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I'm going on holiday with my family to Japan soon. My only concern is that my 14 year old son is going to drive us nuts as we walk about the various sites (as he has done in the past when we've gone OS). Now he's slightly older, but previously its been "when can we go (back) to the arcade/Pokemon centre" or "when can we get back to the accomodation's WiFi?".

Now can we avoid comments about my poor parenting skills, just think them to yourselves and understand that I put my hand up to admit fault.

My idea is to run a series of rpg encounters associated with the sites we are visiting assuming a post-'magic revealed' world that looks amazing like the current one, just with magic/elves/dwarves etc.. The map for any encounter is just what can currently be seen. So if we go to a the mall in Asakusa any encounters/actions will depend upon what can be seen. Someones shaking down a shopkeeper for protection money, what do you do? Grab the rubbish bin and throw it? - can't be done as there's very few rubbish bins in Tokyo, but on a strength check you could use the vending machine over there, or you could grab a bolt of cloth from the shop next door. It will be very much on the fly as I don't want to spend every 5 minutes breaking out a rulebook.

There is the possibility of a giant gorilla appearing at Tokyo Tower, the dwarves will run Tokyo subway etc. Tokyo fish market will be run by sahuagin...

Given that we're mobile, I'll just use a phone app for dice rolls and maybe carry a copy of his character sheet around.

Has anyone ever tried this, and if so do you have any suggestions? Thanks.

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