself, and tied the Giant's shoelaces together as the giant slept?" moments.

Last night I was privileged enough to create and be a part of one of the best of those.

Every year I run a "Christmas game" for the adventurers. Without delving too much into the specifics, the party was squared off against a herd of deadly Christmas Tree Monsters (shamelessly lifted from the Zork games). They had no idea how they'd overcome hundreds of 9' tall, angry intelligent Christmas trees. Charm Plant? Use a Potion of Plant Control? Fireball them?

Finally a couple of players suggested they try to sing Christmas carols at them (the Trees were singing off-color versions of old Christmas standards like "Plover the River and Frotz the Woods" and "I'm Dreaming of a Black Cavern" and so on).

Jeremy Rule, playing the party bard, picked up his guitar (note: Jeremy, not the bard) and started strumming "Oh Christmas Tree".

I told them that if they all had a sing-along, I would let them by the encounter, that they'd overcome the Christmas Tree Monster army.

So they did just that, on Discord (the lag made it a little jumbled but the spirit was with them) and after a few bars of the song, the deadly Yule Tide parted and they were able to pass unassailed.

I remember years ago when I got my Dungeon Masters Guide, the notes for Heward's Mystical Organ said that if you (the DM) had a piano handy, to either write your own sheet music or compel the players to play old standards to activate and successfully use it. When I was 13, I thought that was the most ridiculous thing I'd ever read. Neat, but impractical. And yet, here I was, 36 years later...

It's memories like that, which are the "story" of D&D games.

News and Adverts / The Lost Crypt is now live on Indiegogo!
« on: November 23, 2019, 03:11:23 PM »

Ever wonder what it would be like to write an adventure with Gary Gygax? Around the year 2005, Gary started working with a small number of authors on a project to write new material for his world setting (which was totally not called "World of Greyhawk"). Bill Silvey was one of those authors, and this book includes the story of working with Gary as well as the adventure Bill wrote for inclusion in Gary's campaign world. For obvious legal reasons, none of Gary's original material is included in Lost Crypt: this module is all Bill's work. However, those who are interested in Gary's world setting will be interested to read material that would have been included in it if Gary had lived to see the project through...

Almost lost to the pages of history!
The Lost Crypt, originally inspired by master of role playing game adventure himself was almost
lost to the annals of history. Until now! Written by veteran RPG scholar and scribe Bill Silvey,
the Lost Crypt is an old school rules style romp through an ancient tomb and hidden lairs filled
with clever monsters. Originally written for OSR rule is designed to be a challenge for veteran
characters of 7-8th level.

  • Authors notes on the inspiration behind the Lost Crypt and his legendary adventures working with Gary Gygax, co-creator of the most famous role playing game in the world!
  • Loads of traps, puzzles and adversaries to keep characters on their toes as they navigate the terrors of the Lost Crypt
  • Cover and interior art by acclaimed artist Hector Rodriguez.
  • Can be played as a stand-alone, one shot adventure or be fit into a larger campaign, or made part of a larger dungeon complex!
  • Hand cartography by Ian McGarty of the Silver Bullettes
  • An original piece of art from TSR veteran Tracy Lesch whose work is featured in Dungeons & Dragons Art and Arcana: A Visual History.

...from beardy basement dwellers!

That's right, this...person...has stepped up to proclaim that pen and paper RPGs are now officially no longer exclusionary, and are For Everyone.  Isn't that great?  Oh!  The nerds who've been hoarding D&D and keeping it all to themselves are going to be driven out into the snow, too.

Phew.  To think, without this post from the beeb, we almost lost RPGs to nasty old gamers.


Sarcasm off: seriously if you live in the UK and pay a "television license" does it not burn your guts like cold fire to see what it's paying for?

Not edition warring (much).

OD&D, Basic (of any stripe), "D&D", AD&D 1e, 2e, 3rd Edition D&D, 4e (yes, even 4e) and 5e were/are all identifiably D&D.  I don't particularly like 3rd or 4th edition, I'm kind of tepid on 5e, but at the end of the day they do what they should do, and among those criteria is "Be identifiably D&D".

But one thing I have never, ever understood is why some people don't want to change D&D's rules, they want to entirely and completely scrap D&D altogether so that all is left is the name "D&D" and some totally alien rule system is put on it.  I'm not angry about it, I'm really curious.  If you want a fantasy game where the stats are not S,I,W,D,C,Ch, start at a 3-18 range, character races come in at least Human, elf, dwarf, etc. (and others, if your game goes full on dragon-man, half-demon, teleporting elves, etc. that's your bag), then there's loads of games that do it.

I just see posts every now and again where people wanna throw everything away that makes D&D D&D except the name and I don't get that.  Is it a case of just wanting your not-D&D game to suddenly be the 800lb gorilla?

Genuinely curious.

Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games (RPGs) Discussion / Rope Trick (1e only)
« on: November 19, 2018, 04:53:54 PM »
Can you employ Rope Trick underwater and have a safe, airspace to be in for the spell's duration?

The RPGPundit's Own Forum / When SJWs attack, tabletop games edition.
« on: August 02, 2018, 11:15:16 AM »

Briefly, this dude runs a Youtube channel, observing some of the more screechy parts of the left leaning fans.  He went to GenCon, was out to dinner with members of the Gygax family (according to him) and while there he was physically attacked.

Jessica Price, that useful idiot formerly of Paizo who spent much of her career saying awful things on Twitter about TTRPGs until she was let go from Paizo in 2017, got a job a year ago as a Story Developer for Guild Wars 2, a moderately popular fantasy MMO.  Never one to pass the opportunity to say "Here, hold my beer" when someone says, "I think that's the most awful way you've behaved towards customers, Jessica," she started an AMA (ask me anything) thread on her Twitter feed, opined that putting a story-arc on an MMO player character is difficult, and when someone (a DIRTY RAPIS...erm, male) suggested otherwise, she attacked him, then sicced her 10000 followers on him, and another developer got into the act.

Well, the company that owns Guild Wars wasn't going to take that shit lying down, and they fired her and the other dev.

So what's the over/under on whether or not she belly-crawls back to TTRPGs since the video game world is so "toxic"?  Or just becomes a pure patreon-whore, doing streams on twitch and e-begging since DIRTY MALES got her fired?

Seven years!  Two presidential elections.  In 2011 a Core2Duo machine and a GTX450 was still considered a decent gaming rig.  In 2011, Wizards of the Coast had yet to announce the release of the special edition 1e AD&D reprints.  In 2011, the Star Wars franchise reboot hadn't begun, and Lucas hadn't sold the company to Disney!  2011 was closer to a decade ago than not.  And that f'in game still isn't out yet?!  People gave J.Mal a lot of shit (and rightly so) for Dwimmermount but this is pathetic!  This is "I'm John Videogames" territory.  What a shitshow.

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