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In the thread about House Rules, I made the quip about Players almost immediately forgetting about them once I gave them a double sided sheet of paper as a handout. I've seen the same behavior with handouts about the setting that their characters are playing in. This leads to some frustration on my end when the Players ask questions addressed in the handouts during the game.

I don't think that this is a problem with length of handout, because I limit them to two double sided pages as a maximum. Yet there always seems to be instances of That One Player who just hasn't bothered to read the handout. I don't do this for convention or demo games because there just isn't enough time in a typical four hour slot.

In terms of content, it is all fluff like a map, a key with descriptions, what nation-states there are, what factions exist, and important known NPCs, and a brief history.

So I'm wondering if any of the rest of you have encountered this? Do some Players just not give a shit? Is it a problem with handout length?

Well, this is a subject I never thought I would have to deal with....

I'm small time when it comes to published material. An article here or there, maybe a couple of PDFs. Nothing big and nothing long or involved and extravagant. So, I'm surprised when I find a niche Traveller starship design of mine on a pirate website and an article I wrote for the Traveller fanzine Stellar Reaches chopped up and used in the Traveller WIKI.

I never thought that my stuff would get that level of "notoriety" in hobby circles.

So, published authors, how do you deal with this when it happens? Is there a standard procedure to follow? What do you do to get the best chance of the results you want?

So here is a question for all of you out there. What would you like to see as new products for Traveller or Cepheus Engine[/color][/size]?[/font]

A question for the ground pounders on my feed. How does this look for an overstrength infantry company used as a Star Wars Imperial auxiliary? Let me hear your opinions.

Imperial Action Drop Company

6 Light Platoons + 2 Heavy Weapons Platoons + Command Platoon

Light Platoons have 75 troops each (8 line squads of 8 w/Sgt, + Lt and 2 Sgt Maj)

Heavy Weapons Platoons have troops each divided into 4 line squads (of 8 w/Sgt), 2 Heavy Weapons Squads (with 2 Heavy Repeating Blasters of 8 troops w/Sgt), and 2 Vehicle Sections (with 1 Armored Repulsorlift Transport (3 crew each) and 2 Imperial Patrol Landspeeders (2 crew each) or 2 Armored Repulsorlift Transports (3 crew each) or 4 Imperial Patrol Landspeeders (2 crew each) and 1 Command Imperial Patrol Landspeeder (2 Sgt Maj + Lt)

Command Platoon has 1 Cpt + 4 Lt (SC1, SC2, SC3, SC4) + 8 logistics, 11 technical, 4 medical along with 118 droids (2 for each medic and 11 for each logistics) and 2 Armored Repulsorlift Transports (crew taken from Support personnel)

Maximum total of 545 personnel in company.

4 Light Duty/Reserve TIE Fighters embarked for ground support/space superiority.

The RPGPundit's Own Forum / Antifa BANNED From Teespring
« on: August 08, 2020, 07:26:40 PM »
The Quartering with this latest bit of news.....

Hey, Pundit! It looks like your message is spreading!

OK, a friend ran across this and wanted my input on it, so I wanted to get theRPGSite brain trusts' opinion on it as well. It is a business selling paid GMs called StartPlaying Games and they offer online and in person gaming by a network of GMs (prices vary).

Quote from: Mistwell;1132662
But this section of the message board is "supposed" to be about RPGs. I want to hear Jeff tell us how Traveller is the best thing since sliced bread when I come here. :)

Well, to answer your question honestly, it isn't.

Now let me explain and start a conversation on this. Every tabletop RPG out there does some tasks extraordinarily well because they were written to scratch a particular itch in gaming (you know, respond to market forces).

Now, I loves me some Traveller and I loves me some Cepheus Engine, but both game lines are best suited to running games with a literary science fiction feel. You can dial the "hardness" of the science in the science fiction all the way from Apollo 13 level to Babylon 5 or NuBSG level. The feel that you get when reading Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, Robert A, Heinlein, CJ Cherryh, Arthur C Clarke, Alastair Reynolds, H Beam Piper, Allen Steele, or John Scalzi. That is where I think that those RPG lines work the best.

If you want to emulate the genre franchise which is Star Wars, I don't think that you can beat any of the versions of the d6 Star Wars system from WEG. You may chalk this up to personal preference, but I think that the various versions of d20 Star Wars play like D&D in Space and FFGs version has some great artwork but the gimmick dice really turn me off.

For anime style mecha gaming, R Talsorian's Mekton is the best, Mekton II is still good and Mekton Zeta is great (I won't talk about Mekton Zero, but from what little I've seen they made a really bad choice in character creation).

I can speak to SFRPGs for the most part with more expertise than any other because that is my bailiwick in TTRPGs.

Each game has its best genre. I wouldn't use Traveller or Cepheus Engine to play Star Wars because they don't have that cinematic feel. I'd consider using Mekton II or Mekton Zeta to run Star Wars because it gets the cinematic feel right, but doesn't perfectly match up with the genre. WEG d6 Star Wars would be my choice for running Star Wars even though I do dearly love each game mentioned.

Fantasy game wise, I've found that through market dominance that D&D should be considered a genre on its own. It has become a gaming lingua franca for a majority. Now if you are looking for an old school feel and want to introduce new Players to gaming without killing all of your free time, I'm finding a lot of joy from Basic Fantasy and Advanced Labyrinth Lord (they have that early D&D feel without the confused sections of rules (grappling, I'm looking at you)).

Each kind of RPG you want to run has a rules version that works best to emulate the genre you wish to play in. What are some of your own thoughts?

Quote from: Publishers Newsletter
People in the United States are seeking justice this week, and the world is watching. At DriveThruRPG, we believe Black Lives Matter. Here is how we are trying to help:

We will set up one charity bundle including submissions from any publishers who wish to be involved. The bundle will be priced at a substantial discount, with all proceeds going directly to non-profit Black Lives Matter. This charity bundle will be activated as soon as possible following the submission deadline.
We will spotlight up to five (5) additional titles alongside the charity bundle. We will fill these spots with games, adventures, and supplements by Black creators. All DriveThruRPG proceeds from each of these titles will be donated to a charity or local bail fund of the publisher's choice.
SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Friday, June 5, 2020

There are four stipulations:

Only one title per publisher.
PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE bundles or free/pay-what-you-want titles.
We may not be able to include every title, depending on how many people submit titles. Those submitted after June 5 will not be included.
Due to the way charity bundles are set up on our marketplace, purchases of the charity bundle do not count toward those individual titles' metal bestseller badges. Purchases of the spotlighted titles by Black creators WILL count toward bestseller badges.

Wasn't a leader of BLM arrested for human trafficking and prostitution charges?

I'm really uncomfortable with this.

OK, so making beer and wine are relatively easy, but how did they make harder drinks with greater alcohol content? I know that a few used freeze distillation (where they took beer or wine or just grapes up to mountain tops and then scooped out the frozen water from the barrels, thus concentrating the alcohol), but also boiling the beer or wine was also done to get rid of the water content. Does anyone know of any other forms that were used in medieval or earlier times?

(I'm basing part of my dwarf culture's economics on the freeze distillation and sale of alcoholic beverages.)

The RPGPundit's Own Forum / What is Really Happening in Sweden?
« on: December 17, 2019, 03:54:09 PM »
An interesting counterpoint video to all of the SJW propaganda about the Heaven of socialist Sweden.

So I've heard a rumor that Lightning Source (the printers for DTRPG) are going to be increasing their prices at the end of the year. Hardback prices should go up by about $5 and softback prices should remain unchanged. Can anybody confirm or deny this?

How many of you have used these rules for Undead Lieges and Pawns from the Rules Cyclopedia? What were your results, good or bad?

Who out there has used undead spellcasters in their games and not just liches? How effective were they? What advantages and disadvantages did you find with them?

OK, we have talked about having NPCs with sexual orientations and/or sexual preferences outside the norm being shoehorned in to adventures and settings by publishers, so my question is now where would they fit in naturally and organically to an adventure or setting? What scenarios or settings would hinge upon a NPCs sexual orientation and/or preference? Where would it be important to the structure of the game?

My immediate thought was of some heavy role-playing scenarios, like if the PCs were part of a royal court and had to deal with palace intrigue on a daily basis. Say the ruling monarch prefers his own sex to the opposite sex for getting laid. This will cause problems with the kingdom in that there will be no clear line of succession when he dies. So does the court take a politically arranged marriage and ensure that the queen conceives a child by any means necessary and claim the child as heir in order to secure the lineage? Will the PCs be enlisted to help protect the heir and the secret? Or will they be hired to uncover the mystery and expose the ruse for the travesty that it is? Either way, the fate of a kingdom and possible civil war hangs in the balance.

I'd love to read what possibilities can be dreamed up!

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