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Help Desk / Blocking/mutting users
« on: April 06, 2021, 01:01:03 PM »
How do I do that on the new forum?

What would you rather see:

Re-skinned spells to adjust them to the flavor of the setting

Totally new spells

A mix and match of both.

Aztec/Mayan priests were nothing like the Christian inspired cleric, they might be priests of one God, doesn't mean they didn't pray to the other gods, just that they only officiated in the temple of "their" God.

Same thing holds true for the MU, call it Shaman, Nahual, Sorcerer.

I'm "working" on a game/setting not even close to historically accurate but would like to give it a flavor that sets it apart from the classic Fantasy RPG.

So, what would you prefer?

Do you have any OGL source for different spells?

Basically what the tin says, for my Cyberpunk game I've been toying with the idea of using race/species so far I have Human and Simulant, I might include some Genepunk so maybe NuGene could be in it.

So I'm wondering, without magic, without making Dwarves but not Dwarves a la Shadowrun, have you used races in your Cyberpunk games? and which ones?

Just what the tin says, first it was Orcs = Black People, Goblins = Jews. etc

Now it's fucking Aliens, the bugs in the movie Aliens.

Anyone knows of a free and open content random monster generator tables? Something a la Realms of Crawling Chaos from Labyrinth Lord?

Just like the tin says I need an open content Pulp Gadget generator.

If you're familiar with one then point me to it please.

Otherwise what I have in mind is a decomposition of the names used in the Pulp novels for the gadgets, for example:

Micro Atomic Spatial Transformer Vehicle

Prefix : Micro
Power source : Atomic
What 1: Spatial
What 2: Transformer
Type of gadget: Vehicle

I'm thinking of a d20 table where you roll 5 times or less to get the gadget generated.

Just what the tin says.

The Wheelchair has to be as light as a 21st century sports one.

It has to be able to be folded and not add width to the character in any axis.

It has to add zero drag when swimming.

It has to fly in order to traverse cliffs leaving the character the hands free if it needs them to fend of monsters.

It has to be able to change course when flying to avoid attacks.

It has to be self propelling to traverse muddy roads without loosing more speed than anyone walking.

Towns need accessibility ramps.

It probably needs to be able to propel the user even when folded in flooded tunnels for instance, and add zero weight.

The user has to be able to get on/off of it as fast as a character dropping to the floor, getting up.

It has to be able to jump chasms.

It has to be fire proof and not heat conductive.

It has to not slow down the user in steep inclines.

It has to not roll down those same steep inclines.

It has to be able to traverse rope bridges.

Or you have to eliminate anything and everything from your world that would make it impossible to be wheelchair bound and go adventuring you bigots!

Just what the tin says, what would you add from latter editions, what would you change dramatically, what mechanics from other games would you import?

Just what the tin says and inspired by this:

Quote from: Eirikrautha;1143037
I'm in a Slipstream campaign right now, and running a Deadlands campaign.  I think what you described is Savage World's greatest asset, and its greatest detriment.  A good RPG needs that occasional "against-the-odds" success to make the session memorable.  The "I needed a nat 20..." story gets told over and over, but the "I had a 90% chance to succeed... and I succeeded" stories don't.  So the exploding dice is something that works well for that.

The problem is that the way the game functions, combat becomes more and more dependent on acing.  Unless you run 2 - 3x the party size in mooks (which will burn bennies quickly just based on the mooks acing), most of the enemies will have a toughness so high that you have to wait for the damage die to explode to even have a chance to hurt them.  So, instead of D&D where you slowly whittle hp until the monster finally drops, you hit the monster over and over and do nothing, until the dice explode and the monster drops.  So the process is different, but the feeling ends up the same.  A wasted opportunity, IMHO...

So, how do you do it or how would you make a hybrid of both or what's your favorite mechanic?

The RPGPundit's Own Forum / Yes, SJWs ARE Fascists
« on: August 03, 2020, 01:22:49 PM »
What the tin says, I moved the following response here since it has ZERO to do with gaming.

Quote from: Taggie;1142908
really, which of the 14 characteristics of fascism do 'sjw's' hit?

I don't think your Dr is correct but lets see shall we?

Quote from: Taggie;1142908

Fascism: Everything Within the State, Nothing Against the State, Nothing Outside the State. And the desire to create a Volksgemeinschaft (German: "people's community").

Unless you claim the state = nationalism you and the Dr. are wrong. SJWs want to abolish the nation state to create a world state so same difference.

SJWs: Demand the state intervenes in order to create a better community.

Quote from: Taggie;1142908
Disdain for Human Rights?

YES! Disdain for the right to free expression, free association, self ownership (no private property), self determination.

Quote from: Taggie;1142908
Identification of a minority group as the enemies of morality?

Identification of an out group as the enemies of the state and morality in reality, and once again YES. White people, men and straight people, even worst if you're all 3 AND a christian.

Quote from: Taggie;1142908

WHY YES! Black militias, armed ANTIFART, etc.

Quote from: Taggie;1142908

YEP! Men are the source of all evil.

Quote from: Taggie;1142908
Seizure of the media?

Once more YES! Haven't you seen them DEMAND any media that goes against their dogma be deplatformed? And the people working there be sent to re-education camps?

Quote from: Taggie;1142908
Protection of Corporate power?

YES, YES, YES! When we plebs dare criticize a corporation that is under their control they jump to it's defense with accusations of Istophobia.

Quote from: Taggie;1142908
Obsession with national security?

Obsession with group X security, to the point of seeing natzees everywhere, so yes, after a fashion.

Quote from: Taggie;1142908
Linking faith and government?

LOL, YES! You can't be a candidate if you're not a feminist, bend the knee to intersectionalism and suck the dick of BLM.

Quote from: Taggie;1142908
Suppression of Unions?

If said unions disagree with their goals? FUCK YES!

Quote from: Taggie;1142908
Disdain for intellectualism and the arts?

LOL (have you been living under a rock?) Fucking research papers being retracted because they go against the narrative, Nobel winning profesors expelled from their schools because they sinned against their cult.

Quote from: Taggie;1142908
Obsession with crime and punishment?

YES you disingenuous twat! With different "crimes" like: Free Expression "misgendering", subconscious bias, refusing to fuck someone you don't find attractive...

Quote from: Taggie;1142908
Cronyism, nepotism and corruption?

YEP, once a corporation/organization has been infiltrated they will only hire people from their cult, they will get in bed with multinational corporations if they toe the party line and will sweep under the rug the crimes of those in the cult if politically convenient.

Quote from: Taggie;1142908
Disdain for, and undermining of elections?

Who has spent the last ~4 years trying to undo a democratic election by any means necessary in the USA? Who has spent 4+ years trying to undo a democratic decision to leave the EUSSR in the UK?

Quote from: Taggie;1142908
Btw that list is from 2003, by Dr Lawrence Britt.

BTW this is called an appeal to authority.


Just what the tin says looking for a list of 30 occupations this are the ones I have

  • Bouncer
  • Janitor
  • Cook
  • Dealer
  • Squatter
  • Musician
  • ex-Military
  • Mechanic
  • Beat Cop
  • Burglar
  • Journalist
  • Cabbie
  • Bartender
  • Street Urchin
  • Thug
  • Junkie
  • Hermit
  • Dockworker
  • Nurse
  • Club Dancer
  • Scientist
  • Occultist
  • Martial Artist
  • Factory Worker

I already have their Trained Weapon and Starting good (Kinda-Sorta)

Just what the tin says, I'm looking for free resources for OSR SuperScience

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