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I do like Advantage/Disadvantage so I'm intrigued by some discussions around the "O5R", aka OSR blended with 5e.

What other 5e concepts are worth stealing?
What else from 5e works awesome at the table?

And has anyone improved upon the ADV/DISADV mechanics?

BTW, Venger Ass'Nasty Satanis was the first author I heard talking about O5R, but if anyone knows it the phrase pre-dates him, let me know. His excellent CHA'ALT setting is an example of what's intriguing me (and the description of Cha'alt as a Rifts/Gamma World setting is dead right).

Other Games / Any fans of Deep Rock Galactic? AKA, the Squat FPS?
« on: September 19, 2020, 08:29:18 PM »
As a 40k squat fan, I'm drawn to anything with a tagline of "Danger. Darkness. Dwarves" with space midgets firing gatling guns.
Does it live up to the hype?

News and Adverts / Growl - Madness & Plagues on Kickstarter NOW
« on: September 01, 2020, 10:27:49 PM »
This is only a 10 day Kickstarter so check it out ASAP

GROWL is an awesome & fast card game, especially when you have a group who want to play something tense and fun in 15 minutes. If you know Werewolf, it's Werewolf in 15 minutes. For everyone else, its a hidden role game where the game starts with 1-2 Werewolves and the rest Humans and to win, Humans must survive 3 nights, but Werewolves need to bite and infect all the Humans so everyone is a furry critters.

The art is very fun. I was a playtester and it's my favorite filler game. It works for 4 players, but really rocks for 6-8. Non-gamers and casual players learn it quickly and don't worry if you're no good at bluffing! Sometimes just announcing you're the beast is the best strategy!

This Kickstarter introduces Madness & Plagues which is an expansion of the original game which adds LOTS of very fun "roleplaying" elements as you get to act out the effects of cards. The expansion replaces certain cards and creates new dynamics as you deduce who is on your team.

Also, the "Howly Growly" box is furry so its a very fun gift.

Check it out!

The original Virtue Signal game made hysterical fun of the SJW clowns online.
But now you can play a member of the RPGsite, a horrific Alt-Right troll!!

EDIT: Things went CRAY-CRAY!!!So...the designer clicked on the BLM banner on Kickstarter. Ever do that? I didn't, but holy hell, it goes to fundraising to defund the cops. The designer went nuclear, and now the project is restarted (and kicking ass) on Indiegogo.

If you enjoy dark humor, and you'd enjoy making fun of the online shenanigans of the nigh-perfect SJWs and those horrific Trumptard bastards, then this is a game for you. The base game isn't just taking the piss as the Brits used to say before that was demeaned a felony microaggression, but an actually fun game based on concepts from the Steve Jackson classic Illuminati.

The promo video alone is hysterical.

Carlos Zapata - US war veteran - needs to be our next President.
Dude drops mega-bomb on Shasta California city council...and warns that war is coming.

EDIT: just like the Dislikes on Biden videos, the Zapata video magically vanished from YouTube, but fortunately people are reposting it. Watch it before it gets memory holed forever.

I suspect the answer depends on how one defines "old school".

Is 5e too different a game compared to TSR/OSR editions to be played as "old school"?

Would the changes necessary be too onerous on the 5e players?

What would be the advantage of running 5e "old school" versus just running TSR edition or an OSR game?

Anyone attend?

Anything interesting occur?

Any announcements worth repeating?

Bueller? Bueller?

Remember that freakjob Adam Koebel who shat himself during an online game a few months ago?

Here's the Modiphius announcement about their Dune RPG. (Bold is mine)
After a discussion with Adam Koebel, all parties involved have decided that it is best he resign his ongoing projects with Modiphius Entertainment. We have been following the events of Far Verona and Adam's conduct on the show, and we feel his journey toward rectifying the situation isn't yet complete.

Adam's work for us was written over the winter of 2019 and was specifically about best practices for gamemasters, and we feel it pertinent that the work not be included and his participation in ongoing projects suspended. We are replacing his work using a small team of diverse writers that include women and PoC--writers who were already members of the team who have or will be creating material for our games.  

Consent and safety in roleplaying games is an absolute necessity, and all of our roleplaying games in the future will contain advice and guidance on those aspects for everyone at the table. The safety of our fans is of prime importance to us.

 - Official statement from Modiphius Entertainment, July 27th, 2020

What does this say about how Modiphius's views their audience?

If you're a player of their games, are you such a garbage person that you need writers chosen for their skin color and pants junk instead of their writing and research ability?

Maybe, you are such a fucking loser that you fear playing RPGs could hurt you?

Or just maybe this "announcement" says far more about the imbeciles running Modiphius than its target audience.

1989 posed this great question on the Ditch WotC thread.

Quote from: 1989;1139811
For those of you who have now ditched WotC, what have you moved on to?

I'm taking the idea another step. For people seeking to replace WotC/Paizo fantasy, what do you recommend and why? Tell us about your favorite fantasy games from not-woke publishers.

For me, I'm finishing my homebrews, particularly my Not-Dark Sun RPG.

DriveThruRPG is overflowing with RPGs - new and old - because we truly live in the Golden Age of RPG with an overabundance of riches - even beyond the vast trove of the OSR.

Personally, I highly suggest Palladium Fantasy 1e to any fantasy RPG fans. It's a work of raw, unbridled creativity and love for RPGs that rocks in actual play (regardless of the system wonkiness). It usually sells for $20-$30 on eBay. Worth every dime.

And here's some FREE presents for you!

It's a GURPS-lite fantasy with a ton of free supplements. THIS is my go-to whenever I have to deal with my deranged GURPS-loving friends :D.

Sine Nomine/Kevin Crawford's free RPG that's Big Damn Hero Conan-esque fantasy via OSR-ish rules, but there's SO MUCH crazy goodness shoved into a tiny package that I'd didn't fully appreciate until I test drove it at the game table. Easily could run short Sword & Sorcery campaigns with this freebie.

Oh crap, is that damn Spinachcat is pimping M&M again? Yeah baby!!!
Its OSR-ish and after dozens of sessions, I'm totally sold on its awesomeness.
M&M delivers everything I want from a Greek mythic fantasy RPG (with a ton of free supplements).
And there's also a free Norse version called VALKYRIES & VIKINGS

So what's your not-woke recommendation?

Dan Davenport posted this informative review about the new Talislanta game - which if I remember correctly, involved our very own Tenbones back when the Kickstarter happened.

This is one of the few RPGs from the 80s that somehow never caught my attention. I never remember seeing it played at conventions and I didn't know anyone who owned the books, but since the age of the internet, I've heard only awesomesauce about this game (even with the lack of elves).

Apparently, the game line (pre-Savage Land) is also 100% free to download.

So Talislanta fans, weave us great tales!

Here's some things I'd like to know. How were you introduced to the game? What's the simple resolution system like in actual play? Why do you think the game and setting didn't become more popular? How does the non-Tolkein fantasy (aka, no "usual" races or cultures) concept play out across campaigns in the setting?

Also, for those who own Savage Land, anything to add to Dan's review?

Calling all theRPGsite publishers and authors!

While I am not a fan of the OGL concept, I acknowledge its value especially through estar's posts over the years. While the original OGL from the 3e era has no end date, I understand (perhaps incorrectly) that 5e has its own OGL.

I would love to hear from those familiar with the original OGL and the 5e OGL to help me (and others) understand what are the differences - both major and minor. I'm not looking for legal advice, but a breakdown and comparison.

Furthermore, I'd love to hear what is missing from the 5e SRD that's included in the 5e core books.

Also, if you have links to excellent blogs which already tackled this subject, please list them.

Thank you all in advance!

- Robert

GeekyBugle brought up this point in another thread, and I thought it would make an interesting discussion of its own.

Quote from: GeekyBugle;1134998
Once more, travel was dangerous in the real medieval times, and they didn't had to deal with Dragons, Krakens and other big monsters, or roving bands of smaller monsters. Which would make traveling orders of magnitude more dangerous.

Let's discuss HOW travel - especially long distance travel - would work in a D&D world. Feel free to discuss issues specific to your game world or specific to certain settings.

In OD&D, we've got 1D6 damage from weapons corresponding to 1D6 per hit die from monsters and the lower ACs than later editions, thus 10 men-at-arms with spears against even two 5HD monsters is a fair fight. If you bring 20 men-at-arms, those two monsters are going down swiftly. So in OD&D, long distance travel requires the merchant band to have a large number of men-at-arms which increases costs significantly. Thus making trade goods more expensive...

Also, to survive multiple battles, those men-at-arms need armor. More expenses, and leads to a culture where being armed and armored 24/7/365 is actually normal because...monsters everywhere. And the expense of trade would lead to thinking that trade in magic items would be normal too. As they are highly valuable, bringing a couple of +1 items, scrolls and potions from town A to town Z would make the journey profitable.

What expensive / dangerous travel also does is make bards invaluable as sources of information. They exist as far more than entertainers, but lifeblood of communication. As they can memorize lyrics and stories, they can also memorize lengthy amounts of news. Thus, granting them an exalted place in society.

Your thoughts?

Based on the LOUD proclamations and vast online cacophony, our entire society - corporations, government, media, academia, etc - is being overthrown and irreversibly altered by total capitulation to wokeness in the wake of the BLM riots. Mucho promises are being made to the black community, and secondarily to the "people of color" (aka Latinos and Asians).

The term "BIPOC" is also being tossed around more, aka "Black Indigenous People of Color", aka "Everybody Except Evil Whitey", aka somebody in the zeitgeist was worried the term "POC" wasn't putting blacks in front of the victim goody line. Also interesting was putting "Indigenous" as number two as further separation...from the fastest growing demographic in America, both by numbers and by entrance into the middle class, aka Latino-Americans.

Native Americans are nearly extinct and I've seen scant promises to those on the reservations, and in my wretched honky cynicism, I suspect this is due to the low numbers Natives tribes can bring to the November polls. Whereas the Latino-American population can conceivably swing the election so you'd expect more race pandering being lavished on them. Perhaps that's on Telemundo and Univision?

So my question is this. What's next for Latino-Americans in our brave new world?

How much will Latino-Americans benefit from the giant piles of cash our many oh-so-virtuous corporations are bestowing on various BLM approved charities?

In our "SKIN COLOR UBER ALLES!!" future, how much will Latino-Americans benefit from the shift to hire and promote less honky devils? And how will the Skin Color dynamic play out when blacks and Latinos are competing for the same resources (jobs, promotions, social programs, etc)?

And how does this translate to American entertainment for Latinos with all of Hollywood's fawning vows of diversity? Or in the sports and music world?

The USA is divided beyond hope of healing and we have no common ground with our enemies.
The Left has their vision of future and the Right will not submit.
I do not want Boogaloo.
I do not want civil war.
But its clearly high time for the USA to balkanize.
I don't know how that happens peacefully.

Any ideas?

This is Chaziel Sunz, ex-BLM organizer, who explains how BLM was infiltrated by the far left and why the black community is in grave danger from BLM. Definitely echoes Malcolm X's admonishment to never trust the white liberal.

EDIT: jhkim posted below that Chaziel Sunz stated on Twitter that he is being misidentified as having ever been a BLM organizer. I got that wrong info from the title of the video and assumed incorrectly. Sorry about that.

Chaziel isn't polished and some might find what he says and how uncomfortable, but I highly recommend this video because of this man's sincerity. This is a video from 2017, and it points to how ALL of America has been played.

These are the Hodge Twins - ex-Marines, now comedians - discussing why BLM is a leftist lie. They don't mince words.

Whether or not you saw my posts on the main forum about game companies donating to BLM, it won't come as any surprise that I oppose giving them a bent dime. Why? Because the final outcome of these riots is going to be tremendous damage to black communities. I'm sorry, but there will be no grand kumbaya moment after destroying family businesses, many of them owned by non-whites.

If you want to take direct action to help the future, I suggest the charity DONORS CHOOSE.

Why? Because YOU choose a classroom which has a specific need. Projects range from libraries in need of books, kindergartens needing rugs, chemistry teachers needing bunsen burners, etc. If you want to impact the life of the less fortunate, THIS is a powerful tool to turn money into something concrete that helps children.

When you better the life of a child, you push over a domino in the right direction. Maybe that domino creates a path to an improved future. We might never know for sure, but small rocks in small ponds can make large ripples.

What I like best about Donors Choose is the element of freedom and transparency. Teachers announce their project needs and describe their school and students. YOU then support exactly what resonates with you personally.

Or skip the charity and box up some old RPG books with some dice and mail it to a school whose kids you want to introduce to the hobby. Who knows where that pebble will lead?

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