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I've tried reddit with out much I thought I'd try here..

I've GM'd everything from AD&D, Star Frontiers, Mech Warrior, Gurps, Supers, Rifts, through to Amber. I'm trying to assemble a group of players (between 4 and 6) interested in an Amber Campaign either a re-run of Keep of the Thirteenth Hour or another concurrent run of my AiRP campaign. I'm happy to take novices to the Amber System but not novice Roleplayers. Knowldege of the System or Amber is not required.

I use a set of rules built from the net book of Amber derived from the first edition rules. There is a full rule set (both online and downloadable PDF) and basic intro's to both campaigns on my website

My preference is Thursday evenings (8pm->10:30pm BST/GMT) but as I've not had any success I'm willing to switch to either a Friday or Sunday Evening (7pm->10pm). However with either Friday or Sunday it will not be every week and may be subject to late cancellation.

Update: I have also considered running this as a PBP campaign. Please check the latest Reddit Thread for details

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