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This could be considered an extension of a thread I created several months back -- -- since the last posts mentioned play-testing and I would prefer not to necro that thread, useful as it was. (I have made a lot of progress since the last post, however unless asked, I'll leave my current project out of this thread.)

In general though, when is a good first time to seek out playtesters?

My personal estimation, based on whom I've spoken to before, is when all of these are true:

#1: When Character Creation can be completed.
#2: When at least one combat scenario is ready.
#3: When at least one series of challenges is ready.

Does anyone have alternative suggestions?

Also, to borrow a quote from Stan Lee, "Every comic is someone's first". In relation to that, is it a good idea to play-test games like these with people who have never played an RPG before?

Design, Development, and Gameplay / New RPGs - Order of Design
« on: March 07, 2020, 08:40:31 PM »
I'm curious to know, when designing new RPGs, once the basic idea is decided upon, what is a useful design priority to follow.

Here's what I have been trying as an example:
1. Attributes and Skills, or equivilent
2. Derived Attributes and How To Calculate Them
3. Some, not all, Special Systems
4. How to build a character
5. ...

At the moment, I'm stuck trying to figure out if I'm missing something by step 4, or if I need to fully plan step 5 and onwards. (Hopefully what gets posted here can help other designers as well as me.)

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