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Hello everyone
Spreading the news about this Kickstarter - Handmade Zodiac Pure Gemstone Dice 2
These are dice that are made out of semi-precious gemstones and cast into polyhedral shapes. The theme is Zodiac and so different dice are made out of different material with various engravings of zodiac symbols etched into each dice.

There are also planets that can be unlocked, to further the dice available to choose, as well as gifts.

Check it out here:

Hello everyone
Just sharing this campaign as its on its last few legs and needs a dire need in funding to reach its goal - though with enough people jumping in it is possible to obtain!

Note - images are not uploading for some reason, so please check the Kickstarter Link!

Check it out here:

The project comes with various blood covered dice, as well as a limited option to select some 25/28mm wargaming terrain as well.
The terrain is based on Assyrian architecture.
Thank you for checking it out!

Hello everyone

Just sending out the news that Steepled Hat Studios released a 28mm Iron Age Farmstead and only has 7 days left! It is currently on Kickstarter and is looking for funding.  Great for miniature RPG and Wargamers.

If you're interested in the Iron Age and need a farm or place for your 28mm Britons, or perhaps want to invade the Britannia with your Romans, Steepled Hat Studios has got you covered with this Farmstead. It includes three pieces - a Granary, a Fence Set, and a Round House, all of which come fully painted and battle ready. Or you can pledge on the raw resin forms as well. Works well for fantasy settings and dark ages as well.

Check it out here:

Thank you and have an excellent day!

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