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D20’s work well for a combat heavy system with multi-turn resolutions because the multiple rolls will create their own bell curves, but the odds of individual rolls are easy for even casuals to grok.

Just a casual here...can you explain to me how linear d20 results turn into bell curves because you have multiple rounds?

EDIT: I should add, the reason I ask is I always assumed d20 remained linear.

I was just assuming he meant that if resolution requires many rolls, the overall results will tend to cluster toward the middle, just like a single roll with many dice. Not sure of the details of how the rolls are used though.

Artesia used a variant based on Fuzion, that I liked: roll d10 add stat and skill, hit target number or above. Stats and skills are flexible combinations where the player can argue why a certain skill and stat should be used in a given situation.

RuneQuest - Roleplaying in Glorantha is similar enough to RuneQuest 3rd edition .......

Many thanks for all the info! And welcome to these forums!

BTW I just noticed something interesting: looking at some supplements I immediately recognized Mark Smylie's artistic style (of Artesia fame). I have a lot of his stuff, and I also noticed that he was inspired by Runequest (I think he said so). And now he has actually provided some really nice illustrations. Such as this one:

It is a pretty good version.

I have been a fan of RQ3 for many years, but I think that this version is better than RQ3.

The Passion Rules, Augments, Rune Pools and Rune Magic being reusable for Initiates are good changes.

It could have done with an edit from a rules point of view and has some RQ2/RQ3=style rules that clash, which is unfortunate, but nothing that old RuneQuestors can't make a decision on.

Thanks! I also like RQ3, though we never played in Glorantha.

 I just flipped through it, and I think it looks great at least :) A lot of material here and I like the inclusion of sample starting characters.

This book is called "Viking Age" (not "Sexy Fantasy Vikings" or some such), and the art pieces on the front and back really give me a lot of confidence in this product.
I would have picked up any book with that cover in a heart beat.  :-)

I think Luis Royo might be a name you should know ;)

Everyone in this country (other than Native Americans) came from somewhere else because it was a better deal for them and their futures.

Actually that's true for the Native Americans as well.  They aren't native to the Americas.  It's true for everywhere except Africa.
  Well, didnt they find the oldest Human fossil in Europe a few years ago and put everyone into an uproar?   

No, they found the earliest modern human (or so they think) outside Africa, together with Neanderthal remains, which is pretty cool. Meanwhile, they have found even older anatomically modern humans within Africa.


I had 1 or 2 back in the day - the actual books were not great game writing, and incredibly dry and from I remember fairly well researched. Like someone liked that era of history, decided to cash in on gaming and added some bad game text and the cheesecake covers. In essence the exact opposite of what you would expect from the cover.

I suspected as much, and that is to me the biggest sin here. If the books were about viking-strippers (kinda like bikini girls with machine guns),  or some such it could have actually have been fun in a bad-taste kind of way.

So... asymmetric warfare is asymmetric? Got it.

How did it become asymmetric? The Jews did have some support in 1948 but then they had just been through the worst massacre the world has ever seen.


I generally agree with oggsmash here.

The label of "terrorist" is a meaningless binary that mostly just says who has the money and power in a conflict. The South African ANC were terrorists, and we supported them against the Apartheid regime. The mujahideen in Afghanistan were terrorists, and we supported them against the Soviets. The Nicaraguan Contras were terrorists, and we supported them against the Sandinistas. The Kurdish PKK are terrorists, and we supported them against Saddam Hussein.

I support freedom for the Palestinian people. I don't endorse Hamas, but I think the Palestinians are justified in violent resistance against Israeli oppression. Israel has been a constant aggressor against Palestine using military might for decades. Any time Palestinians fight back in any way, Israel cries that it's illegitimate and that the Palestinians must only use non-violence while they use American-made planes and missiles to blockade and encroach on the Palestinians.

I think we should stop spending billions to send weapons into that conflict.

I disagree.
I am not in doubt about who’s the terrorist side in this conflict.
Which one of the two frequently lets the other side know where they will attack, so that they can move civilians away? Israel does. Which one is frequently targeting civilians and actually using its own population as a shield? The Palestinians (repeated claims that this has been debunked never quite hold up. Hamas does have less populated areas where they can fire rockets but they generally choose not to)

Besides, people often make the argument of how Israel is better equipped, organized and supported. That did not have to be the case since Palestine has always had powerful allies in the immediate neighborhood, while Israel has typically been supported by America. Israel was immediately attacked from all sides following the declaration of the independent Israeli state, but they won. they organized themselves because they had to and they had the skills to do it. Israel has been better organized ever since.

Makes me think some of that was done with coloured pencils. Which is quite good results really. Just some like that one are a bit... off? Others are pretty good really. And at least one is a-lot worse.

The guy in the middle looks like he had some watercolor lay-in, but most of it looks like colored pencils or pastel pencils (which would explain the pastel colors).

For comparison, this is the BBC adaptation of The Silver Chair from 1990, around the same time:

They're not completely on different levels, but the BBC costuming and effects are much better done. I wouldn't say their puppet Aslan was convincing, but at the very least, it is impressive.

Alsan: "I have swallowed up girls, boys, women and men"

Jesus, is that you??

Yeah the way I remember it 1st Ed Ad&D had worse art than 2nd ed, but that was probably just a progression towards higher production quality in general. I don’t have those in front of me though.

Amazing Adventures (Besides the index being really fucked up in the PDF ) has this gem in page 32 :
I... don't hate that art. Despite the technical problems.

I'd be completely fine with it, if only the artist hadn't been high on mushrooms while drawing the limbs on the guy in the chair.

If you want awkward and Exalted...

I remember that one. The controversy and gnashing of teeth could be heard to the high heavens, so it was almost worth it 😀

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