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Quote from: Teodrik;1125189
I think he referred to the C&C conversion of Conan d20. Not the same as Jason Vey's OD&D/Chainmail hybrid Age of Conan. The C&C conversion was a very in-depth reimagining of the Conan d20 rulebook (and some stuff from other sourcebooks) and was posted on the TLG boards many years ago. But last I checked it was gone.

Very nice though that Jason has released a third supplement for AoC. Im reading it right now. Thanks.

I'm pretty certain that we're talking about ThrorII's conversion. I saw that the user Rigon is hosting v2 of the document here, the name of the file is "C&C Conan Rules v2[1].pdf".

Thanks for everyone for sparking my interest in C&C, btw!

Ha-shalosh (the three, Hebrew)
Suomuiset (the scaled ones, Finnish)

Quote from: YourSwordisMine;871535
PLEASE find that RQ6 Elder Scrolls, I've not been able to find it. I did find the hack of WFRP2.0, which was really well done. I think RQ6 would be a perfect fit. Thanks for looking.

There's this, for one:

Quote from: Brand55;846079
Who knows? Kevin Crawford is finally tackling Exalted-but-better later this year, so if I cross my fingers maybe one day he'll give us a better version of the World of Darkness.

Apologies for the off-topic, but is there any info on this? Couldn't find anything with a quick look on SN's site and twitter.

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