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Other Games / Wasteland 3 *sigh*
« on: September 12, 2020, 10:55:01 AM »
Wasteland is my all time favorite video game from when I was a kid, playing on the Commodore 64. I also enjoyed Wasteland 2 some years ago. So I kickstarter funded Wasteland 3 4 years ago.
My first thought was how slow they work when they already have a lot of their money. It makes me wonder how beneficial Early Access is. Maybe I am being unfair but 4 years for a game seems excessive.

I finally finished my 3rd run through Pathfinder: Kingmaker and started up this one last night. I am not very far but it seems like all the tropes of the coastal elites are already present in the game. The bad guys so far are white, inbred incestual rural hicks, talk like hicks, who kill and cannibalize people to old 80's Christian praise music. Again, not very far yet but it seems like another example of white rural Christians being the favorite targets of the literati. It's getting tiresome and predictable. But it shows a mindset of what such think of white, rural Christians.

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