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Topics - Legends of Avallen

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On a mythical island where gods bicker and empires clash, a band of humble townsfolk will rise up to become legends and change the fate of Avallen forever.

Hi everyone, our RPG is on Kickstarter, check it out!

Legends of Avallen is an indie tabletop roleplaying game about humble townsfolk questing through an Iron Age world inspired by Celtic mythology and Roman-occupied Britain. Players will seek out lost relics, outwit terrific beasts, and venture into the entrancing Otherworld of the Fae.

As your story builds, your humble character will grow both in person and in power, developing a character arc and following a legendary path, such as the Bard, the Gladiator, the Magister, or one of many more.

Legends of Avallen is quick to pick up, needing just a deck of playing cards. The mechanics push gameplay into your imagination by rewarding teamwork and creativity with extra cards to flip or share with others.

Exclusively for the Kickstarter, we have a deck of awesomely illustrated custom playing cards made for the game as well as an artbook showing off all the concept work. Join the Kickstarter this weekend get a 10% discount that we are running for the UK Games Expo!

Avallen needs legends.
How will you forge yours?

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