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Hello and thank you for your time,

We are a very small group located in Monmouth, OR. Gaming is something we have been passionate about for as long as we can remember. Since the first days of dressing up for DnD campaigns, wearing tights and “crafting” our weapons out of melted coat hangers (specifically referring to a rather embarrassing story of our lead developer), to the beginning of this process, our passion for tabletop gaming has continuously grown. This project started as an idea formed two years back and has grown into an adventure. We discussed content that we wish we could see, classes that deserved more love and attention and decided it was time to create a system of our own. Now, on to the game.

Rebirth aims to shine light on the roles that are often pushed into the dark. There are professions designed specifically to craft powerful equipment and deadly poisons. The support professions have been pushed, making them almost essential for a party’s survival. Each class is created to bring something unique to the table, allowing for incredible synergies and a memorable playstyle.

Rebirth is a tabletop RPG that forces the players to think and plan ahead. Resource management is present in almost every aspect of the game. The combat system uses “events,” points that are spent to make actions. However, if a character overexerts, spending all of their events during a round, then their defensive score suffers for lack of defensive preparation. If events are unused, they function as defensive preparation, granting a bonus to the character’s defensive score and making them harder to hit.

Crafting is essential to survival in the world of Rebirth and it displays an additional aspect of resource management. The currency used is bone shards, remains of dead reborn that were once reanimated using demonic power. Because of the demonic power imbued in these bone shards, they are also the catalyst used in the creation of potions and poisons and the energy used to craft artifacts, equipment imbued with abilities such as swords bursting with flames. This means that the player must weigh the value of the crafted gear (assuming the crafting check succeeds), with the value of their currency.

For more information regarding the system as well as the lore, please visit our kickstarter. Your contributions are appreciated.  We understand that our target is low, however, we are fairly far into the process and will appreciate any contributions we receive to help with the costs.

Thank you again for your time,
The Rebirth Team


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