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I've been playing online PnP (via different tools from just Skype or Hangouts to roll20, etc.) for a while, but my experience has been mostly negative.

For one, 99% of games out there (at least on the platforms I could find, roll20 and are D&D5E, and I just don't like that system. It is so simplified you could just as well forego rules completely and go full larp. Could rant about it forever, but that's not the point here.
It does make a nice introduction to what PnP is and how it works, but to me it is like eating a salad leaf when you want a real steak.
Its dominance in the online PnP sector seems weird, given that in most forums/communities I frequent, it is really just one of many systems talked about.

I suspected I wouldn't like it, but tried anyway for months, and that just confirmed all my assumptions about 5E.
Any system can work with the right people, though, and that turned out to be the bigger problem.
Over just two months, about a dozen people just quit the group with absurd or no  reason at all (one had a "bunny emergency", I'll never forget that lol), ghosted, etc.
One guy had a bad roll and ragequit over it, never to be seen again. I'm not kidding.
The DM really tried, and I don't blame him, but it just isn't possible to pull off a good campaign when your players are constantly fluctuating.
And it was a paid game - which I had hoped in vain would filter out the least reliable people.

So, does anyone know a better method to look for non-5E games than roll20, preferably with a more reliable pool of users?
Especially in European time zones (most common US time slots are a bit of a problem if you are in Europe).

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