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If any and every monster in the Monster Manual / Bestiary becomes subject to random mutations, due to "X"; then suddenly player knowledge doesn't contaminate the gaming experience, anymore.

By Hasten; I mean that WOTC will cave in to pressure to go full Wokeness, in a Big Way soon.

By Delay; I mean that WOTC will leave the money machine alone, because 5th Edition is a proven profit maker.  Nobody wants to be blamed for another 4th Edition type flameout.

The unlimited use, level 0 spells in D&D / PF.

Your caster is never out of spells, now.

Weak in 3.0 / 3.5 / PF 1E.

More powerful in 5E / PF 2E.

In 5E; Cantrips became almost like 1st level spells, but with unlimited castings.

How do you populate your adventures with Monsters?

I am fond of all 4 core classes; but if nobody else wants to play a Cleric, I'll take one for the team.  However, I'll be running my character.  I don't want other players telling me, that I need to go heal so and so.  I know what my character could do, but I may feel the need to deal out some Mace to the face.  My character is not just a heal bot. 

Help me give this thing some stats!!!

The RPGPundit's Own Forum / President Trump has Covid19
« on: October 02, 2020, 01:57:39 am »
He, his wife, and his aide have tested positive for Covid19.

The crazy just got turned up to 11.

Mirror of the Past
Wondrous Item, Rare

D&D 5E Tales from the Yawning Portal
Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan

Once per day, the user can stare into the mirror and concentrate upon a target.  The user will see scenes from the target's past, but not in any chronological order.  It just gives them bits and pieces of the past, as described by the DM.  (In my own words.)

Shucks, the DM can totally use it as a steering device.

(I also give a little more explanation in my next post, down thread.)

Which one has inspired the best heritage within the OSR?

"Your Toughest Opponent shouldn't be the Rulebook."

Pissing upon the AD&D 1E Rulebooks, I presume?

So; in reference to this vintage ad, do you believe the 1E Rulebooks were a stumbling block to the average player of 1st Edition?

(I inherited some old comic books from the 1980s and 1990s.  There are numerous ads for D&D.  They're in every single issue.)

Something to grab new players, and reel them into the hobby.  "Man, that was fun!!!" kind of stuff.

As a DM or setting designer; what could you create, within this premise?

Perhaps Magic isn't as common as it used to be?

Perhaps Magic isn't as powerful as it used to be?

Perhaps Magic isn't as predictable as it used to be?

Perhaps Magic has been Lost to Time?

Does it offer a good RPG experience?

If you were going to expose people to the D&D fantasy genre, and you wanted to show it in all of its glory; what system, edition, setting, options, adventures, etc. would you run?

From early OD&D, (with its 1d6 hp PCs, 1d6 weapon damage, and modest spell damage rolls) to D&D 3rd Edition forward; there has been a wide span of relative power scaling employed to express the genre.

I'm sure the same thing has been witnessed in other genres too?

For some reason, I'm more comfortable with the early OD&D to AD&D power scale.  Seeing the huge inflation of the numbers as the editions progressed, was not an improvement in the enjoyment of the game; imho.

Do you have any strong preference, one way or the other?

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