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The other day I'm at home packing the rest of my stuff when I come across my limited edition Wild Talents book and my copy of Delta Green.  Holding both in my hand I'm suddenly torn for a moment.  Do I continue working on my superhero world or buckle under the pressure and bust out my DG stuff?

Then I came to my senses (or failed my insanity roll) and figured why not mash the two together.  A superhero group taking on the slow return of the mythos as the stars come right and it's horrid effects on the world as we know it.  I can even keep my theme of exploring the effects of superpowers on humanity as the world suddenly becomes a very uncomfortable place to be normal.

Good idea?  Bad idea?

Superheroes will likely be immune to the insanity caused by the mythos too.  I'm not looking for CoC with supers but rather a Supers game with Mythos flavor.

EDIT:  Oh and watching the Hellboy movies again didn't help either.  :D

I want to explore the subject of helplessness and hopelessness in the common human when faced with the existence of superheroes.  Do they (heroes) inspire common people, and if so what do they inspire; fear, awe, hope?  Do they have rights or are they just puppets and the toys of the godlike few?

I'm picturing a city with massive skyscrapers reaching impossibly high, with streets that are vibrant and densely packed at a stark contrast with the alleys that are long and impossibly dark.  A place where everything you sense is just a bit brighter, darker, larger, smaller, faster, slower and just faintly overwhelming to the normal people that live within it.

My key villain at the moment goes by the name Dr. Zombie and he has the ability to make minions of anyone nearby unable to resist his influence.  He makes puppets of them even going so far as to starting riots to mask his true activities.  He's a puppet master of the worst kind and when the strings are cut in his wake, his still living subjects often find themselves trying to live with the memory of whatever terrible things they've done under his control.  He directly embodies the theme completely confident that humanity are no better than tools to be used and discarded.  His power is even addictive to the particularly weak willed explaining his minions that can venture out of his sphere of influence but still effectively remain his slaves.

How Power May Effect the General Populace
All powers will have some sort of negative effect on the general public creating anywhere from minor discomfort to pain and very rarely death.  These effects could be anything from headaches, joint pain, to annoying static buildup that sparks everytime you touch a metal object or even a loved one.  Most of these effects can be categorized as annoyances and discomforts at worst.  No matter how detrimental these effects are they only effect those without superpowers.

Perhaps a character has the power to draw moisture from the air to create ice, however doing this can cause a nose bleed or even dehydration in nearby normals as the air becomes uncomfortably dry all of a sudden or the moisture for the power is drawn from their very bodies.

These need not have any basis on science or reality, after all when magic exists and robots from the future appear to save the day, who's going to argue the realism when your telekinesis power causes migraines.

Heroic Origins
Attempts to nail down what makes someone superheroic have been fruitless and the results varied.  Somewhere a mutant rises up from the slums carrying the traits of an animal or perhaps a fictional entity.  A sentient robot goes rogue and decides to champion the cause of a soup kitchen on 9th street.  A circle of witches meet up in the basement of a local night club and begin to exibit superpowers in the form of magic when they're together.  The sky isn't even the limit here as all sorts of shapes can be seen soaring, hovering, flapping and gliding through the cityscape.  The only hard and fast rule (so far) is that time cannot be broken, sure it can be bent a little for short periods of time but day by day what's done is done.

Thoughts?  Suggestions?  Ideas?  I could use more villains or even NPC heroes who populate the world.

Other Games / Prototype
« on: April 08, 2009, 10:47:49 AM »
This is at the very top of my most anticipated games list.  One of the co-creators behind the upcoming title is none other than Dennis Detwiller himself.  If anyone can handle a solid story packed with super powers and conspiracy theory it's him.

Then there's this trailer which makes it look like crazy fun.

TLDR Version:  I've got a mind to leave my RPG collection behind for a time and allow myself one book when I move in a month or two.  I'm thinking about going generic!  *Gasp*

I've got the future of my hobby on the brain.  Lately I've noticed I have way too many choices when it comes to RPGs.  Specifically when I decide to GM.  Recently I had a player I know from a previous group declare me the best game master in town.  It's thrown me a bit because he hasn't played in any of my games for a long time.

If I were to evaluate my own performance I'd be honestly disappointed in how easily I bounce from game to game with reckless abandon.  In any given day I'd say I have 2 or 3 ideas for a game session using an equal number of different games.  I think I'm actually overwhelmed by all my options.  Instead of focusing on a great game session next weekend I'm already thinking about the how to make my next new game great.

Right now my focus fluxuates between:

Dark Heresy (Chainsaw Swords!)
WFRP (It's "new" to me but feels comfortable like my favorite shoes.)
Wild Talents/Godlike (Castle Wolfenstein Inspired)
Deadlands (Been watching a lot of old Clint Eastwood movies.)
AFMBE (Aliens style game)
and others from time to time.

The problem is that while I like each of these fine, none of them stimulate my brain enough to stay with me long term.  I'm not saying it's a flaw in these games mind you, and I've perfected the art of the one-shot game but honestly I feel I've lost the ability to craft anything more than a series of set piece encounters.  I'm missing the depth in between and I'm having trouble finding it again.  The picture is out of focus and instead of tuning it in, I keep buying new cameras to see if the picture changes.

My thought is to make the trek with a naked laptop (devoid of any RPG product/map/art/etc.) and a copy of Chaosium's BRP book.  I need to get grounded and let lightning strike me.

Since I'm sure I'm not the only one who's felt like this, does anyone have any advice or care to relate their own similar experiences?

As a parallel to a similar thread.  I'm curious about what games people have enjoyed thanks to a solid enjoyable fanbase.

All Flesh Must Be Eaten has what I remember to be one of the most helpful and enjoyable official forums, and fans I've met at shops have always been fun to bullshit with.  I was always into zombie films but didn't really dive into zombies as a roleplaying focus until I stumbled into those forums.  Sadly work put that site on the blocked list so I rarely have time to stop in there anymore.

How about anyone else?  Which game fanbases have heightened your enjoyment of a game?

Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games (RPGs) Discussion / Here There Be Zombies
« on: November 20, 2008, 03:40:30 PM »
So I'm in the process of creating a cadre of undead for a brewing AFMBE game.  The setting for mine is modern day with a focus on scavenging, jury-rigging and survival within a city teaming with the hungry dead.  Over time the zombies will learn to sort of use basic tools, mostly being able to swing objects to bring down their prey.

For my games I prefer a variety of zombies with characteristics loosely based on the level of decomposition as well as the overall condition of the corpse.  I say loosely because who knows what else the zombie virus does to the decomposition process creating nasty threats to survivor health and safety.

My core zombie is a traditional Romero shambler in tattered funeral clothing.  They've dug themselves from their graves and are hungry for flesh.  From there as the condition/virus spreads things get really nasty.  The vast majority of the dead in my game will be these.

Fresh zombies are fast movers for a time, able to lurch forth at surprising speeds as often seen in the Resident Evil series.  Once decay begins in earnest they tend to slow down, often filling with corrosive fluids for a time that may come into play in some circumstances.

Puking zombies are those whose legs can't lift them, or in some cases have been chopped off.  As the zombie decays and fluid gathers in their torso (rather than their legs) they are capable of occassionally vomiting upon their prey which burns something fierce.

Vermin zombies are well into the stage of putrefaction and attract a variety of nasty insects which may carry disease or enjoy infesting people too if given the chance.

I'm always open to new ideas, so bring on the zombies!

Media and Inspiration / Are old people generally less charitable?
« on: November 13, 2008, 02:46:13 PM »
At work for the holidays, people have the option of donating a dollar to St. Jude's Children's Hospital.  Over the course of the last two days the only people to turn it down have been 60+ years of age every time.  Not only that but every person roughly over the age of 60 has denied it, not a one of them has accepted.

I've had people of all ages and all of them have happily given, with the only exception of the old people.  It's not even a polite denial when they do, they glare at me and angrily tap the "no" button on our credit card machine.

I live in a retirement town so you can imagine the number of angry looks I have to shrug off over the course of a day.

I noticed something similar last year when I would spend my lunch chatting with the Salvation Army guy outside the mall, while having a cig.  Old people wouldn't just walk by, but put on their best "Fuck you!" face in the process.

Other Games / XBox Live Arcade
« on: October 31, 2008, 05:13:03 PM »
XBox Live Arcade has some great games on it, what games have you been playing and why?

Latetly I've been playing Castle Crashers because I'm a massive River City Ransom fan and this game is easily the closest thing to a fantasy RCR available.  I've also been eyeing up Samurai Showdown 2 because it's easily my favorite from the series.  I'd have to invest in a couple arcade sticks if I did though.  Damn XBox D-Pad.

Other Games / Dead Space
« on: October 18, 2008, 12:58:12 AM »
This game is fun, needs work in the scare department but all in all a good time.  It gives me Doom 3 vibes with customization thrown in.  You can improve your weapons, suit, and even the items that give you telekinesis and a kind of time slow power.  The monsters are cool, and the change from shoot 'em in the head style kills is interesting.  The way monsters handle having a limb removed is pretty slick.  The story so far is decent, but I'm not that far in.  The voice acting is good and the graphics are nice.  I'm not quite sure how I feel about the over the shoulder view yet.

Anyone else rent or buy this?

I'm getting a late start on my Halloween adventure, and I've decide to do WFRP this year instead of All Flesh Must Be Eaten although I'm still planning on breaking out my 150+ zombie miniatures.  Here's what I have so far:

The small Tilean town of Buffalora has a dark secret.  This deceased here rise from the grave within a week of their burial.  Luckily the town is just out of the way enough that it's deaths are most often from accident or natural causes, and Francesco (the local cemetary caretaker) is one of the few who know the truth.  When his customers rise from the dead, it's his job to put them back in the ground.  His only companion is an ogre by the name of Gnaghi.

Unfortunately for the mildly insane Francesco, he's about to start having a lot more customers.  A band of savage greenskins has set their eye upon the town.  They will begin with assaults on outlying farms.  Francesco will have his hands full, and the town's useless Mayor will be trying his best to hush up the raids.  Soon though they will make their big attack on the town itself.  To make matters worse a band of Skaven will assault the town from beneath on the same night coming into conflict with anyone they cross including the raiding greenskins.  As the dead pile up, the evil behind the town's curse will seize it's moment and they will rise almost immediately.

Panic and chaos will ensue, can the party survive the night and make it out of the town alive.  Will they get to the bottom of what is raising the dead to life, or will the town be purged by fire and it's history be forgotten.

Then I hope to end the night with the film Dellamorte Dellamore.  :D

My knowledge of warhammer lore is pretty lacking.  I'm still trying to decide the cause of the dead rising, as well as whether to have a Witch Hunter poking around Francesco's cemetary trying to get to the bottom of rumors that evil lurks within the town.  Any thoughts or suggestions?

Inspired by the other thread I decided to kill time at work coming up with a modular give and take morale "system" that keeps choice in the hands of the players while still representing those moments where a character might not have the mental fortitude to be at their very best.

I've tried to use the words opponent, encounter and upper hand instead of enemy, combat and bonuses.  Morale is something that could apply to social situations as much as a good fight.

This is also meant for group play, full scale war and morale are an entirely different topic and one where I feel an actual system with crunch is probably much more important.

Taking The Road Less Travelled
Below are various examples of when a player can choose to give in to flagging morale and if roleplayed well, deserve some sort of upper hand in the future.

Til Next We Meet
If you withdraw from a losing encounter you can get the upper hand on your next encounter with that opponent or group of opponents as your withdrawal prompts them to underestimate you.

Something terrible has your full attention, the horror of it distracting you from the situation at hand.  Give up all actions for one or more turns and gain the upper hand when the shock wears off and rage or determination kick in.

Knowing Is Half The Battle
If you spend time researching your opponent(s) prior to an encounter you can have the upper hand when you finally face them.

Genre Specific
This is a catch all for situations that favor a particular genre.  Fear in horror should be much more active than in heroic fantasy after all.  I say active because rather than exclaiming your fear before wading into combat, a horror protagonist might very well scream in horror and feint or flee.  Spending a round taunting your opponent in a duel is genre specific for a swashbuckling campaign.  In any case the idea is that putting yourself at a disadvantage gives you the upper hand some time in the future.

Gaining The Upper Hand:
Here's where the GM gets to give back, an upper hand could have an incredible variety of benefits.  These are bonuses your player can recieve for taking the road less travelled.

You find a way to catch your opponent unaware.  Perhaps you hear they will be at a specific location on a certain time/date, or you learn where they live and can hit them while they're napping.

Inside Information
An informant lets slip some juicy gossip that you can use during the coming debates to keep your opponent off guard.  A boxing club janitor gives you some info about a weakness you can exploit in a coming fight.

Narrow Escape
Perhaps while fleeing the alien horror your character finds a convenient crack or hole in a wall that is just big enough for you but not the hungry xenomorph on your tail.  After a few harrowing moments the predator hears a distant sound and bounds off to find an easier meal.

Oh Look, A Gun
That closet you took refuge in just so happens to house a shotgun and some shells.  Those zombies outside won't know what hit them.

...but, you should be dead!
The hitmen skipped town after you got away not wanting to face the wrath of a corrupt city official.  You show up during an important meeting something bad happens for your rival.  Perhaps the mobster's fellow bosses start to question his ability to get the job done.

Bonus Experience
Should there be no appropriate situations where the player(s) can gain the upper hand, then a little extra experience is also a fitting reward for roleplaying at less than your very best.

Any thoughts?  Additions?  Am I just saying the obvious?

I'm at work, bored because it's a slow day and I'm curious if anyone on here has read or played Cthulhutech and has any thoughts on it.  I'm pretty well sold on it already, just up for a discussion if anyone shares my interest or has any beefs with the game they'd like to air out.

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