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Howdy everyone. I hope to run a Cha'alt game using DCC and was wondering if any you folks would like to join it. If you do please join the game here.

Setting overview-

Imagine the future. It is the year 2687 and life is perfect. Peace has reigned for the past 240 years. Colonization of the galaxy was ongoing. Humanity was practically ageless, had cured cancer, dementia, alzheimer's and thousands of other diseases and congenital defects. However even in this golden age of Humanity there was a festering darkness growing over the past millennia. And as the darkness grew, it began to corrupt humanity. The darkest acts were perpetrated in the name of evil daemonic gods. As the evil spread through human space society broke down and the collapse of civilization began. Then 20 years of slow collapse led to an apocalyptic event that wiped out 95% of life through Human Space. Terra with it's population of core world and colony world refugees suffered a madness that caused the psychic humans to lash out and destroy Terra. It is now 3,000 years later. Life has only started recovering into a Medieval tech level. The Kingdom of Texas rules the land with a firm grip and is pushing out into the Daemonic Hinterlands to the north and west. To the east lay the barbaric Tribal Confederation of Ameriga. To the south lies the Cult of Blood and clashes between Texas Rangers has been ongoing. And to the northwest lies the Technocracy of Latter Day Saints. The rest of life on the continent is unexplored and efforts to uncover the dangerous bases of Ancient Man have almost always ended in death.

Next Post - The Particulars of The Kingdom of Texas.

It is the the early 13th century and all is not well in England. The people of England have not been well and not been well for a long time. Ever since the Normans conquered England the spirit of England has been ill at ease, and the spirit of the people, broken. And unto this dark time an unlikely band of outlaws would strike back at the injustices and fight for the common good. Who these men and women would be is unknown. Not even The Dagda nor Odin nor The Lord above, knows what the loom of fate foretells.

Howdy everyone. I am looking for players to play a game of Darkwood. If you are interested let me know. I just got this book in print on Monday and I hope to bring more eyes onto this cool game.

So here's what happened. I was thinking, "Hey why don't I go onto the Amber Diceless Facebook group and ask If I can talk about LoO." Apparently I was wrong and they started bitching and moaning about the fact that I play Lords of Olympus, it all stems from the fact that RPGPundit wrote it. Now I disagree with Pundit on 90% of things, however people seem to think that purchasing his games are immoral and that Pundit has drove people from the hobby. Anyways I just wanted to get this nonsense off my chest. Though I will probably share the cool stories here from now on.

I've noticed that sometimes when a game like Aces & Eights gets brought up some folks here poo poo the idea of an alternate history. So I just wanted to know why that is. Personally I like Alternate histories but I do think that actual history can be fun too. Anyways I hope everyone can share their thoughts on this subject.

I am really enjoying Ghosts of Albion. If my dad and myself can stick with it we should have the first game my dad runs in over +/- 7 years. So anyways what are your guys experiences, thoughts and opinions about it?

Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games (RPGs) Discussion / The Mutant Epoch RPG
« on: August 03, 2020, 01:52:08 AM »
What do you guys and gals think of The Mutant Epoch RPG. Have you played it? If so what did you think? Also The Mutant Epoch is probably the most slept RPG in the current day RPG hobby. Here is the website if you don't know of it.

What do you guys think of it? Have any of you played it? What did you or your group think? Also if you haven't heard about it before, here's the link.

So I have been interested in Golarion as of late. However I noticed that the cool campaign setting for the Inner Sea Region is no longer available. Then I remember how the 1st edition of Pathfinder had inbred ogre rapists, Fantasy Romani Travellers, Slavery and a whole bunch of pulp fantasy ideas. Sadly Pathfinder has added in Atheist Paladins (who are actually agnostic paladins but let's forget that because REEEEEE Religion is bad. Even in fantasy worlds.) Anywhoosit, I hoped to find out more of what happened to your favorite parts of Golarion and therefore Pathfinder.

Has anyone done it? I think it would work really well if it focused on something like the Gondorian Nobility or one of The Rangers of The North.

I hope to buy it really soon. Is anyone else a fan of Aces & Eights? Does anyone here already have the 2e A&8 book?

It just came out. I'm really digging it, what do you guys think about it? You can buy the book here if you want it. You can get the game here or on DrivethruRPG.

It really strikes me as a kickass Urban Fantasy game. Plus it is based on Western Occult stuff. Perhaps one of the better RPGs to come out of the 90s.

Here is the drivethrurpg link if you want to get it.

Here is the wikipedia page if you desire more knowledge about it.

Is it possible and if so does it work like any other OSR game? Are there any pitfalls or hurdles to be made aware of? Also would The duet rules from Scarlet Heroes or the other duet supplement rules work for Lion & Dragon?

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