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This product is too spicy for DrivethruRPG, which means I cannot use their promotional tools etc, and I can't link to it off their site. I would greatly appreciate it, therefore, if you could spam the ever-loving shit out of this link everywhere, so that people can be aware of it and buy it direct.

Vielen danke, kiitos, merci, arigatogozaimashita.

This companion volume to badly named but well-executed horror RPG Actual Fucking Monsters is bigger than the original! 120 pages of content for your Actual Fucking Monsters games, too spicy for Drivethrurpg.

  • We've got random character generation if you're into that sort of thing.
  • We've got a whole wedge of new Monster Powers so you can dissolve your foes with vomit or get in touch with their feelings.
  • Want to play a dark, evil magician? Got you covered.
  • Want to introduce boring stuff to worry about, like, 'humanity'. I don't think you should, but we've got you covered anyway.
  • Want to fight against the Monsters as a Hunter? You can do that now, with more details on the Hunter organisations from the main book, and new ones! Along with revised Hunter 'Powers'.
  • Want to run your games safely without some absolute head-end crying to mummy that they didn't know a game called Actual Fucking Monsters was about Actual Fucking Monsters? Details for the M-Card game insurance policy are included.
  • Need victims for your Monsters to do horrible things to? We've got a random victim generator and 100 pre-generated victims!
  • Player advice on how to have fun in an Actual Fucking Monsters game? You bet your sweet arse.
  • Some ideas for artefacts, and some examples.
  • A (very scant) idea of a sort of setting beyond the implicit. Learn where Monsters fit into the world.
  • And lastly, a long-ass example of play, to help you grok with fullness.

This is a and exclusive, so please, inform everyone you can that this is up for sale!

You can read up on it, or listen/watch a video HERE.

News and Adverts / Censored, AGAIN
« on: March 16, 2019, 06:08:54 am »

Details HERE

TL;DR - The person I had pegged to win can't do the work due to injury and has suggested I re-open it up. So if you are a hard-up genre artist or know one, check this out.

Design, Development, and Gameplay / Monster Powers - for Actual Monsters?
« on: February 20, 2019, 09:15:11 am »
Working on 'Actual Fucking Monsters'. Working on creature powers and running out of inspiration. If you were playing an inhuman monster in a #Horror #RPG what powers would you choose, if you had free rein?

News and Adverts / Tales of Gor: Black Daggers - RELEASED
« on: October 12, 2018, 11:06:01 am »

The Black Caste has waxed and waned significantly in its fortunes over the last fifty years. From honourable instruments of death to creatures of scorn and ridicule hiding – rather than lurking – in the shadows, only to slowly grow in importance again. It can be hard to think of the caste as honourable, but they have their own codes, restrictions and way of life. They're a society hidden within a society, and once they take coin, they will take a life or die trying. Save in the most exceptional of circumstances.

Most Goreans reason that a person who is marked for death by an assassin must be deserving to some degree. Paying the – usually exorbitant – fee to have someone killed, all but guarantees their involvement  gor_slavegirl_alphain criminality, espionage or some other skullduggery and the presence of assassins used to help keep people honest.

Diminished in number, but not in skill, the Caste of Assassins is rebuilding its reputation as dealers of death without equal – even amongst the Scarlet Caste. Now they have set their sights on Tyrtaeus the Slaver, a friend and ally to the agents of the Priest-Kings whose death would be a significant blow.


More details HERE.

I'm in the market for two black and white A5 scale illustrations at 300-600 dpi. Pay is $50 USD per image but is negotiable to an extent (privately). Payment in full on delivery, with a delivery time of no more than two weeks from accepting the gig. Even if you can't take the gig, please pass it on!

Apply via email to or on Twitter @grimachu please include a link to your portfolio or sample work.

I am ALWAYS looking for artists, so be sure and sub to my social media channels etc to pick up on future opportunities.

These illustrations are for the Tales of Gor game, for a new adventure supplement 'The Cave of Gold'.

I am looking for something along the lines of the following:

  • A panther girl (female bandit) dressed in dark leopard skins, armed with a spear and/or short bow. A defiant (chin high) look. Full body illustration. The clothing should expose the thigh, which has a mass of scarring criss-crossing one spot on the upper, outer thigh. Draw influence from traditional African dress – but not too much.
  • A male bandit, somewhat bashful and haggard looking, stubbly, shabby-haired, hollow-cheeked and wide-eyed. He should be dressed in a jerkin, britches and boots and armed with a buckler shield and short sword/long dirk. Draw influence from early medieval or Saxon clothing. Full body illustration.

Hey all, given I'm active again and part of Pundit's Inappropriate Characters podcast, it seems to me that some introductions might be in order.

I'm James 'Grim' Desborough, I've been gaming at least 33 years, longer depending on how you reckon it.

I have works for SJG, WOTC, C7, Mongoose and others as a freelancer and I have my own self-publishing company Postmortem Studios. I've been full time freelancing and working on games for about 13 years now but working on and off in the industry for nearly 20 years. I also write fiction, have worked on a couple of social media games and have my own Youtube channel which is a kind of smorgasbord of stuff, but definitely has something of a focus on games.

I'm British, English, living in the south of England about an hour from London and 20-30 minutes from Stonehenge. I live out in the sticks, the kind of place you can imagine hunting for hobbits with hounds.

Despite the bizarre reputation I seem to have garnerred I am very much a leftie and progressive, just not the kind of lunatic who becomes a 'regressive leftist' and ends up dismantling and abrogating the very kinds of rights they claim to be seeking.

I run a scholarship/grant every year for young genre artists in education or suffering hardship.

I'm probably best known, for good or ill, for The Munchkin's Guide to Powergaming, Tales of Gor and my involvement in Gamergate.

I'm a staunch atheist, but try not to be TOO much of an arsehole about it, provided the religious provide me the same courtesy.

I'm somewhere in the middle on the storygame vs traditional game divide, I see things in both I like, and things I don't.

I'm not really very good at self promotion due to a combination of British politeness and an acute sense of embarassment, so I guess I'll throw it open to questions etc.

Links to most things I'm involved in are below.

I would STRONGLY encourage gamers and creators of all stripes to join and engage on Minds and Steemit since they provide easy ways for you to support creators and to make content creation more viable for independent - and controversial - people like myself.

If you're so inclined, Minds and Patreon offer you exclusive articles and discounts.

Let the interrogation commence, but try and keep it gaming related as much as possible :-P

News and Adverts / [Postmortem Studios] Gorean Roleplaying RELEASED!
« on: April 24, 2017, 02:57:16 am »

The day is finally here, long overdue!

The Gor RPG is now on sale, in PDF, while we wait for print proofs.

You can buy the two books that make up the game at RPGNOW/DrivethruRPG.


World of Gor is the encyclopaedia of the game world, but has been written and organised in such a way that the RPG is not necessary to get use from the book. It is intended as a much wider resource for fans of the Gorean Cycle as a whole to inspire and reference while working on fan projects or re-reading the series.

Tales of Gor has basic world information – enough to play with – but is incomplete without the World of Gor book. This contains the rules for making and playing characters for the harsh and exciting life of the Counter Earth.

Our first adventure, The Tower of Art, is also already out, and contains additional supplementary material for the game. Future adventures will work the same way, serving double-duty to provide more game information and rules alongside adventures set on Gor (or even, perhaps Earth or somewhere even more exotic).

If you need a preview before making the jump, you’ll also find a preview document that you can download for free at the same link.

We have a lot of support and material planned for the future and this will, likely be the best supported line of Postmortem Studios products.

World of Gor

World of Gor collects the lore of the Gorean cycle of novels by John Norman into one reference volume, intended for use alongside the Tales of Gor roleplaying game. This reference work will also be useful to Gorean roleplayers and fans of all kinds, roleplayers or not as a resource for fan fiction, roleplaying and Gorean activities of all kinds.

Illustrated in striking style by celebrated fetish and comic book artist Michael Manning (Spider Garden, Tranceptor) this book is also a visual treat for fans of Gor, giving his unique interpretation to Gor, its creatures and its people.

John Norman’s works by permission of the author and the author’s agents Richard Curtis Associates, Inc. John Norman’s works are published by Open Road Media

Tales of Gor

Tales of Gor brings you into a striking world of science-fantasy roleplaying. Born from the Gorean Cycle (34 books) by John Norman, Tales of Gor brings you to The Counter Earth. A world of contradictions, freedom and slavery, science and fantasy, primitive violence and high technology ripe for adventure.

While two great alien powers vie for control of the solar system their plans play out on two worlds, Earth and Gor. Will you take sides or simply strive to survive in a hostile world of gigantic animals, powerful city states and cunning machinations?

Powered by Open D6, Tales of Gor lets you step into this long-running series of science-fantasy novels and carve your own future on the Counter-Earth.

Illustrated in striking style by celebrated fetish and comic book artist Michael Manning (Spider Garden, Tranceptor) this book is also a visual treat for fans of Gor, giving his unique interpretation to Gor, its creatures and its people.

John Norman’s works by permission of the author and the author’s agents Richard Curtis Associates, Inc. John Norman’s works are published by Open Road Media

Press & Publicity

This is a big project for us and one we really want to succeed. As such I am looking to appear and talk on as many blogs, podcasts, livestreams and youtube shows as possible to talk about the game, the Gorean Cycle and any related issues or topics anyone wants to ask about. If you have such an outlet – no matter how small – please get in touch at and we’ll arrange something.

News and Adverts / Fantasy/SF Art Scholarship
« on: January 26, 2015, 08:42:15 am »
Running this again this year, but entries and assistance have been peculiarly unforthcoming.

Please check out the link and pass on the information to those who might make use of it.


News and Adverts / [Postmortem Studios] Gorean Chronicles Crowdfunding
« on: August 21, 2014, 06:54:21 am »

So I landed the license for Gor about 18 months ago, before I joined Chronicle City and it's now time to get it ready to go out the door. Only I'm in a financial crunch and to do it justice is going to take a lot more money than I can spare at the moment.

Here's the skinny on the crowdfunding and I will also happily take questions here.


News and Adverts / [Second Hand RPGs] Grim's Yard Sale
« on: August 19, 2014, 09:03:57 am »
My brother's ditching his collection as he's moving in with his GF and is expecting a baby, and I need to do a clear out and raise some bar too for reasons in the linked blog post. So take advantage.

Blog post & contact details

100 Series - 100 Conspiracies (Mint) x2
100 Series - 100 Fantasy Kingdoms (Mint) x5
Agents of SWING - Agent Casefile (Mint)
Angel - Core rulebook (TV series tie-in) (Near mint)
Ant Assault - Card Game (Near mint)
Authentic Thaumaturgy (Good condition)
Authority, The - Core rules (Tri-stat) (Mint)
Barbarians of the Aftermath (Near mint)
Blood! - Original - pre-postmortem - edition (Good condition)
Bloodlust - Core rulebook, French language, barbarian adventures (Good condition)
Bloodsucker: The Angst - The Juice (Mint)
Bubblegum Crisis - Before and After (Worn)
Bubblegum Crisis - Fuzion corebook (Worn)
Camelot Cosmos - GM's Guide (Mint - Printing error on back cover)
Camelot Cosmos - Player's Guide (Mint)
Camelot Cosmos - The Legend of Hawk's Hollow (Adventure) (Mint)
Changeling the Dreaming - First edition corebook (Worn)
Changeling the Dreaming - Isle of the Might (Worn, hilarious, wrong)
Changeling the Dreaming - Second Edition corebook (Near mint)
Chill - Core rulebook (Worn)
D&D - Adventurer's Vault, 4th Edition (Good condition)
D&D - Black Rock Bandits (4th Edition Adventure) (Mint)
D&D - Dark Sun Campaign Setting 4th Edition (Good condition - no map)
D&D - Dark Sun Creature Catalog 4th Edition (Good condition)
D&D - Dungeon Master's Guide (3rd Edition) (Near Mint)
D&D - Dungeon Master's Guide 2, 4th Edition (Good condition)
D&D - Encyclopaedia Arcane, Necromancy (Worn)
D&D - Forgotten Realms Setting Book 3rd Edition (Near Mint)
D&D - Manual of the Planes (3rd Edition) (Near Mint)
D&D - Monster Manual (3rd Edition) (Near Mint)
D&D - Monster Manual 2 4th Edition (Good condition)
D&D - Player's Guide (3rd Edition) (Near Mint)
D&D - Player's Handbook 2, 4th Edition (Good condition)
D&D - Player's Handbook II (3rd Edition) (Near Mint)
D&D - Red Box, Moldvay Basic Rules Set 1 + DM's Guide to Immortals (Faded colour)
D&D - Starter Set 5th Edition (Mint)
d20 - d20 Mecha
d20 - OGL Horror (Near mint)
Dark Conspiracy - Darktek (Worn)
Dark Conspiracy - New Orleans (Worn)
Darktown - Core rulebook (Good condition)
dK System - Core gaming system, d20 derived, in French (Mint)
dK System - Mantel D'Acier (French edition of Cloak of Steel) (Mint)
Dogtown - Core rulebook (Good condition)
Exalted - Return to the Tomb of Five Corners
Exalted - Second Edition Core Book (Mint condition)
FATE - Spirit of the Century, 1st Edition (Good condition)
Golden Heroes - Legacy of Eagles (Worn)
GURPS - Discworld (Worn, sight tear on spine)
Heavy Gear - Second Edition Rulebook (Good condition)
In Nomine - Core rulebook, SJG Edition (Good condition)
Inferno Battles of the Abyss - Rare boardgame (Worn box, mint interior)
Iron Kingdoms - Liber Mechanika 3.5 (Near mint)
Iron Kingdoms - Monsternomicon 3.5 (Mint)
Lamentations of the Flame Princess - Adventure Number 10 (Mint)
Lamentations of the Flame Princess - Better than any Man (Mint)
Lamentations of the Flame Princess - Forgive Us (Mint condition)
Lamentations of the Flame Princess - Qelong (Mint)
Lamentations of the Flame Princess - Tales of the Scarecrow (Mint condition)
Legend of the Five Rings - LARP Rules (Mint condition)
Mage the Ascension - Akashic Brotherhood (Good condition)
Mage the Ascension - Akashic Brotherhood (Worn)
Mage the Ascension - Blood Treachery (Good condition)
Mage the Ascension - Dreamspeakers (Worn)
Mage the Ascension - Initiates of the Art (Good)
Mage the Ascension - Loom of Fate (Good condition)
Mage the Ascension - Masters of the Art (Good condition)
Mage the Ascension - New World Order (Worn)
Mage the Ascension - Order of Hermes (Worn)
Mage the Ascension - Progenitors (Worn)
Mage the Ascension - Sons of Ether (Worn)
Mage the Ascension - Syndicate (Good condition)
Mage the Ascension - The Book of Chantries (Very worn)
Mage the Ascension - The Book of Shadows (Player's Guide) (Worn)
Mage the Ascension - Verbena (Worn)
Mage the Ascension - Virtual Adepts (Worn)
Mage the Ascension - Void Engineers (Good condition)
Mage the Asension - Cult of Ecstasy (Good condition)
Marvel Super Heroes - Avengers Assembled (Worn)
Marvel Super Heroes - Basic Battle Book (Worn)
Marvel Super Heroes - Basic Campaign Book (Worn) x2
Marvel Super Heroes - Deluxe City set, Map + Books (Worn)
Marvel Super Heroes - Murder World (Worn)
Marvel Super Heroes - Nightmares of Futures Past (Worn)
Marvel Super Heroes - Reap the Whirlwind (Worn)
MET - Camarilla Guide (Worn)
MET - Dark Epics (Worn)
MET - Laws of Elysium (Good condition)
MET - Laws of the East (Worn)
MET - Laws of the Hunt (Worn)
MET - Laws of the Hunt Player's Guide (Worn)
MET - Laws of the Night (Very worn) x2
MET - Laws of the Wild, Changing Breeds (Worn)
MET - Liber des Goules (Worn)
MET - MET Jounal Issue 4 (Good condition)
MET - Oblivion (Worn, 'obilvion' edition)
MET - The Masquerade 2nd Edition (Worn)
MET - The Shining Host (Worn)
Mind's Eye Theatre - Antagonists (Worn)
NERF - Nylon thigh holster, adjustable to fit most pistols (Mint)
Palladium - Beyond the Supernatural (Worn)
Palladium - Contemporary Weapons Guide (Worn)
Palladium - Heroes Unlimited (Worn)
Palladium - Ninjas & Superspies (Worn)
Palladium - RIFTS, The Mechanoids (Worn)
Palladium - Robotech: The Invid Invasion (Very worn)
PARANOIA - White box edition (Worn)
Pathfinder - Desecration (Adventure) (Mint)
Pathfinder - The Sting (Adventure) (Mint) x2
Scion - Hero (Mint condition)
Star Wars - Saga Edition core rulebook (Mint)
Traveller - Fire Fusion and Steel (Worn)
Twilight 2000 - Survivor's Guide to the United Kingdom (Very worn)
Twister (Unopened)
Underworld - Limited Edition (Good condition)
Vampire the Masquearade - Second Edition Core rulebook (Worn)
Vampire the Masquerade - A World of Darkness (Worn)
Vampire the Masquerade - Assamite (Worn)
Vampire the Masquerade - Berlin by Night (Worn)
Vampire the Masquerade - Blood Bond (Worn)
Vampire the Masquerade - Blood Magic, Secrets of Thaumaturgy (Worn)
Vampire the Masquerade - Brujah (First edition) (Worn)
Vampire the Masquerade - Brujah (Good condition)
Vampire the Masquerade - Chicago by Night (Worn)
Vampire the Masquerade - Children of the Inquisition (Worn)
Vampire the Masquerade - Children of the Night (Good condition) x2
Vampire the Masquerade - Elysium (Good condition)
Vampire the Masquerade - Followers of Set (Good condition)
Vampire the Masquerade - Gangrel (Worn)
Vampire the Masquerade - Ghouls, Fatal Addiction (Worn)
Vampire the Masquerade - Giovanni (Worn)
Vampire the Masquerade - Guide to the Sabbat (Good condition)
Vampire the Masquerade - Kindred of the East (Good condition)
Vampire the Masquerade - Malkavian (Worn) x2
Vampire the Masquerade - Midnight Siege (Good condition)
Vampire the Masquerade - Milwaukee by Night (Worn)
Vampire the Masquerade - New Orleans by Night (Worn)
Vampire the Masquerade - New York by Night (Good condition)
Vampire the Masquerade - Nosferatu (Worn)
Vampire the Masquerade - Player's Guide to the Sabbat (Worn)
Vampire the Masquerade - Ravnos (Good condition)
Vampire the Masquerade - Second Edition Corebook (Worn)
Vampire the Masquerade - Storyteller's Guide to the Sabbat (Worn)
Vampire the Masquerade - Succubus Club (Worn)
Vampire the Masquerade - The Anarch Cookbook (Worn)
Vampire the Masquerade - The Hunters Hunted (Worn)
Vampire the Masquerade - The Storyteller's Handbook (Worn)
Vampire the Masquerade - Thrashing Dragons (Near mint)
Vampire the Masquerade - Time of Thin Blood (Good condition)
Vampire the Masquerade - Toreador (Worn)
Vampire the Masquerade - Tremere (Good condition)
Vampire the Masquerade - Tremere (Worn)
Vampire the Masquerade - Tzimisce (Worn)
Vampire the Masquerade - Ventrue (Worn)
Vampire the Masquerade - Victorian Age - London by Night (Near Mint)
Victoriana - First Edition (Good condition)
Werewolf the Apocalypse - Ananasi (Good condition)
Werewolf the Apocalypse - Axis Mundi (Good condition)
Werewolf the Apocalypse - Black Furies (Good condition)
Werewolf the Apocalypse - Blood Red Moon (Worn)
Werewolf the Apocalypse - Bone Gnawers (Good condition)
Werewolf the Apocalypse - Book of the Wyrm (Worn)
Werewolf the Apocalypse - Caerns, Places of Power (Worn)
Werewolf the Apocalypse - Children of Gaia (Good condition)
Werewolf the Apocalypse - Corax (Good condition)
Werewolf the Apocalypse - Corax (Good condition)
Werewolf the Apocalypse - Fianna (Good condition)
Werewolf the Apocalypse - First Edition Softback - Plasticovered (Worn)
Werewolf the Apocalypse - Freak Legion (Worn)
Werewolf the Apocalypse - Get of Fenris (Good condition)
Werewolf the Apocalypse - Glass Walkers (Good condition)
Werewolf the Apocalypse - Mokole (Good condition)
Werewolf the Apocalypse - Monkeywrenchers (Worn)
Werewolf the Apocalypse - Nuwisha (Good condition)
Werewolf the Apocalypse - Player's Guide 1st Edition (Worn)
Werewolf the Apocalypse - Project Twilight (Worn)
Werewolf the Apocalypse - Rage Across Appalachia (Worn - with map)
Werewolf the Apocalypse - Rage Across New York (Worn)
Werewolf the Apocalypse - Rage Across Russia (Worn)
Werewolf the Apocalypse - Rage Across the Amazon (Worn - no map)
Werewolf the Apocalypse - Rage, Warriors of the Apocalypse (Worn)
Werewolf the Apocalypse - Red Talons (Good condition)
Werewolf the Apocalypse - Rite of Passage (Worn)
Werewolf the Apocalypse - Shadow Lords (Good condition)
Werewolf the Apocalypse - Silent Striders (Good condition)
Werewolf the Apocalypse - Silver Fangs (Good condition)
Werewolf the Apocalypse - Stargazers (Good condition)
Werewolf the Apocalypse - Storyteller's Guide 1st Edition (Worn)
Werewolf the Apocalypse - The Umbra 1st Edition (Worn)
Werewolf the Apocalypse - Valkenburg Foundation (Worn)
Werewolf the Apocalypse - Ways of the Wolf (Worn)
Werewolf the Apocalypse/Vampire the Masquerade - Dark Alliance Vancouver (Worn)
Werewolf the Wild West (Good condition)
Witchcraft - Core rulebook (Good condition)
World of Darkness - Blood Dimmed Tide (Good condition)
World of Darkness - Book of the Damned (Worn)
World of Darkness - Combat (Worn)
World of Darkness - Mummy the Resurrecction (First Edition) (Near Mint)
World of Darkness - nWoD Corebook (Near mint)
World of Darkness - Outcasts (Good condition)
World of Darkness - Revelations of the Dark Mother (Good condition)
World of Darkness - The Book of Nod (Worn)
World of Darkness - The Erciyes Fragments (Worn)
Wraith the Oblivion - First Edition - Glow in the dark Cover (Very worn)
Wraith the Oblivion - Second Edition Corebook (Worn)
Wraith the Oblivion - The Risen (Good condition)
Wraith the Oblivion - The Sea of Shadows (Worn)

News and Adverts / [Postmortem] Joining Chronicle City as Creative Director
« on: February 14, 2013, 12:51:13 pm »
Chronicle City Expands
Chronicle City is expanding its operations with the hiring-on of James ‘Grim’ Desborough as the Creative Director of the company alongside its founder, Angus Abranson.

James will have particular focus on developing new intellectual properties for the company, overseeing product line development and moving forward with licensed properties as the company matures and develops.

“I am excited – and nervous – to be working for Chronicle City. I have known Angus a great many years and have worked for and with him in various guises in the past. I believe Chronicle City has the potential to become a driving force in modern role-playing and I relish the opportunity to work in other arenas such as card and board game development. I particularly hope to bring some innovation and attention to licensed properties and hope that I can bring some of my particular style and thought to everything that we do.” – James said.

James is an Origins Award winning writer and has worked for Wizards of the Coast, Steve Jackson Games, Cubicle 7 Entertainment and many others. He has been freelancing since the 1990s and has worked full-time with his own indie company, Postmortem Studios, since 2004.

“Chronicle City has a lot of plans this year, both with the expansion of our third party publishing programme as well as with licensing and in-house design of our own settings and game lines. Appointing James as Creative Director will give our own properties, and the licenses we’re working, on a dedicated overseer who can work day-to-day with our design teams and developers. James is the first fulltime appointment to the company and we have a few more team members to be announced in the coming weeks. 2013 is going to be a very interesting year for the company and I’m glad James has been able to join us for the journeys ahead.” – added Angus.

Chronicle City is a new British based games publisher set up by multi-award winning publisher Angus Abranson (ex-Cubicle 7; Leisure Games). Chronicle City are working with a number of companies and designers to publish their games, as well as designing their own role-playing, card and board games.

You can find out more information about Chronicle City, and their games, at:

Twitter: @Chronicle_City

If you want to contact James (Grim) directly with questions please contact via twitter – @grimachu – or via email to grim AT postmort DOT demon DOT co DOT uk

A full version of this announcement with my personal message appended is available here.

News and Adverts / [Postmortem Studios] Chav: The Knifing - On sale
« on: December 14, 2009, 06:35:56 am »
A complimentary - but complete - product in the same line as Bloodsucker: The Angst, Chav: The Knifing allows you to play the arch nemesis of spooky kids everywhere, or to use them as antagonists for your Bloodsucker game.

What is Chavthulu? What's so special about bus stops? What are the secret powers of cheap cider and the croydon facelift?

There's only one way to find out...

Design, Development, and Gameplay / Cthentacle Hardcopy Poll
« on: July 09, 2009, 12:18:45 pm »
I'm going through the trials and tribulations of trying to get POD cardgames printed - again. I'd appreciate a little feedback HERE

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