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So this Unearthed Arcana 5e that seems to be happening, is there more to it than just creating new humanoid races?
Was just reading the latest playtest release:

Is there some specific world that is being developed to house all these variations?  Yay, a rabbit, hobgoblin option and other wildlife assortments. Whoopee.  Why not just make set rules for converting the MM creatures for player character use and be done with it?  My dream of playing an Ochre Jelly will be finally fulfilled.  Is every 'naughty' humanoid creature in the game eventually going to get a 'just misunderstood' variant?

Is there some inherent desire from the player base for all these character race options?  I'm just not hanging with the right RPG crowds I guess.  The days of a DM being able to roughly memorize what the player races are capable of seem pretty impossible now.

Maybe some interesting rule changes are coming but if Tasha's is any indication, I'll just stick with the 3 original books as I'm not seeing anything really groundbreaking happening here, which is kind of sad for what is arguably the most influential RPG system on the market.  Meh.

Seems after the 5e core, they started to run out of steam and are just releasing whatever now.
C'mon WOTC, let's see something really new and exciting, rather than throwing stats on the cutesy animal of the month please?

Was supposed to be live at Gencon but he never showed up.
Guess the organisers didn't realise it was a pre-recorded event.  Ah well.

I know  there are some hard-core Palladium fans here who might enjoy watching it:  It's almost 2 hrs. of good stuff.
It's unlisted, so you're not going to find it otherwise.  Enjoy!

(NOTE:  Not trying to shill as I know there are other members who have expressed positive views on his work.  More an FYI)

Any fans of Stars Without Number, Godbound, Silent Legions etc. may be happy to hear Crawford is going to be doing a Kickstarter for his new rpg "Wolves of God"
I do think he is one of the more accomplished OSR authors out there so I'm pretty excited to hear more about it.

Got this from DTRPG since I'm subscribed to his updates:

Quoted from the email:

"Munificent patron,

Listen! A cold shadow groans on the October horizon. It is a promise of iron and winter, a tale of fire-lit halls and raucous song, of sweet mead-horns and the bitterness of a conquered land. It is a tale of a time-dimmed people and the savage heroes who dared to rise above a dark age.

It is Wolves of God, a low-fantasy game of 710 AD England, of the mighty heroes of the Anglo-Saxon tribes and their barbaric dominion over the ruins of once-great Roman Britain. The scribes race at their pages and the illuminators labor over their craft as I prepare for you the Kickstarter for this new game, to commence in early October. Attend now to learn what finely-forged tools await you in its pages.

An old-school style game system fully compatible with Stars Without Number and useful with other OSR games.
A low-fantasy historical setting based on the realities of the age and its people, useful for any group that wants to set adventures in the historical wilds of a conquered England.
Classic Sine Nomine system-neutral GM tools built to help the aspiring game master build appropriate adventures and conflicts in a sandbox England bursting with opportunities for heroism.
Specific Sine Nomine tools for building minsters, constructing ruined Roman cities, fashioning the sinister halls of hidden Roman Arxes, and handling the perils of wilderness adventuring.
Special focus on elements of Anglo-Saxon society that might need extra help for a GM to understand, including the role of holy minsters, the relations between a lord and his beloved companions, and the hard pragmatism of Anglo-Saxon law and rulership.
Tools for PC rulership, warfare, and intrigue among the myriad ealdormen and lords of the land.
A gazetteer and map of England of use to any GM who cares to set a historical game there.
Attend carefully to these missives, generous reader, for I will announce the Kickstarter's commencement here sometime in early October, with eventual POD and PDF copies fulfilled by the cunning wrights of DriveThruRPG. Patrons will have full access to the rough draft of the game from the moment they pledge, in the customary Sine Nomine Kickstarter style, and you'll be able to hit the ground running your barbaric adventures within hours of its start.

And now back to the scriptorium, to continue the refinement and preparation of the work. May it meet with your approval, benevolent patron.

Kevin Crawford"

Looking forward to seeing how it pans out.

Hey all.
Very, very long-time lurker here.
I do enjoy a lot of the posts and discussions on therpgsite and admire the stance taken here on free-thought and discussion.

I occasionally drop by said blog in title for a laugh and its brutal reviews:  Over the top but in many cases hit the nail on the head.

Looks like everyone is blowing up about the author being identified.
If it is person stated, it is a surprise considering what they dabble in.  My worry is it may not be and someone's reputation is going to go down the tubes.

I'm not a fan of the recent trends towards guilty before proven innocent.

Anyway, should be easy to find many Reddit threads going in the next couple days and watch them spiral down the drain.

As an aside, I like Basic DnD, DCC and Fighting Fantasy for a background.

Bye for now.

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