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Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games (RPGs) Discussion / Re: Ravenloft 5E
« on: February 24, 2021, 11:04:33 PM »
Jessica Price is working on the book and is trying to reassure people on Twitter that they're clearing out the 'problematic' bits.

So, I went to Twitter to see what she was saying.  As usual, reading stuff on Twitter is its own punishment.  After wading through a bunch of religious stuff, she and (I presume) other writers are happy that it will be "very queer".

I honestly don't know what I'm supposed to take away from that.  Is this one of those "it's not for you" things and I'm not supposed to buy it if I don't meet their definition of queer?  Or if I do buy it and don't play it the "right way", I'm in trouble?

They lost again.  Of course, they'll keep trying.

Well of course, real Sword Dream has never been tried anywhere. It'll be different next time.

Hard to imagine being that upset over the art in a 40 year old book.

Attacking the past is easier than improving the present.

He isn't someone I would look to for advice on accountability.

Regarding buy-in, I've had good luck with players telling me why they're bought in.  In the last supers game I ran, I told the players at the beginning, I needed to know what their opinion of the main NPC was.  I didn't care if they loved him or hated him, they just couldn't be neutral.  That way, they'll care one way or the other what happens to/with that character.  Tell me why the Midtown Museum is important to you.  Everybody knows Det. Kwan hates supers -- how did she mess with you?  Stuff like that.

When I'm making a supers adventure, I try to make sure I include a problem they can't punch their way out of.  Something they'll have to think their way through.  Not to make their powers useless, but make them get creative.

Something I'm not always good about is keeping up a sense of urgency.  Don't let the PCs plan like a SWAT team.  If they don't move, the bad guys hit somewhere else.  If they take too long, they hear about the bad guys making a major score they *know* will be bad.  Keep them moving and keep them on the clock.

I honestly don't know how we discuss this topic in the Main Forum without violating RPGPundit's rules regarding politics on the main page.

This is where RPGPundit put the thread.  I'm sure he could move it if he wanted to do so.

I can't ask for a refund.  I went in for the pdfs and those are nearly all delivered.  Overall, I've been pretty happy with what they've produced.  Honestly, I'm not even upset with the changes.  I just hate how they did it.

If they hadn't made an announcement of "look at this great thing we did" I never would have known.  I download the draft copies and flip through them, then go back and get the final versions.  But who the heck would compare them side-by-side?  They just had to make it a virtue signal.

Between this and hiring GMS for the Star Trek books and trying to hide it, I'm done with Modiphius.

Me either. I don't even want to know their politics.  But if they want to insist that I know them, then that's on them.  I'm willing to give anyone the benefit of the doubt until they work really hard to convince me to stop.

Exactly.  I'm grown-up enough to understand there are people who don't agree with me.  But if they insist on me considering their politics at the same time I think about their products, I guess I will.  Will it make a difference on picking up a $1 pdf from Phil Reed?  Probably not.  The next time Steve Jackson asks me to drop a good amount of money on a Kickstarter, it just might.

A bit more seriously though, look at who isn't there (or at least I didn't find):

  • No Monte Cook (just apparently everybody who works for him)
  • No Matt Mercer
  • No Matt Colville

My biggest gripe is that Skarka didn’t put Far West on his list of accomplishments.

That would certainly be the first time anyone considered it an accomplishment.

 I was surprised at Steve Jackson.  I figured he was more of a "hate all of them" kind of guy. At least he hasn't made enough of a fuss for me to notice before now.

I guess I should thank them for helping me thin out my wishlist at DriveThru.

Oh, and there's all this stuff going on behind the scenes.  I won't tell you about that or show any proof, but I thought it was wrong.  So did all these people who work for me that you've never seen or heard from.

If I use 'problematic', 'toxic', and 'community' often enough, you'll just know they're all the Wrong Kind of People (tm).

And this evil, totally optional, license.  With easy rules to follow to get a little bit of free publicity at no cost.  That's terrible.  Not to mention that if you make money from their stuff, they want to be PAID for it!

FYI, turning the comments off because I can't possibly be wrong.

I think we're missing out on the possible upside here.  What if the Kickstarter fulfillment is a complete debacle and sinks the company?

One thing Tenkar is certainly right about -- as much as Skarka tweets, Far West would easily be done by now if he could just write it 280 characters at a time.

Quote from: GeekyBugle;1146392
Peaceful riots now coming to your rural area!

Honest to God, I hope everybody calms down after Kenosha.  I hope "mostly peaceful protests" turn into actual peaceful protests.  These mob kids live in a bubble and really don't understand what the rural U.S. is like.  The kinds of places where everyone in the family can shoot because everyone in the family hunts.  Places where there are multiple guns in most houses.  Places where people spot outsiders with a glance and start calling neighbors.

I want bad cops cleaned up and I want people to quit burning cities.  But I don't want to see any more bodies and I don't want to be around when these idiots decide a bunch of hick farmers will make a good target.

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