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So, I passed over the SoTDL Kickstarter because I had enough going on with D&D 5E and Cypher System. But on a lark I picked up the pdf copy of Shadow's rules and was blown away.

So much so I got my hands on a hardcopy of the corebook and picked up the majority of the pdfs.

It's that nice mix of easy to use system, flexible class pathing, and no hand holding of the PCs. It just clicked. I knew I respected the old Warhammer 2E rules, but the setting seemed to well, Warhammer for my tastes. But now I have a fresher setting, no fear for gunplay, and a fun selection of skills and spells to tinker with. And the supplements so far have been excellent. Alchemy, undead options, it's awesome.

I love how I can quickly throw together a dark and twisted campaign, and utterly murder and drive my PCs crazy...and it will be awesome!

Has anyone else picked this up or experimented with it so far? Also it starts with 0 level PCs so while it doesn't expressly call for a Funnel adventure, it sounds like one is called for...

Let me see if this makes sense to you:

Geoffrey C. Grabowski, Exalted 1st and 2nd Edition writer/lead dev.

Melissa Uran - Long time White Wolf Artist

Dark twisted fantasy setting that makes me it's The Naked Lunch meets Little Shop of Horrors.

And OSR, Labrinth Lord/Mutant Future based rules!

Talk about one of these things is NOT like the other.

Here is the upside. It will be released for FREE. They're just kick starting the game for a pretty print copy. Oh. The total Kickstarter "goal"? A laughable 22 dollars.

What do you think of this?

I'm finally going to get my first Numenera game rolling next week. Gonna play around the "Beanstalk" and run a Norse inspired space game.

Did anyone notice this little gem?

New game they will KS. A kid friendly Cypher system game!

That and the upcoming Cypher System Generic book I'm rather excited for this year.

(Also looking forward to the Numenera Space, The Strange Recurision books.)

Is anyone else currently enjoying the Cypher games? I know there is a 3rd party setting book in the works as well. Just so much stuff to farm for ideas now.

For my first use of it I have Hoard of the Dragon Queen. And running that might be a good idea to get use to the system. But 5E was going to be my big step away from pre-published adventures back into homebrewing my own setting/campaign material.

Now, when 4E dropped I ran a long and fun Pirates of the Astral Sea (screw 4E planer adventures being Paragon tier suggestion). But I want to go elsewhere in 5E. That said, I'd LOVE if they got more support for Eberron. I know Psionics are a year + down the line if then. So that's okay. The DMG having Warforged will help and I can run a game focusing on the 5 nations.

But what I wanted to go even more old school. Like classic Sigil adventures, running from Gate Town to Gate Town? Or pulling out an OSR adventure and using it?

What are you wanting to run now that you have 5E?

Both HARP and HARP Sci-FI. Does anyone here still use them? I liked Rolemaster, but a Rolemaster lite would be just about right for the way I've been feeling of late. I want something where I can run fun and fast monsters and encounters and mix up races.

What is the Site's thoughts on HARP?

Damn. I should had found SWN sooner. I love it. I'm getting all the PDFs. I want a few physical core books for players. I love the world gen, and dirty space fun if offers.

I'm even looking into Hulks and Horrors.

I'm growing to like OSR material more, especially the variant stuff.

But finding players for an online game has been mixed. Where are the SWN players?

Lets see. Picking up your foes and using them as weapons. Randomly bashing up the scenery. Doing insane combos using thrown objects, leveling up by eating/reading/doing random things. Subspace reminds me of cheatcode errors.

This game is River City Ransom's big brother with cooler graphics. And the music is chiptunes best.

And that my friends is from just me playing the DEMO via PSN. SO gonna get this one this week if I can.

Well, picked it up last week and I like what I've read so far.

Class wise, the new classes seem well thought out with my only reservation being for the Summoner and tracking all the fiddly bits of his "Pet". Not mind boggling, I've seen Druid/Rangers in the same boat so I'm going to wait until I see one in action.

Conceptually I love Alchemist, it plays as a much more reasonable take on the gadget caster. I absolutely love the Inquisitor and plan on playing one in the near future. The Cavalier seems really fun and works a LOT like 4E's Warlord in 3.X terms.

But as a GM and player I think the meat and potatoes of this book is seriously in the Class Archtypes. I know this concept came up in 3.5 PHB2, but Paizo's take on it is very easy to understand and it makes me giddy thinking about playing some of these class varients. It also does away with a LOT of 3.5 need for Prestige Class glut.

I think maybe this syncs with Pathfinders take on Prestige Classes more for hybrid builds, or extreme specialists. (Or setting specific builds...)

New gear, magic items were run of the mill but the expanded metamagic rods listing is welcome.

The new Feats...are interesting. I think I need to reread more of this section to digest what options I'm getting. Same with the new spells. I'm going to see where in play these would be useful. A lot came off as specialist fill ins, or tied to the new class roles. The new metamagic feats are good, but some make me want to test them out for abuse potential.

Overall, I love the book. I know Utimate Power/Combat are on the way next year but APG pretty much fills in the lion share of the 'other' options.

What is your take, if you got it?

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