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I read the 'Symbaroum' (in English) and enjoyed the atmosphere and art.

If I were to play it, I would probably still joke around a lot. I think the fun of hanging out with your friends and making jokes shouldn't be seen as an interference with atmosphere, but as a way of establishing contrast with the more somber moments of game play. Gaming sessions in my group will often go like that, we act crazy most of the time, then something appropriately dramatic happens and things get intense.

When a die roll decides everything, when the stakes suddenly rise, when Hit Points are low, that's when the suspense happens and the mood is set. In a heartbeat the tone changes and everyone is 100% engaged. All the craziness, the off-game banter let us blow off steam, and that allows us to focus that much better when the shit hits the fan.  

That being said of course you've still got some groups who will be more inclined to silliness than others. If I wanted to play a really intense, no-nonsense scenario I would explain to my group "This is how it's going to go down" and play for a limited time, rather than run a long campaign. I think too much intensity and mood setting often goes against the intended purpose and crosses over into making people jaded and more likely to get explosively silly at inappropriate times.

Quote from: RPGPundit;915074
Stormfront isn't a right-wing forum. It's an explicitly neo-nazi forum. Saying someone goes to stormfront for their news is not like saying they watch Fox or go to Breitbart. It's saying they're a neo-nazi.

Now, I hate all totalitarians of every stripe (which is your beef with me), but I especially have a particular place of hate reserved in my heart for fucking neo-nazis.

I'm willing to give you one last benefit of the doubt: Maybe you were too fucking stupid to understand that stormfront is a literal neo-nazi website that only neo-nazis frequent.

If you now say "I admit that I was too fucking stupid to realize that Stormfront is an explicitly neo-nazi site, and I apologize", I won't give you the ban it's fucking obvious you deserve.

I know that Stormfront is a neo-nazi forum you idiot, I specifically choose that example because neo-nazism is the most extreme end of the political spectrum, invoking the point that you would not take anything less as 'unbiased'. And I don't have a problem with you hating totalitarians, I have a problem with you, as Rincewind points out, handling my whole culture as a set of inherent traits passed directly down that makes me, or anyone else, naturally inclined towards collaboration.

Go ahead you insufferable hypocrite, just to once again hammer home that you are no different from the loser segment of SJWs that you constantly laud about.

That's amazing! Congratulations!

Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games (RPGs) Discussion / What is your system?
« on: August 23, 2016, 03:20:04 PM »
Quote from: jux;914886
Nowadays our RPG scene is 90% about LARP :(

4th ed made me a D&D hater. I was so disappointed in it once I discovered CoC/BRP. Now I like to discover other systems in the hobby.

It's the same in Denmark. If you say "I do roleplaying" most people are going to assume LARP. A lot of LARP players will overlap with tabletop players, some never do anything but LARP.

I use 'Dungeon World', which I find runs smoothly. It uses 2d6 mechanics for almost everything; 6 or less is a failure, 7-9 means success with a downside, and 10 or more is an unconditional success.

D&D is of course a classic, a game I often come back to.

Quote from: RPGPundit;914845
So now you're trying to accuse me of being a neo-nazi, bitch?

You have one chance to apologize.

No, I'm making a joke on your rejection of mainstream media: You think everything mainstream is leftist propaganda and so go to the extremes of the political spectrum for 'unbiased' information.

Also, you act like a crybaby. "Fuck you, you and your people are all totalitarians! You call me a nazi, boo ho, apologize for hurting my feelings in my safe space!"

I will concede that I was wrong in calling Pundit homophobic based on the use of 'cocksucker' as an insult. Other than that my points still stand. Pundit, you are a n aggressive, ignorant bigot. Your politics are objectivist drivel no matter how many times you try and label yourself a libertarian, you are arrogant and intolerant in your relationships with others , that being in religious, politicial or rpg discussions. You can write as many blog entries as you want, you will never be Hunter S Thompson, only a second rate Glenn Beck.

And you know nothing about Denmark or Danes in general other than what you have gleaned from the first four words on Wikipedia before you got too tired of its 'leftist bias' and went for the Stormfront forum to get your information.

Quote from: RPGPundit;914571
I didn't call your family Nazi collaborators. I called your entire fucking country nazi collaborators, and insinuated that you would have been one too had you lived in the era. Nothing you have done since has helped to alter that view. You're always ready to make excuses for totalitarianism.

I'm pro EU. That's literally all you have 'evidence' to suggest that I am pro-totalitarianism. You are factually wrong yet again, you just refuse to admit it because you have built up a cozy little nest of fringe-theories and alt-right politics where you can always be right and everybody else wrong. You harp endlessly on the evils of SJW-leftism and their skewed perceptions on politics while being no different yourself.

Quote from: Simlasa;914309
Is 'cocksucker' generally considered a homophobic insult? I'd never thought of it that way... not that's really in my repertoire, but I always took it as a ruder synonym of 'sycophant'.

My reasoning is;There is little social stigma for fellatio in the western world, so presumably the insult is not bound in the act of giving a blowjob/blowjobs. Since the insult is used by the pundit against men that would mean the insult is bound to the act of fellatio in a homosexual context. That would make it homophobic.

I see your point about it being a synonym for 'sycophant'. Earlier in the thread Warboss Squee suggested that 'cocksucker' is really meant in a congratulatory way, celebrating skill at fellatio. So there is some debate as to what the remark means.

Quote from: Sommerjon;913730
Why do you equate believing da magicks be real'mon as spiritual?

It can be part of a spiritual/religious tradition, and I feel that understanding and respecting such beliefs is an important part of engaging with and understanding other people(s). While I don't believe in it, and certainly don't have a respectful relationship with the Pundit, it is still a matter of personal conviction that religious/spiritual  world views should not be belittled.

Quote from: Snowman0147;913656
Ronin why are wasting your time?  Come on your better than this.

Thanks for saying that man. I admit I was in an agitated state when I wrote the initial messages.

I've been pretty pissed at Pundit since he called my family Nazi collaborators. That shit made my blood boil, and sometimes I just go overboard.

Quote from: Sommerjon;913688
Because it's fun to make fun of the pundy persona?

Come on, he just admitted to having to work 'teh real world magicks' on WotC in order to get them to hire him on as a consultant.

While I have my disagreements with the Pundit, I still retain that knocking a person's spiritual beliefs is wrong. I still do find the whole 'I saved D&D!' shtick a little tiring too.

I'm gonna be an asshole and say 5, square in the middle.

We do like to screw around, and as the GM I'm more often on the instigating side than I should be.

On the other hand we do have a some very serious moments. When people have 'laughed it out' we can get very intense. There has been more than one moment of true suspense over the last few sessions, despite mostly being concerned with 'Orange is the New Black' parodies and comical, castrated yogis.

Quote from: RPGPundit;913576
Cocksucker is not my favorite insult! That would probably be bitch. Like you, little bitch!

I have no idea what DW's output has really been, or how many people even play it. Since it blatantly ripped off the OSR in an attempt to be popular, I'm sure it's probably the most-played Swine Game, since its the one most passingly similar to D&D.
But D&D 5e is part of my output, and it has VASTLY outsold everything the forge/storygames crowd have ever written, in just one printing.

By 'wrong' you mean 'has humiliated me with the truth', little bitch?

I never said singlehandedly. Mike Mearls helped a great deal, by hiring me to help save D&D from the disaster the Forge had put it in (and thus admitting I was right about everything all along), listening to my advice and exchanging hundreds of emails with me to make sure the game was done right.

You can dish it out, but you can't take it. You resort to schoolyard slurs against any who question your overblown ego. You have a twisted view of the world, no better than a paranoid. And that is not even right because that would be an insult to paranoids everywhere.

Quote from: Alzrius;913474
Straight women. :rolleyes:

Thank you.

Quote from: Warboss Squee;913457
Obviously, you aren't friends with any proudly self proclaimed cocksuckers.

Regardless, since straight and gay people suck the cock, feel free to fuck right of with that claim.

Now you are going down into semantics rather than focusing on the context. When Pundit, as he often does, use cocksucker as an insult that would not be in praise of any who enjoy the activity.

Quote from: Warboss Squee;913457
Obviously, you aren't friends with any proudly self proclaimed cocksuckers.

Regardless, since straight and gay people suck the cock, feel free to fuck right of with that claim.

I honestly have no idea what you mean here.

Quote from: Kellri;913412
Number of times Kyle has claimed to be able to work 'teh real world magicks': Also 0

Dude, not cool. A person's spiritual beliefs are their own, and shouldn't be mocked unless they directly hurt others.

Pundit is a pathetic piece of shit for so many reasons, use some of those. He thinks he is the Hunter S. Thompson of RPGs when he is really Joseph McCarty. He judges people based on their birthplace and cultural background, he fervently denies being a homophobe while using 'cocksucker' as his favorite insult. His whole output hasn't sold as well as a single printing of Dungeon World, one of many RPGs he claims no one buys. He claims understanding of world politics, the inner workings of the EU and Polish affairs while displaying none or factually wrong knowledge on any of these subjects. He claims to have singlehandedly saved D&D while being one of eight consultants on the product among dozens of contributors. And the list goes on!

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