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Design, Development, and Gameplay / Best Tablet for gaming is the Touchpad!
« on: November 28, 2011, 10:58:28 PM »
Over the few years I was using my asus netbook to pull up PDF, online wiki, and xls sheets to assist in gaming. It came in handy  for looking up PDF for a specific rule, or utilizing my xls sheet of my warforged juggernaut attacks (they can get complicated) or even document kills, loot and other note taking in the game.

Well it died a few weeks ago. To replace my laptop I purchased 14 inch HP Pavillion g4-1215dx. Great price for $349. Unfortunately it is bigger than my netbook and the battery life was meh... kinda half of the 6-7  hours I had on my Asus 1000he.

At the same time my son was given an iPad from my parents. For a week I played with it and tried to get the books on it, but it was such a pain I gave up. I really did not like iOS on the tablet. On the phone it works well but the tablet seems too linear for me. I know the iPad has a whole universe of apps and is the king of tablet sales. For those who use the iPad, can you open multiple PDF and shuffle between them with out reopening them?

I broke down and went back to best Buy and purchased an HP Touchpad for $149 (they would only sell it at that price if you had purchased an HP computer).

I played with it for a few days and instantly loved how the OS worked. You can truly multitask with this OS. You can have multiple PDF open, xls files, and what ever. With webOS you can stack cards of open files or programs and then you can slide them around, open them and shuffle between them. Here is a picture of how I have set up (see attached file). One stack is my psychic warrior Dante and the XPH and CPH. Next to it is my Artificer and a Crystal Keep PDF for infusions, and off screen is my Warforged Juggernaut with his XLS sheet to calculate his attacks. If I open other PDF, I can keep them on a separate stack. To open the file you just tap the card and it expands to full screen and hitting the home button or swipe the bottom of the screen goes back to the desktop. If you want to see more about webOS  just hit youtube and see it yourself.

I also took the liberty installing Cyanogen Mod 7 Alpha 2 and 3 on the HP Touchpad. Cool thing is you can dual boot between either OS and they share the same virtual SD card in the device so the PDF files are shared between both OS's I use and Android phone and the mod works well on the Touchpad. You can open multiple files and shuffle between them but I can not open more than one PDF at a time with out using multiple readers, which is silly to do. Android does have lots of apps but for using it for my gaming purpose just did not work.

The one major drawback is that HP has discontinued the Touchpad and the app market is , well meak. So I may just use the webOS for game night and then Android the rest of the week. Hopefully when Icecream Sandwich gets created for the the Touchpad it can do what I want. There is also a glimmer of hope HP may do something right and keep webOS and create a newer version.

The one drawback on webOS is there is no index or table of contents you can manipulate as you can on a PC. So, I have to resort to looking at the index or table of content in the actually PDF.

Well, lets here your experience of what tablet you use and how you use it.

Design, Development, and Gameplay / Anyone use a eBook for PDF books?
« on: October 27, 2010, 12:27:09 AM »
As most of us here have vast copies of PDF books on our computer, it would be wonderful to use it in a game instead of a PC, laptop or a book bag full of books.

I can pick up this Android tablet from work at around 150 bucks with my discount.

Has anyone used something similar (except for an iPad) and had good results?

In our current campaign, we started using AD&D rules and I had opted to build a unarmed psionicist using S&P options from the Ravenloft rules mentioned in a Dragon Magazine. We have now converted to 3.5 to simplify the game.

Here was his build and final stats. (WARNING MUNCHKIN HERE)

BOOKS: Skills and Powers, Ravenloft Skills and Powers, Ninja's Handbook, Psionicists Handbook, Will and the Way.

7th level Human Psionicist

Concept: A street fighting psionicist with a personality problem tormented by the fact he has a sensitive side for being a medium.

STR 14
DEX 14
CON 18
INT 18
WIS 18

Human Build: 10 pt
Tough Hide (10): Base 8 AC instead of 10
Greater HP (10): 2 extra HP per level (from disadvantaged)

Psionicist: 105 pt
Access to Disciplines (40): Clarisentiense, Metabolic, telepathy, psycoportation

Greater Hit Points (15): 1d10 HP dice

Mental Expertise (5) : Faster power progression

More PSP (10) : additional 2d6 PSP per level

Warrior Psionicist (10): Warrior THAC0

Weapon Specialization (15): The psionicist can specialize in the use of a particular weapon. This ability is useless unless the character also chooses the weapon use ability (below), even if the psionicist specializes in a martial art or nonlethal combat. The character-point cost for gaining proficiency and specialization in the weapon must be met when the character chooses weapon proficiencies.
Bad Tempered (6): make Wis/will check or bad temper
No Armor (10): No armor allowed
Irritating Personality (6): Make will save or say something  inappropriate.

Kit: Pugilist

Weapon Proficiency: 6 pt
Weapon Choice (3): +1 to hit
Weapon Expertise (3): Bonus Attacks
Weapon Specialization (15): +1/+1
Short Sword
Long Sword

Non Weapon Proficencies: 24 pt
Power Manipulation (6)
Swimming (2)
Rejuvination (3)

Kung Fu: (15)
Iron Fist
Chi Attacks
Iron Skin
Basic Parry
Parry All
Parry Grapple

Magic Items:
Brass Knuckles +2 (DM allowed with Kung Fu)
Ring of Protection +2

AC resulted: 2
HP: 72
Standard Damage from Kung Fu
+5 to hit
1d6+5 damage

3 disciplines
5 sciences
11 devotions

Psychometabolic Science
Life Draining
Nerve Manipulation

Psychometabolic Devotions
Adrenalin Control
Body Equilibrium
Spider Grip
Ectoplasmic Form
Enhance Strength
Double Pain
Fighting Trance

Clarisentience Science:
Object Reading
Sensitive to psychic impressions

Clarisentiences Devotions"
See Magic
Bone Reading
Danger Sense
See Sound

Psycoportive Devotions

Telepathic Devotion:

OK So now we are changing to 3.5. There are lots of way to convert this guy and I have wrestling this for the past 10 days. Also, the DM has me starting him one level higher

This is what I have come up with:

All stats have been translated over as is. He now has a 20 Wisdom for the two increases at 4th and 8th level.

Monk, 1st level
Ardent, levels 2-7

Monk is obvious for unarmed attacks. I thought about Swordsage or fighter/Psychic Warrior combo, but they would have not allowed the same fighting or adding extra stuff that were not with the character.

I settled on the Ardent because of the HD and the fact you can use Substitution Power  ACF to create custom mantles. If I went with Psion I would have more powers and power points, but less versatility in selecting powers and lower HD at higher levels (plus why would he want a psicrystal). Wilder would not have enough power slots. Psychic Warrior would be best match to monk, but limited  power selection.

Monastic Training (Multi class with monk)
Tashalatora (Stack Monk levels with Ardent to calculate BAB, Furry of Blows, Damage and AC)
Psionic Fist (extra damage)
Psionic Mediation (recover focus)
Improved unarmed strike (monk)
Martial Weapon Proficiency - Longsword (he had it in the old build)
Versatile Unarmed Strike (change up attacks)
Expanded Knowledge (needed to get necessary powers)

Alternate feats I could get would be Greater Psionic Fist, Deep Impact, Improved natural attack, Superior Unarmed Attack, Improve Grapple, Improve Disarm, and a few others.

Skills we will skip that for now.

Psionic Powers list is as follows:
1   Precognition
1   Know Direction and Location
2   Object Reading
2   Sensitivity to Psychic Impression
3   Speak With Dead
1   Adrenaline Boost
2    Body Equilibrium
3   Touchsight
3   Ectoplasmic Form
4   Metamorphisis
1      Inertial Armor

With this build I have him at 84 HP and 24 AC (with Inertial Armor Active) and with the same Magic Items Carried over he would have +10 to hit and 1d10+4 damage.  Furry of Blows he would do +9/+9/+4 and 1d10+4 damage.

I am pretty happy how this has translated, but I am always on the hunt for improvements.

I could have picked a few different feats. For example I could have picked Improved Natural Attacks, Superior Unarmed Attacks, and Greater Psionic Fist.  That would have resulted in doing 3d8+4d6+4 damage. Now just imagine Using Enlarge or Metamorphisis to Large it would be 4d6+4d6+4.

Any suggestions?

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