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I have no comment on this, ...however leave this link for your review...


They are douchebags anyway. They fired my friend Keith Barrett back in 2013-2014 and tried to force him to train his replacements some Indian dudes Disney had hired in using H1-B Visas. I have had a private boycott going on since then, now they are kowtowing to the politically correct left. Nothing good will come of that, and Star Wars is well and truly screwed now too as well. Cie la Vie.

I have completed updating my 2020 Ebay sales database. You'll find the current actual price (including shipping) of many vintage and rare RPGs, as well as the results of Ebay sales. If you would like to see any older games in future that is not currently included in the Excel file. Leave a note here, and I'll track it and report on its' value in the future. Middle column is shipping costs, by the way.

2020 Vintage RPG Values (Based on actual Sales Data) 

Help Desk / Ay, What is with the RPGSite blocking my web browser?...
« on: September 04, 2020, 02:33:45 PM »
...when I'm trying to access it from my Linux machines.

1) There is no Web Bot. I haven't set one up so not sure where there message is coming from.

2) Blocking the IP is bad idea. it's from a public IP pool.

3) I'm not making any illegal calls to your website that I know of. If my browser is doing it, show me the code, and I'll get the people on the horn responsible.

4) I'm using a Firefox browser. If your website is blocking Firefox, you are losing 6% of your entire readership, and if you are blocking Mozilla based browsers, you are excluding 24% of your potential readership.

Attached is the error message I'm getting when trying to access theRPGSite...

Wait, ...we can't even post images anymore? WTF? Here the error message parked on Google Drive for reference...

The RPGPundit's Own Forum / Disney Purging Star Wars, Marvel Woke Agenda
« on: August 27, 2020, 08:59:42 AM »
Get Woke, Go Broke!!!
Just what the title says. Disney and Marvel just figured out that pandering to the sjw crowd is unprofitable, ooopsie!

The SJW Purge Begins in Hollyweird!

In memory, and to the honor of Bruce "Duke" Seifried, A pioneers in adventure games and one of the originators of Dungeons & Dragons....

News and Adverts / GaryCon X Update / Sneak Preview!
« on: February 24, 2018, 06:08:13 PM »
Went down to Cincinnati today with my daughter, and stopped by Iron Wind Metals where GaryCon X prep is well under way! Mike, James, Melissa, Nathan, Jim, and the whole gang was working overtime today prepping the IWM load out for the show.

For GM's at the show, if you complete the required Gming slots/hours for your part in the show, you'll receive this gorgeous Game Master T-shirt in addition to the regular SWAG you get, just for attending this year…



If you happen to be a Volunteer at the show, like me, you'll be entitled to receive this rare and exclusive GenCon X Volunteers T-Shirt, Woohoo!


Also, it's looking like Thursdays is shaping up to be Fantasy Costume Thursdays, and Friday will be Sci-Fi Friday for the cosplay fans, or maybe its the other way around… can't remember with all the excitement, so bring your costume, ...both of them, if you have them, as I heard there just might be a few prizes for awesome costumes as well! Also don't forget to pack your Hawaiian Shirt for the Saturday tribute Group Photo for GaryCon X!

The Official GaryCon Charity Auction this year is going to support the Wounded Warrior Project, a non-profit organization that helps veterans and active service members providing in mental health support, health & wellness programs, physical and mental rehabilitation programs, along with career & VA Benefits counseling, and also special connection events such as hunting trips, sporting events, and educational summits to support the long-term recovery of warriors by connecting them with fellow service members as well as their community. You can learn more about this here;

Wounded Warrior Project Website

...and if you have any extra old-school games or goodness to donate for the Charity Auction, ...any extra would be much appreciated, and it's going for a Great Cause. ...This year, it will be for them guys that are willing to lay their lives on the line to keep us all safe!

I'll have another post on Monday or Tuesday showing some of the exclusive miniatures that will only be available at 2018 Conventions where Iron Wind Metals will have a booth this year. (I need to paint these up first,, give me a couple of days, eh?)

Also heard there are still a few Hotel rooms available in Lake Geneva, however it is very likely that all the Hotels in Lake Geneva will be fully booked before GaryCon begins, so if you haven't already done so, and you want a room close to GaryCon, one should make haste to reserve or book a room! The GaryCon website has a few additional Hotels listed for overflow of guests!

GaryCon X
March 8th-11th, 2018
Grand Geneva Resort & Spa
7036 Grand Geneva Way,
Lake Geneva, WI 53147

(262) 248-8811

GaryCon X Website

GaryCon X Website (Badge Registration)

Iron Wind Metals Co., LLC. Website

Media and Inspiration / So is the new D&D Movie going to be Dragonlance?
« on: December 26, 2017, 05:34:23 PM »
Who here would be interested in seeing a Dragonlance D&D movie?...

Joe Manganelio is writing with Rob Letterman directing...

Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games (RPGs) Discussion / Megalithomania
« on: November 19, 2017, 09:31:41 AM »
My new vocabulary word for today!

Always like learning about new things. In this case it's the oldest of things. The Greatest Temples and Monuments of the Ancients. How they were built. Why they were built. Who built them. Join me in an expedition into real history that goes back to the time when Giants walked the earth, and when the wise deliberately constructed and then hid monuments for a specific purpose, we would know and remember. Join us in reveling in Megalithomania


25mm Minis Update
Autumn, Work-in-Progress on the Paint Table...

Finally getting around to painting all the minis on the paint table. Going to try to finish them all in the next couple of weeks. These Norman Templars were painted to replace minis I had given away as prizes when I was running a D&D game this last year at conventions and shows based on the real history of the second crusade. using D&D rules. It was lots of fun, and my minis are replenished now. You can check out some of the other goodness in the photo album as well!!

Link to the Imgur Archive with the rest of the photos...


Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games (RPGs) Discussion / GenCon 50 RPG Stats
« on: August 16, 2017, 01:44:05 AM »
RPG Games Scheduled to run at GenCon 50 (as of August 16th, 2017)

Game  - # of Events

Basic D&D +21
1st Edition AD&D +74
1st Ed AD&D Tower of Gaxx 1 Hr Demo +50
2nd Edition AD&D +32
3rd or 3.5 AD&D +53
4th Edition AD&D +15
5th Edition AD&D +524
Pathfinder +426

DCC Dungeon Crawl Classics +103
Savage Worlds +98
Dungeon World (More than 10)
Runequest +30
Castles & Crusades +1
Tunnels & Trolls +5
Swords & Wizardy +2

Cypher System +75
Numenera +35
SJG Car Wars +2
L5R +19

Star Wars Saga +3
Star Wars D6 +50
Star Wars: Age of Rebellion +9
Star Wars D20 +7
Star Wars: Edge of the Empire +35
Star Wars: Force & Destiny +14

Alternity +12

Star Frontiers: Alpha Dawn +1

Firefly +3

Classic Traveller +1
Traveller 2nd Ed. +4
Traveller T5 +10
Mongoose Traveller +1

Reviews / GameDaddy Reviews: Tarantis - By Judges Guild
« on: June 02, 2017, 11:36:14 PM »
Judges Guild,  City-State of Tarantis, 1983

Review (a couple of minor player spoilers included in this review, but only at the end.

I recently picked up a copy of the City-State of Tarantis on E-bay for Thirty-Seven Dollars ($37). When it arrived in the mail from Atlas Games (Yes, John Nephew and Michelle Nephew still run this game company, along with Jeff Tidwell, as well as Cam & Jessica Banks. I purchased this mint copy (it was still still in the original shrinkwrap) from their warehouse manager Travis Winter during an E-bay sale in late May. Surprisingly, no one bid against me on this even though other copies are currently being listed for about $100.

Originally published in 1983 by Bob Bledsaw & the Judges Guild crew, this is one of the last major publications produced by Judges Guild before they closed down in 1985, and this featured the City State of Tarantis as a Universal Fantasy supplement using the Judges Guild Universal Combat System. Even though they could no longer state it on the packaging, It was 100% completely compatible with Original Dungeons & Dragons, and Bob had added a bunch more cool stuff like Social Level, and new and improved armor types and weapons, as well as containing useful indexes and abbreviation tables in the Universal Combat and Universal RPG format that Judges Guild used after they lost their D&D license in 1982.

I’m posting this here with links to both Imgur and Google Photos archives so that collectors and RPG historians will know what a full copy of Tarantis contains. This originally retailed for $14.98, plus shipping, and was one of the most expensive supplements that Judges Guild produced. This city was designed specifically as a campaign starter location for player characters of the 2nd-6th level.

What Tarantis contained in shrink:

Full Color 8-1/2”x11” Flypage Cover
Tarantis Book 1 – Encounters (96 pages) – Black & White
Tarantis Book 2 – Shops (96 pages) – Black & White
Three double sided 22”x34” map pages containing the following maps:

Map 1) The City-State of Tarantis Fortifications & Street plans.

About ¾ of the buildings are numbered and labeled and make up consists of government, religious & military buildings as well as three hundred and twenty-six shops and merchant stands (326), all of which are detailed in the latter half of book one, as well as in book two.

Map 2) Tarantis Campaign Map
This was an oversized 22”x 34” copy of the Wilderlands Campaign Map four. There is also a Street Index, which describes in detail which city streets are consider part of the various ‘quarters’ of  Tarantis, and there is also a detailed Castles and Citadel listing describing the names and locations of various fortifications on the over-sized Wilderlands Campaign Map.

Map 3) The Entire Wilderlands Campaign Setting Hex Map
Also 22”x34”. This contained all 18 of the Wilderlands Campaign Setting maps in a much reduced format where three hexes took up approximately 1 centimeter of the map. Maybe the scale for these full campaign maps is actually ten hexes to an inch. Labeled including cities, towns, Campaign Map names.

Map 4) The Entire Wilderlands Campaign Setting Plain Map
This is printed the back side of 3) and is exactly the same map, except without a hex-grid overlay.
Map 5) The Entire Wilderlands Campaign Setting Hex Map – labeled
22”x34” identical to map number 3)

Map 6) Blank Mini-Hex Map
22”x34”, the back side of number 5). Contains only a hex-grid overlay which covers an area equivalent to the Entire original Wilderlands Campaign setting.

Book One
Book One starts with detailed City-State encounter charts organized by quarter (thieves, shopkeepers, trademsen, sea front, sages, temples, merchants, and nobles), with three additional encounter tables, a “special encounter” table, a “strange” encounter table, and a “perilous” encounter table which includes such novelties as an alchemists explosion, sewer gas explosion, walls crumbling and collapsing, ...that sort of thing… Finally, encounters with individuals are rolled on social level tables with a d6 representing social class (Noble, General, Military, Guildsmen, Merchant, and General) and the twenty-sided die representing the approximate “level” of who is encountered, these tables include random guard patrols, encounters with women, deputized patrols, etc.

Next is a comprehensive history of the City-State of Tarantis currently ruled by Atar the Lion as well as the two provinces Jarmeer and Ganzir-Galad, each ruled by a Sultan. This includes details on the various tribes that make up the City-State. There is a detailed list of Palace officials, as well as an encounter table, and its clear this was designed so that the players could visit the Palace, to look for work, boons, favors, and/or to offer their services to the King, or even Ministers or lesser government or religious officials.

There is a Tarantis military unit list, that begins with the Palace Guard beginning with the Nobles, captains, and Guard Commanders, what kind of weapons, armor and magic they have. Unit details include all of the Heavy and Light Infantry units as well as Cavalry, Crossbowmen, Naval Officers and Marines, and these table of organization and equipment lists continue working their way right down to the militia, and conscript units. This includes full detail on all of the unit commanders, as well as any interesting or important soldiers, sailors, or marines and full breakdowns of all the soldiers and commanders at the various citadels and castles that make up Tarantis (there are three), The Bard Citadel, the Fighter’s Citadel, and Ho Chi’s castle..

There is an updated Geographic Gazetteer for the entire Wilderlands Campaign Setting that takes up four pages that provides a very brief description of the mountain ranges, rivers, streams, large woods, mountain passes, canyons, dales, jungles, marshes, swamps, valleys, peaks and hills which includes the range of hexes these features cover on the map. After that is four pages of rumors, to start off adventurers if they spend time any time at all gathering information.

Then the listings for the Bazaar and Shops starts on page 29 and goes to page 70. I won’t go into a whole lot of detail here on this, but will list one shop as an example;

Cartographer (90) Paladiner Street
Name: Pic Friender, FTR, Lvl 072 (7th D&D), Htk 35, ACL: 10 (AC 10 – Layered Cloth)  Arm:003 (Armor Type – Very Light) PSL: 043 (Personal Social Level – The first two digiuts are SL, the last digit is noteriety (Or Fame). Str: 11 +1 Int: 16 +3  Wis: 14 +2 Con:  17 +2 Dex: 17 +5 Cha: 16 +3
WPN: +1 Shortsword

A very uncouth and unkempt person, Pics customers usually stand at least 20’ away from him, if at all possible to avoid the smeel. Blessed with aphotographic memory, Pic can easily redraw any map he has seen. Small Maps 13 Gp. Medium Sized Maps 20 Gp, Large Walll Maps 45 Gp plus Parchment costs. Pic sometimes sells “treasure “ maps (2d6x100Gp less CHA of purchaser) which leads to ambushes setup by his Orcish friends. Cashbox 21 Gp. Hidden in Bear’s Head mounted on the wall are 215 Gp, 12 Pp, 3 Ap, and a real treasure map leading to 12,000 Gp guarded by a Minotaur.

Book Two

Finishes the shop and merchant quarter listings (there are 326). Then there are some keen sighting tables included for wilderness adventures which includes all of the Triumphant Grand Tactical tables so the GM could map out and describe in detail five-mile hexes for the players on the fly. This includes wilderness encounter tables, ruins, prospecting, flora & fauna, Civilization descriptions and Tech Levels.

Next section contains detailed  multi-level floorplans of the Tarantine Palace, as well as the Citadels described earlier and Ho-Chi’s castle, including room-by-room encounters and a super detailed Palace Encounter stats for anyone that would be encountered in the Palace.

There are some write ups for the Meriem Catwolf Folk which are like the large intelligent Warcats, Azurerian Pirates (Tarantis is a very strong Naval power, and nearby encounters are detailed. Azurerian Pirates were originally included in the City-State Installment as part of Pegasus Magazine issue number six, and this writeup details the stronghold of Birenzia where the Pirates who work hand-in-glove with the government of Tarantis are located.

There are some random village shop charts. Some government works charts, and page ninety-two of the second book includes a numbered blank hex map. Permission is given to photocopy anything in the book for personal use. The last section of the last book contains the indexes and details for the Universal Format and the Universal Combat Format.

Final Comments: A truly great detailed & comprehensive starter campaign fully compatible with D&D published by Judges Guild shortly before they closed up shop with a truly awesome history and backstory.

Tarantis was made famous in one of Bob Bledsaws’ early campaigns. In that game Bob played the Viridian Emperor from the City State of the World Emperor in Viridistan, Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson were also playing in that game as various factions in and around the City-State of Tarantis, and this was back when the Tarantis map area area was known as the ancient kingdom of Kelnore. Bob sent two Viridian Vasthosts (about 240,000 troops complete with wizards and demons and stuff) to the East from the CSWE to capture some piddling little town that eventually became the City-State of the Imperial Overlord CSIO. Now the Vasthosts continued east as they embarked and sailed across the Winedark Sea, where they invaded Kelnore, and most of it captured by the Viridians. Everything along the coast all the way out to the Glow Worm Steppes became Viridian, except for Tarantis which was besieged. In an epic battle Dave managed to successfully defend Tarantis from both Gary’s army (which attacked first), and then the Vasthosts of the Green Emperor, and after an extended siege followed by a stalemate that lasted more than a year in game time, Bob’s Viridian Vasthosts withdrew and sailed back home. Tarantis was famous in the early days of D&D as being a City-State that had never been captured. This was a story that Bob shared with me, about Tarantis, when I was helping him for the weekend at Pentacon in 2004, as the dealer coordinator at that game show.


Imgur Reference Photo Archive of Tarantis

Google Reference Photos Archive of Tarantis

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