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Next session my group will be exploring the ruins of a house built and once occupied by an alchemist.

Any ideas on what they might find there?

Potions and homonculi I got...any other ideas?

Hey all,
As the title says i'm looking for modules to drop into my sandboxy campaign. Looking for more site-based stuff if possible. Preferably OSR rulesets, but am open to anything convertable.

Any favourites come to mind?

I'm really really looking forward to the release of Apes Victorious, the new Goblinoid Games release.

....but not for the Apes. My favorite Planet of the Apes movie was Beneath the Planet of Apes, specifically because of the psychic mutants living in their underground city. My only question is...what kind of adventures would pcs have if the game was set purely underground?

I'm looking to run a kind of Logan's Run mixed with BtPotA. What can you guys think of in terms of making the game just as exciting and challenging as an above ground game?

I'm sure this topic has cone up before so bear with me but my search skills are not high.

Like, I assume, many of us, my players and I have many real life responsibilities that get in the way of prep.
I am looking to hear of pre-made fantasy campaigns that might ease my burden of game mastering.

I know of the Great Pendragon Campaign and whatnot, but what else might someone who only really played D&D have missed?
System doesn't matter and any suggestions would be appreciated!

Hey all,
Running a last minute session tonight and the party has found themselves in a large city.
I don't have much time to prep and was wondering if anyone has suggestions for a pre-made city-based adventure?
Doesn't have to be generic as i can easily file the serial numbers off.
Running LL but any edition is fine!

So, anything?

Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games (RPGs) Discussion / Hex Question!
« on: February 09, 2016, 04:15:28 pm »
Hey all,
I am trying to map out a series of 12 mile hexes in one mile hexes....I realize my wording may be a bit off but my question many one mile hexes should be in a twelve mile hex?

Or am I just stupid.

Hey all,
I've been running a LL game for some time now and even though the party is at an average level of 4ish, I've been wanting to flesh out the greater campaign area with events that happen regardless of the party having anything to do with them.
I have a player who's really more of a war/board gamer and I'd like to invite him to pay in a few mass combat games that decide certain events in the campaign world.
I know D&D has a few mass combat rules, I'm interested in finding a rule set that might be able to best represent my chosen FRPG rule set on a larger scale.  By this I don't mean it has to be completely compatible with LL just something that isn't so far divorced from D&D-alikes to be usable without hours on converting.

Any ideas? Or is there something very obvious I am overlooking in my flumph-mindset.

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