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Hello RPGsite, long time DM here, second time poster now ;)
I am launching my first RPG kickstarter You can check out my kickstarter preview/launch page here

What it is
The Elegant Fount is a third party source book for dnd 5e that adds in new classes, backgrounds, items, weapons, spells, mechanics, and GM tools. It is a passion project that started a year ago as a way to organize my notes for a DND podcast I run called Room and Bard.

What you can get
From a hand mailed postcard, to a limited edition hard cover copy of the book, I have included a variety of rewards that you can get your hands on.

Who am I

My name is GentlemanJames of GentlemanGames, I have a history of social media building, content creation, and now with any luck, a new book under my belt. This is my second book publishing, but my first crowd funded one and first with a full custom art set.

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