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Which are the best RPGs for the "technothriller" genre?

Some technothriller films:

Black Rain
Broken Arrow
Boyz in the Hood
Die Hard
Enemy Of The State
The Fugitive
The Hunt for Red October
Miami Vice
Navy Seals
Patriot Games
Rising Sun
Special Ops Force
The Rock

So, I set off to write my own modern era RPG with a very old-school fashion and philosophy.

It's written in spanish, my native tongue (argentinean spanish to be precise). I hope spanish speakers/readears will enjoy it.

Here is a PREVIEW of the game:

Feedback with regards to the preview is welcomed!
What did you like?
What did you not like?
What is good, but could be improved?
What would you like to see?
The rest of the game is still under development and testing.

Which modern generic rules light games are out there?

Don't mention:
d20 Modern
Savage Worlds

I prefer:
No plot
No specific theme (secret agents, aliens, etc.)
No fantasy

Films that fit:
The Godfather
Oceans 11

Films that don't fit
James Bond
Mission Impossible

Thanks before hand!

4th DMG, page 12:
Tips from the Pros
When I started working at Wizards of the Coast, it took a
long time before I felt comfortable running a game for any
of my coworkers, even though I used to always DM for my
friends back home. They all knew the rules better than I
did, and I didn’t want to get caught in a stupid mistake.
Eventually, I got over that. When I’m not sure of a rule, I ask
my players what they think. If I make a mistake, my players
point it out respectfully, and I reconsider my decision.
From my perspective, the DM is the person who prepares
adventures, plans a campaign, and runs the monsters and
NPCs. I don’t want to be a referee or judge, and my players
don’t expect me to.
—James Wyatt


...everyone is a warrior and MENTAL stats do matter in combat, a lot.

Stats that reflect shrewdness, cunning, wisdom, etc.

Any out there?

Design, Development, and Gameplay / Basic Scores
« on: May 04, 2008, 10:51:23 pm »
So, D&D (mi favorite game) uses:


I'm creating an RPG of my own based on the Argentinean comic NIPPUR de LAGASH*, and I want to see many different approaches to the basic attribute scores.
You can help me by posting how is this is done in different games you know. We can discuss about it too.

Thanks beforehand,


* NIPPUR DE LAGASH (Nippur from Lagash) was a comic that boomed in the 70s in Argentina. I tells the stories of a wandering Sumerian warrior in the ancient world.

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