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Lex Arcana is maybe the most famous Italian Rpg...well, I understand that doesn't mean a lot, but I remember fondly playing it in early '90. The rpg scene was very thin in Italy then, just Becmi, Cthulhu and few more.
The swines were still to come, Magic had not stolen breath to the hobby yet.

Described unofficially as "X-files in the Roman Empire", Lex Arcana is set in an alternate 476 AD where the Roman Empire is unscathed thanks to the mastery of magic (mainly divination). The characters are agents of a special unit of the Pretorian Guard, the Cohors Auxiliaria Arcana, that investigates unknown/enemy forms of magic.

Here comes the problem...while the characters are given some investigative autonomy, they`re in a military structure and the games expect them to be just that...good agents of the Empire. The game risks to transform in a "monster-of-the-week" show that the PC have to defeat.

And what is left of sandbox and of the player freedom cherished by Old School?


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