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Design, Development, and Gameplay / life path thoughts
« on: April 18, 2016, 02:21:09 AM »
Having seen some interest here expressed regarding life path character generation I want to inquery a little bit regarding details. Having some lone evenings in a land far far awy I will probably start to look at my notes for designing my own RPG, which is intended to be including a life path at its core, to restart working on it.
So this thread is for a little bit brainstorming and sorting ideas. (I hope I will get enough internet to read the answers during my stay there)

A) What makes you (if this is the case) preferring life path generation to other character generation methods?
I like to get a personal contact to my characters life and allowing skills that look much more natural than point buy or leveling.  
It should give you a personal history with social integration, not just an adiabate migrating fighter/cleric/wizard/rouge called Bob.

B) What are your problems/do you feel missing with/in existing life path generation systems (and do you have ideas for solution)?

The kind of life the character is nominally living at some check time often has no relation to the resulting random events.
(mauled by a bear in an urban cloister school?)  
The number of events are much to low. With 30 you probably have had every illness in the realm and lost 3 personal fathers and 5 mothers and met at least one random god in person ... .
There results often give effects that different characters should have had very different chances to handle.
The results often do not fit with the way the character would act or doesn´t consider general behaviour (risk taking vs. risk avoiding, law abiding or ignoring ...) or social standing.
Different characters from the same (sometimes rather small) area are experiencing some very different meta events (war or no war, famine, plaque, gold rush ...)
Family and social bindings take a too small role in my opinion.
Education and cultural value conditioning should make a difference - even if you rebel against it (which should probably also have its roots from somewhere in the life path).

C) What unsolved problems do you see generally?
If the life path is rather detailed and following the place of living it sometimes is problematic to get the char to the start point of the game "naturally".
I would like to include/start with the family of the character into the life path too, but then I get the problem of having to go with the flow of time to make sense, but don´t know where to start from, especially in a dynamic and thus more interesting environment with lots of migration or social change happening.

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