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We will need a few more writers for our current kickstarter. We are looking to hire between January 10th through the 15th. We are paying a buck per  approved description. Description are normally 3 to 6 sentences long.  Email me for more information mscott @ conflictgames .com
thanks . I Love this site!

News and Adverts / MONSTER DESCRIPTION CARDS [Conflict Games] [kickstarter]
« on: December 23, 2020, 05:07:44 AM »
Monster Description Cards Kickstarter
There are only like 15 Early bird specials left so I wanted to give my new fav RPGsite a heads up.

"Cliche Busting Cards"

The Monster Description Cards are extensive storytelling tools containing purposely unique flavor text to add realism or memorable characterization to creatures and their subsequent events. The cards provide keywords to spark your imagination and example phrases of their use. Written by novelists and organized by dungeon-masters, the cards are designed for quick on-the-fly use and inherently adds randomization

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