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Blue Planet was a cool RPG from the 90s that never became popular, but had a dedicated fanbase...who rarely ran the game at conventions or public play.

Did anyone ever run Blue Planet? I played a few times, but never ran the game and I don't remember a thing about the mechanics. Were they good? bad? meh?

I do remember our GM described the setting as "Cyberpunk Waterworld" and I really enjoyed the underwater concept and the various social tensions. A few years later, I ran a Traveller Aliens mini-campaign on a waterworld. Not just because of Blue Planet, and probably because of this scene from Alien 4: Resurrection:

There's a KS for a new edition of Blue Planet called Recontact. I haven't delved into it because if the woke vomit on KS has reached new levels of nausea and its like treading a minefield of dumb. Hopefully, Blue Planet Recontact will be an amazing exception to the idiotic trend.

So let's talk Blue Planet...or derail the thread to talk about water adventures in D&D, or your pet peeves with waterworlds in general, or to complain about Alien 4 or Costner's Waterworld because sticking on topic ain't our strong suit (me especially). 

Everybody who gets the KungFlu vax needs to spread the joy by posting selfies with proof they have been blessed with the miracle vax.


Because there's this utterly hysterical trend where (a) a virtue signalling imbecile posts their vax selfie and then (b) that imbecile is soon pushing up daisies and making the world slightly less stupid.

This is just one of at least three different fun articles I've seen. Here's to the exciting new world of mRNA!

Just imagine. Healthy people are dying from an experimental vax that allegedly "protects" you from a virus with the lethal power of a nasty cold. Mathematically, only a handful of the thousands of people who magically died after getting the vax would have actually died from the CoronaChan.

And where's my sympathy for the dead? It's up your ass next to your head.

Next up...babies being born to moms who got the vax while pregnant! Who knows what tales will be told as those children grow (or not)? Who could have imagined a fast tracked vax being produced by companies immune from prosecution, but with a long history of bad acts, could ever have such terminal side f/x?

Hmm...pretty much anybody who thought about it for a few minutes.

I never heard of this and it seems pretty cool. Anyone own it? Anyone play it?

The Ape-Turtles didn't plan on three flying saucers crashing into the planet.

The Bone Age is an old-school RPG of neolithic-era tribes struggling against the sudden arrival of bug-eyed aliens. You play a Tuzanian, a tribe of jungle-dwelling, vine-swinging, pterodactyl-riding, bone-wielding savages, or a Cruach, giant-crab riding cave-dwellers living in mountains bordering the jungle. Radiation leaked from the Invaders' crashed flying saucers spreads on winds of purple, blue, and white, mutating the land and its inhabitants. Meanwhile, a race of turtle-apes and ape-turtles sleeping in stasis beneath the surface awoke...1,000,000 years later than planned. And they were not impressed by the native population – or the alien Invaders.


The Pentagon went after Carlson after he mocked President Joe Biden for touting “maternity flight suits” and other efforts to make the military appear more inclusive as the chief priority of the DOD. Carlson’s criticism appears substantiated if you look at the way the U.S. military advertises itself and compare it to the Chinese military’s ads.

China’s ads are chiefly about communicating power and seem completely unconcerned with the race or gender of the people in them. U.S. military ads sound like corporate ads, emphasizing pay benefits, “grievances” and more.

One of China’s latest ads looks like something out of Call of Duty, slapping footage of gunfights, missiles and tanks together with a rap soundtrack.

Fortunately for our cucked military and the clownshow brass, future war will be automated so everybody can get their tranny surgery, wear their maternity power armor and play drone Nintendo from thousands of miles away.

Or have you graduated to double-masking at a table? Maybe your group is excitedly planning a campaign, but only after everyone gets the experimental vax and an anal swab.

Our group tried killing everybody we know with the CoronaChan, but after a year of gaming as usual, sadly I must report a total lack of fatalities. Alas, the best we could do was a couple people got the sniffles.  O Chinese bat soup, how thou hath failed us.

So, how many of you have returned to gaming with your friends in reach of the pizza?

The RPGPundit's Own Forum / These FIVE men control your freedom
« on: January 09, 2021, 10:03:38 PM »
Take a good look at these five men below. You may not know it but they are your dark overlords now. Private unelected citizens, they own and/or support most of the communication infrastructure in America today. Are you okay with that? We are all fools to place this much power in the hands of five men.

If you mushy middle bitches and leftist retards are giggling at the thought of "bad wrongthinkers" getting punished while you're exempt, just remember that YOU ARE NEXT the moment YOU don't agree with any instance of the narrative.

Enjoy your "digital freedom" while it lasts.

The RPGPundit's Own Forum / Trump declared WAR tonight
« on: December 24, 2020, 04:41:22 AM »
Here's what Trump tweeted tonight:

Here's the full video:

I'm sure the last 4 minutes of the video are just frivolous words, and there's no reason Trump posted on his own YT channel a video calling out the Election Fraud + MSM + China, nor any reason he tweeted it out tonight...the night before his newly minted federal holiday. Of course, it couldn't possibly have anything to do with his surprise video from last night that's already been seen by 25 million people...

Sun Tzu warned generals to NEVER corner an enemy without giving them a "golden path" to escape. Sun Tzu said without a chance to flee, normal men became monsters as they have nothing to lose as their deaths are assured. As death is a certainty, they bypass fear.

For months, we've heard the leftists baying for Trump's blood, promising to harm him, imprison him, prosecute him and his family, and loudly promising to harm his supporters. Guess what? Both Trump and his supporters have heard you loud and clear.

So now Trump, a 74 year old man, is looking down the barrel of destruction for himself, his beloved children and his nation. Did you know Trump's favorite president is Abe Lincoln? You know, that guy who hunts vampires and did the unthinkable to save the nation from the Democrats? Combine Trump's love of Nuclear Abe with the fact Trump has lived his life big, bold and loud, what do you really think is about to happen?

I know most of you can't imagine anyone standing up for America and actually taking action, but I firmly believe you are going to be very surprised, very soon. As today's video points out, while the communists have tried to bring the Great Reset, they actually triggered the Great Awakening and the number of patriots ready to tear the left apart number in the millions. 

The RPGPundit's Own Forum / Here's your Mask Protocol
« on: December 23, 2020, 05:22:55 PM »

Step 1: Throw away your damn mask.
Step 2: Stop living like a fucking cuck.

This is America. Land of the free and home of the brave. That's not a slogan. That's how your ancestors built this nation under FAR greater dangers, challenges and stress than 99% of you have ever faced. Respect their sacrifices by growing a pair now.

And masks were always a joke. The new studies with real math proves the mask mandates are worthless and the old studies pre-Corona repeated the same thing. Ever smell a fart? That's because that's dudes' poo-poo flew out of his ass through his jeans across the room and into your nose. Yes, every fart you smell is SHIT particles in your nose.

But I have co-morbidities!!! I'm in danger!

Here's your special snowflake protocol:
Step 1: accept that most people with co-morbidities survive CoronaChan.
Step 2: do something about your co-morbidities. Do you smoke? Stop. Are you a giant fat fuck? Drink water, eat healthy and move your fat ass. No more excuses. Time for you to see your dick again. You don't need a gym. Walking is free and breathing fresh air and getting Vitamin D from the sun is vital for your immune system.
Step 3: if you either can't (or won't) do something about your co-morbidities, then accept the risk and live your damn life while you still can. You ain't gonna live forever and living in fear won't extend your life one day.

The overwhelming majority of us have 99.8% or greater survival chance from the China Virus. The world is a dangerous place. Cars, trains, planes all crash. Cancer causing crap is always nearby in the modern world. Totally healthy humans die of weird shit all the damn time. Innocent people die of violence every day. The time to live is now. Hiding from the sniffles ain't living.

As the old saying goes, if you ain't busy being born, you're busy dying.

This article on "Doomsday Maps of the World" was kinda cool, but the images were the most interesting for the concept of a far future fantasy Earth.

I found the map of Africa the most visually interesting.

Media and Inspiration / Truly Terrible Star Wars Jokes
« on: November 06, 2020, 12:33:23 AM »
If you enjoy Star Wars and bad puns, you're a weirdo.

What did Han Solo say to the waiter who recommended the haddock?
Never sell me the cods!
Why didn’t any of Luke Skywalker’s marriages last?
He always followed Obi-Wan’s advice: “Use divorce, Luke.”
What was Lando’s nickname before he became a skilled pilot?
Why does Princess Leia keep her hair tied up in buns?
So it doesn’t Hang Solow.
What is Admiral Ackbar's favorite type of music?
What do you call a rebel princess who only shops at Whole Foods?
Leia Organic.
What do you call an eel that loves the new Star Wars trilogy?
A More-Rey Eel.
Where did Luke get his cybernetic hand?
The second hand store.
Where does Princess Leia shop for Father’s Day?
At the Darth Maul.
Why couldn’t Luke find love?
He was looking in Alderaan places.
What do you call two Han Solos singing together?
Han Duet.
What did the dentist say to Luke Skywalker?
May the floss be with you.
What did Leia’s adoptive parents say when she used to sleepwalk as a child?
Uh-oh, it’s the rise of Skywalker.
What Star Wars character sells hotdogs?
Admiral Snackbar.

How does Darth Vader like his toast?
On the dark side.
Why did the tapeworm stay far away from Palpatine?
He didn’t want anyone to say he was in Sidious.
We don’t want to sound racist but...
All stormtroopers look the same to us.
What did Darth Vader say when he walked into a vegetarian restaurant?
“I find your lack of steak disturbing.”
What was Tarkin's favorite brand of toilet paper?
Charmin to the last.
What does your Canadian friend cooking dinner for you have in common with the Empire from Star Wars?
How did Darth Vader cheat at poker?
He kept altering the deal.
Stormtroopers in quarantine are like, “I miss people.”
I’m not too sympathetic. They always miss people.
What did Darth Vader say to the Emperor at the Star Wars auction?
“What is thy bidding, my master?”
What goes, “Ha, ha, ha, haaaa…. AGGGHHHH! Thump”?
An Imperial Officer laughing at Darth Vader.
Why was Darth Vader bad at sports?
He always choked.
How did Darth Vader know what Luke was getting for his birthday?
He felt his presents!
Where does Kylo Ren get his creepy black clothes?
From his closet.
No, I mean where does Kylo Ren buy his clothes?
From the mall. I mean, have you seen how much Kylo Ren stuff they have there right now?
What position does Darth Vader play in baseball
The Umpire.

What do you call C-3PO when he’s being a good listener?
What is R2D2 short for?
Because he has little legs.
What do you call an invisible droid?
Did you know R2D2 loves to curse?
They have to bleep out all his words.
Is BB hungry?
No, BB-8.
Does R2D2 have any brothers?
Nope, only transistors.
What do you need to reroute droids?
Why was the droid angry?
People kept pushing its buttons.
What do you call a droid that takes the long way around?
R2 Detour.
Why is a droid mechanic never lonely?
Because he’s always making new friends.

Why did movies 4, 5, and 6 come before 1, 2, and 3?
Because in charge of directing, Yoda was.
What did Obi-Wan tell Luke when his young apprentice was having a difficult time using chopsticks at the Chinese restaurant?
“Use the forks, Luke.”
What did Yoda ride as a kid?
A do-cycle. Because there is no tri.
My wife says she’s leaving me because of my obsession with Star Wars.
I said, “Please don’t go, honey. You’re the Obi-Wan for me.”
What do you call five Siths piled on top of a lightsaber?
A Sith-Kabob.
Why do doctors make the best Jedi?
Because a Jedi must have patience.
How long has Anakin Skywalker been evil?
Since the Sith Grade.
Which Jedi became a rock star?
Bon Jovi-Wan Kenobi.
What’s Yoda’s advice for going to the bathroom?
Doo-doo or doo-doo-not-do.
Which program do Jedi use to open PDF files?
Adobe Wan Kenobi.
Why shouldn’t you ask Yoda for money?
He’s a little short.
What do you call a Sith who won’t fight?
A Sithy
Who is short, green and plays the cello?
Yo-Yo Da.
What do you call Kenobi triplets?
What do you call a Jedi in denial?
Obi-Wan Cannot Be.

What’s the difference between Boba Fett and a time machine operated by Marty McFly?
One’s a Mandalorian, and the other’s a manned DeLorean.
I asked my wife to dress up as a bounty hunter from Star Wars.
I have a Boba fettish.
Jabba the Hut is fat.
How fat is he?
He’s so fat, Obi Wan took a closer look and said, “That’s no moon.”
What was General Grievous’ favorite band?
What do you get if you mix a bounty hunter with a tropical fruit?
Mango Fett.
How do Tusken Raiders cheat on their taxes?
They always single file, to hide their numbers.
What is Jabba the Hutt’s middle name?
I went to a sale at the Maul.
Everything was half off.
I put on a porn movie for Han and Greedo.
I’ll let you know.
Any space smuggler will tell you, never try the blue milk at the Mos Eisley cantina.
It’ll give you the Kessel runs for twelve parsecs.

Which website did Chewbacca get arrested for creating?
How does Wicket get around Endor?
What’s Jar Jar Binks’ favorite meal?
Miso soup.
How do you unlock doors on Kashyyyk?
With a woo-key.
What do Jawas have that no other creatures in the galaxy has?
Baby Jawas.
What side of an Ewok has the most hair?
The outside.
Star Wars fans don't smoke cigarettes after sex.
They chew ‘bacca
Did you know Fozzie Bear was in Star Wars?
He was an Ewokka-wokka!
Where do Gungans store their fruit preserves?
Jar Jars.
Have you tried the gluten-free Wookiee treats?
I heard they’re a little Chewy.
An Ewok strolls into a bar and says to the bartender, “I’ll have a whisky and… soda.”
The bartender says, “Sure thing—but why the little pause?”
“Dunno,” says the Ewok. “I’ve had them all my life.”
What’s the internal temperature of a Tauntaun?
How do you stir fry on Endor?
With an e-wok.
Why did Chewbacca get sent back down to play minor league baseball?
He was making too many Wookiee mistakes.
How do Ewoks communicate over long distances?
With Ewokie Talkies.

Why should you never tell jokes on the Falcon?
The ship might crack up.
Why are Death Star pilots fed up with space battles?
Because they always end up in a TIE.
What’s a rebel’s favorite TV talent show?
X-wing Factor.
I saw a falcon eating avocado toast.
Guess it’s a millennial falcon.
What kind of spaceship did Luke fly in grade school?
An ABC-Wing.
What do you call an over-powered janitorial stormtrooper in the Death Star?
A Super Duper Pooper Trooper.
Why is a gossip website like the Imperial Fleet?
They’re both full of star destroyers.
What time is it when an AT-AT steps on your chronometer?
Time to get a new chronometer.
Why was the Millennium Falcon easier to fly after The Force Awakens?
It’s now Hans free.
How did they get between floors on the Death Star?
In the ele-Vader.

The Star Wars text crawl walks into a bar.
“Get outta my pub!” the bartender yells. “We don’t serve your type here.”
Warning: Star Wars spoilers!
Voosh voosh pew pew pew voosh voosh pew pew voosh force choke voosh pew pew pew
Oh, sure everyone loves Star Wars on May 4th...
Until you tell your nephew you’re his father!
So my friend decided to get a face tattoo of her favorite Star Wars character.
You should’ve seen the Luke on her face.
What sound do Yoda’s sheep make?
Day go baaa.
I found out I was colorblind by watching Star Wars.
I couldn’t see the green screen.
What do you call a Sarlacc Pit that only speaks in ironic mockery?
A Sar-chasm.
Did you know Chuck Norris was in every Star Wars movie?
He played the Force.
What do you call a redneck Star Wars fan?
Bubba Fett.
Trying to come up with jokes about Star Wars is difficult.
Sometimes they seem a bit too forced.

Here's the origin of the idea

The Wandering Village is a city building simulation game. In a world where mysterious plants are spreading all over the earth, emitting toxic spores as they grow, a group of people seeks shelter on the back of a giant, wandering creature they call ‘Onbu’.

Become their leader, build their settlement and form a symbiotic relationship with the creature to survive together in this hostile, yet beautiful post-apocalyptic world that now surrounds you.
Key Features

    Build a village on the back of a giant creature
    Farm various crops
    Send out foraging missions to gather rare resources
    Survive a variety of different biomes and events
    Build a relationship with a giant and influence its actions
    Ecology/Biology inspired gameplay
    Unique blend of 3D and hand-drawn, hand-animated 2D graphics

At its core, The Wandering Village is a city building and resource management game with rogue-like and survival elements. Farm various crops to keep your villagers fed, send out foraging missions to gather rare resources and scout the environment while constantly expanding the settlement. Of course, living on the back of a living, breathing beast comes with its own challenges, such as helping to maintain the creature’s health and building trust. This might even lead to the beast paying attention to your requests as it wanders through a variety of different biomes, each with its own perks and challenges, always trying to outrun the threat of the toxic spores.

In-game Screenshot

The ultimate goal, for both the humans and the creature, is to find a place where they can settle down and live in peace again. And if they don’t find this place, maybe they can figure out a way to fight back the plants and create it themselves.

Core Mechanics

Survival - Escape from the toxic spores and keep your villagers and the creature alive against ever-changing threats.

Symbiosis - Live both from and in harmony with the giant creature and form a relationship with it as you trek together through the post-apocalyptic world.

Building - Build an infrastructure where your people can live together, work together and survive together.

Farming - Plant, cultivate and harvest various crops to keep your villagers and the creature fed and healthy, or grow new kinds of resources.

Foraging - Send scouting parties to explore the different biomes surrounding you, discover rare resources and bring them back to your village, opening up new possibilities.

There's a lot more info on the KS page and it's ripe for grabbing for a RPG campaign. It's got great campaign potential and I could see running Gamma World / Mutant Future / SWN / using the concepts.

Love the concept of a "safe healthy world" on the Onbu's back, but a toxic, dangerous world all around them. Of course, there's the question about predators who could bring down an Onbu and what about competing Onbu's wandering the world with villages of their own.

It leans itself to some Battlestar Galactica action as well if there were a dozen or more Onbu's marching together as a fleet that needed protecting from predators.

There's so much interesting stuff to explore with ANY concept involving a moving city (kinda like Space 1999) and how you gotta keep dealing with new environs and keep moving and what that means for those living atop.

Also, so much cool stuff to imagine involving the mood, aging and health of the mega-creature itself...and how does it breed?

Neil Patel looks like a goober. He's also amazingly smart at digital marketing and he's got a knack for explaining marketing strategies clearly so anyone can follow them (and he's worth giant piles of cash). He recently put out a blog article about using SEO (search engine optimization) on Amazon pages. The concepts are solid for anything you're selling on Amazon, including elf games for goobers.

FYI, there's one article, but I highly recommend clicking on his various links inside the article because those topics will also help you max out your SEO within Amazon.

I suspect most of the same suggestions will work with DriveThruRPG.

Media and Inspiration / Favorite Internet RADIO stations?
« on: October 01, 2020, 08:37:32 PM »
I enjoy Spotify and Pandora, but sometimes it's fun having a human DJ do the work instead of a heartless algorithm.

Who are your favorite internet radio stations?

My favorite is METAL SHOP ROCKS which has been my go-to for a gazillion years now. I swear I found them when I had AOL dial-up, but who knows now. I'm mostly focused on Thrash & Power metal, more new stuff and new bands that the old stuff, but Metal Shop Rocks is my nostalgia connection when I want to hear 80s metal, deep cuts I barely remember, rare live stuff, cool songs from long gone bands who never "made it", and fun interview clips of all the metal knuckleheads.

I'm sure "internet metal DJ" has the ROI of publishing RPGs via PDF, so it's a labor of love, like buddies who used to make mix tapes off the radio just to share what they enjoyed with their friends.

Other Games / Video Games you should play if you love D&D???
« on: September 29, 2020, 11:14:38 PM »
Here's the article from (never heard of them)
What are your thoughts on the article?

Played any of these games?

How much D&D-like are they really?

Or is it "D&D-like" in the same way as Diablo, WoW, etc?

I love black & white art. For me, it's more evocative and drives more imagination that most full color images. [and maybe I'm just crazy]

However...I'm concerned about POD (print on demand) - aka, most any books you buy from Amazon, Lulu, DriveThruRPG, etc.

In your experience, how often do images with lots of darkness and shadow come out looking good enough? I say "good enough" because its not fair or realistic to compare black ink on glossy pages from a $60 book vs. black ink on recycled paper from a $20 POD.

And there's the issue that every POD book is slightly different and these companies aren't known for their quality control.

Also, I'm not talking about b/w line drawings with clean lines as much as I'm referring to images where 25% of the frame will be filled with shadows, silhouettes, etc.

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