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Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games (RPGs) Discussion / Lifepath Systems
« on: December 19, 2020, 05:38:08 am »
I've seen theme in Burning Wheel and a Shadowrun 5E option book and am aware of them as a core feature of Traveller but what other games include this and where did it initially come from? I'm trying to explore this subsystem and it's variants and history but I don't know where to start beyond what I already know and I don't know that Traveller originated the idea. If anyone can help point me to other games, new and old, that include different takes on it If appreciate it as I try to delve into the topic.

I'm not versed at all in cyberpunk or sci-fi games but Shadowrun 5E is so poorly organized and such a clusterfuck that I cannot ever imagine messing with it again and 6E has not done anything to resolve these issues and just shuffled them around so I'm looking for outside sources. I like the setting and the lore and how it all works but I imagine by now someone else has made a ruleset that can handle that, without being rules lite or too generic, I just don't know about it. Something less of a mess than 5E but also not a 20 page Drivethru publication about narrative roleplay with your mom, looking for a good goldilocks zone type of game to look into.

It's something I've never really understood as the game seems to be one of the cleaner OGL "fixes", much more competently assembled than PF for sure, but not many people know about it and it seems to have completely failed to capture an audience. I've always been curious about the title and since stumbling onto the forums here I figured someone here might have a better understanding of the industry and what makes a game succeed then I do.

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