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Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games (RPGs) Discussion / Forgotten RPGs
« on: September 22, 2020, 06:44:01 pm »
I've started a new series on my blog about forgotten RPGs. I kicked it off with 6 fantasy games that I bet most people never knew existed: Dawnfire, GateWar, Of Gods and Men, Quest of the Ancients, Shades of Heroes, and The Essential Fantasy Earth. I'll probably focus on sci-fi games for the next entry. Have you heard of these games? Have you ever played them? What did you think of them? Any favorites?

Here's the link:

News and Adverts / Mythology: A Boardgame of Adventure in the Age of Heroes
« on: December 20, 2019, 01:46:52 pm »
Assume the role of a Greek god to guide mortal heroes and legendary monsters in your quest for glory with Mythology. For 2 to 10 players, it includes both a Basic Game and Advanced Game. Originally published by Yaquinto Publications in 1980, Precis Intermedia brings back this classic boardgame in a remastered PDF format.

News and Adverts / Palace of the Vampire Queen & The Dwarven Glory Return
« on: December 13, 2019, 02:57:09 pm »

Palace of the Vampire Queen was the world's first known commercially-published adventure. Originally released in 1976 by Wee Warriors, it is a 5-level dungeon with what was called pre-factored creatures and treasures (in other words, this is essentially a stocked dungeon). Designed for 0E / OSR.

This piece of gaming history from Wee Warriors is a must for collectors and old school gamers. With the original on the extremely rare list, this classic reprint has been remastered for a clean print, and is readily available at a low cost.

Available in PDF and Print formats from Precis Intermedia

Available in PDF format via DriveThruRPG

Wee Warriors and Palace of the Vampire Queen are trademarks of Precis Intermedia.

I've got a great deal for those who don't mind a dented softcover at a discounted price. There's a limited number of Lords of Olympus B&W Softcovers with dented corners and slight blemishes. Normally, $34.95, you can get these for $19.95 AND they also include the Full-Color PDF. I don't normally include the PDF with discounted books like this, so it's a good deal. You're basically paying for the PDF, plus $5 for the Softcover (+S/H). While supplies last!


News and Adverts / Wee Warriors Comes to Precis Intermedia
« on: October 16, 2019, 01:06:50 pm »
Precis Intermedia is pleased to announce that it has acquired the intellectual property rights to Wee Warriors and its products. Founded in 1975, Wee Warriors produced not only what is believed to be the first character sheet for Dungeons & Dragons, but also the first stand-alone adventure. Wee Warriors later went on to produce two more adventures, game accessories, and a number of small tabletop games, including The Embattled Trek and Labyrinthine.

Classic reprints of most of the product line are expected in both PDF and print formats, as are further development and new editions in the future. More information on Wee Warriors products can be found at the Precis Intermedia web site (

A classic reprint of The Vanquished Foe, a mini-boardgame, is now available in PDF and printed formats. With a low price tag, you no longer need to spend a fortune to find a rare original of this early dungeon-style game.

"As a vintage game collector, I am delighted to be able to bring back these largely-forgotten gems," says Brett M. Bernstein of Precis Intermedia. "These games and modules were created in a time devoid of today's plethora of advanced software and print services. It is a testament to the creative spirit."

Incorporating one the first electronic publishers of roleplaying games, Precis Intermedia is known for its diverse line-up, clear and concise games, and the return of vintage titles. Current lines include Shatterzone, Bloodshadows, Supergame, Two-Fisted Tales, Lords of Olympus, Man, Myth & Magic, Mean Streets, Warcosm, the Amazing 8in1 Die, Disposable Heroes Paper Minis, and much more.

The Roleplaying Game of Man's Greatest Adventures is Back!
Discover the Riddle of Stonehenge... the Secrets of the Pyramids... the Mysteries of the Ancient World... as you play Man, Myth & Magic. The classic 1982 boxed set returns as a PDF and Softcover (pre-order, read the PDF while you wait). Begin play as a seasoned gladiator fighting for your very life on the bloody sands of a Roman arena. Then, reincarnate as an Egyptian sorcerer, British druid, Greek merchant, Visigoth barbarian, or even a Hibernian Leprechaun to face the might and mysteries of the ancient world.


The Definitive RPG of Thrilling Pulp Action is Back in an All-New Second Edition!
Go back to the classic era of pulp adventure with Two-Fisted Tales Second Edition! Climb mountains, fight off dozens of gibbering goons, fly airplanes through ravines, defuse bombs, and solve murder mysteries before breaking for lunch. Dive right into the action, with 15 iconic templates that can be used as-is or customized for your own vision of a hero. Add gimmicks like gadgets, hypnotic disciplines, mystical arts, and even Golden Age superpowers. If you've been looking for a set of pulp RPG rules that covers it all, this is it. Available as PDF and Softcover (pre-order, read the PDF while you wait).

I have all the Dr. Who RPGs, though just the original boxed version of the recent one (David Tenant cover). I was rather underwhelmed with this version. Not sure why, but it just seemed lacking. Perhaps, because the new material just doesn't grab me like the old stuff does.

Anyway, I recently scored a nice haul on ebay. It was a great deal on First Through Ninth (except Fourth) Doctor's sourcebooks, plus All of Time and Space Volume 1. I have only read some of the First Doctor Sourcebook, but it is really well done -- I consider it better than the core rules. Brings back memories of the original FASA Dr. Who game.

What are your favorite supplements, both old and new for Dr. Who?

I interviewed Richard Iorio, creator of the Colonial Gothic RPG and the operator of Rogue Games. He was gracious enough to answer my questions.

News and Adverts / Precis Intermedia Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sale
« on: November 21, 2018, 03:38:54 pm »
Precis Intermedia Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sale
Use coupon code 9WAZXMNUYN at checkout to receive a 33% discount (excludes discounted and third-party items). Hurry - coupon good until Cyber Monday (Nov 26).

OR Browse discounted items at DrivethruRPG:

News and Adverts / Man, Myth & Magic + Timeship Return
« on: October 20, 2018, 05:59:21 pm »
Precis Intermedia has acquired the rights to Man, Myth & Magic and Timeship, both originally published by Yaquinto Publications about 35 years ago. Classic reprints of these games and supplements will be published in both PDF and Softcover formats in the near-future.

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