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Yet another post that isn't about gaming. It might be interesting to wade through the irony of people bitching and whining about how politics has gotten into their gaming, even as they push their own politics almost every fucking time they post. Pundit literally can't check his outrage. And the jack-booted echo chamber is incapable of criticizing their own ranks (like many a gutless politician these days). Whining tits, every one.

I keep leaving, coming back, leaving, coming back, because there are often some good conversations here that are actually about gaming. But, especially of late, the place has devolved like the media, where the fringe crackpots are the loudest voices. The rpgsite isn't about rpgs. It's basically become another shithole, a place where too many cannot extricate themselves from their politics and simply be human beings, discussing a shared interest (and did you ever stop once, even once, to consider that those SJWs and you DO share a common interest? Or is that just too much to stomach?). Fuck, who am I kidding -- this has been a simmering shithole from the beginning hasn't it?

Fuck it. This just isn't worth the time. You wanna waste all that energy whipping yourselves into sound and fury signifying nothing, you go right ahead. I'm gonna find some folks who want to actually discuss gaming, rather than their unending hatred of all things not perfectly in step with themselves. Life's too short, man. Some of you are way too busy wasting it by making your own hells. Hope that works out for ya. I've got better things to do than read the same, tired bullshit. Goodbye.

Quote from: GeekyBugle;1104770
Never, ever bend the knee or apologize to the socjus cult. Only one answer will get them off your back "Go fuck yourself asshole!"

They're probably saying the same thing about you. Meanwhile, those of us in the middle, who are tired of both your bitching would like you all to go to an island somewhere and just tongue kiss and get it over with.

You know, there are sometimes some interesting discussions here. This thread could even be one, it it were pursued with the tacit goal of actually getting somewhere, or learning something.


it's posted as an absolute, thereby inviting an impossible argument about the merits of enforcing reality on fantasy. It has, as well -- and, predictably -- too often spiraled off into "blahblahblah SJW blahblahblah the left blahblahblah I'm offended by their offense."

Same ol'shit, different day. It's a useless discussion, because everyone's made their minds up, and this is just another opportunity for the same people to vent against their favorite boogeymen.

So, with that in mind, here's my 2 cents on the OP's opening salvo -- no, STR doesn't have to "always matter" because it's a fucking game, and you aren't the game police. Anyone who thinks otherwise can take that sentiment and shove it right up their ass. People can play however they fucking want. If you choose to be pissed about it, well, that's on you now, isn't it?

Given the typical postures I see on constant display around her, I would think "fuck off, I'm playing my way" is about the only thing we **might** all agree on.

You may now return to your ceaseless and unproductive bitchfest.

Who gives a shit what the developer does with the fluff?

Quote from: Simon W;1104521
Triumphant! because I wrote it and because its the only Supers rpg my group has played for the last 6+ years. Before that it was Supers! and before that it was V&V.

I've run both Triumphant and Supers! Good games, both.

Quote from: Cave Bear;1104135
This has been my experience as well. My best gaming experiences have been with kids, actually (I'm an English teacher.)

I've run groups in school for years. Last year ran 6th-8th graders. They really got into it. I ran FATE for a bit, then went with my own little hack of old school systems. The second was a bit better for me, because it forced them to work together to survive. In FATE, they did some crazy stuff, and had a tendency to pattern characters after video game PCs.:-/ They did like FATE a lot better, though. I just made sure they knew what was out there, if they wanted to try some things, including D&D. Game them web links and such.

Quote from: Philotomy Jurament;1104127
I agree that men, on average, are stronger than women. However, I don't find it a useful thing to worry about or model (especially for PCs) in the RPGs that I play.


Quote from: Koltar;1104077
Oh gawd, not this again....

- Ed C.

No kidding...:(

Quote from: Rhedyn;1103727
In 2e they added a table that converts usage die to a fixed number of uses if the GM would prefer that (2e was basically just adding 80 some pages of GM tools).

Huh... I have 2E and didn't even see the fixed number.

Cook is a Maoist? Sound the alarm! Activate the National Guard! Put on your gas masks! Iceberg! Iceberg! WE'RE ALL DOOOOOOMED!

(And i should give a shit because WHY...?)

Quote from: Steven Mitchell;1103916
There are relatively normal assholes, and then there are passive-aggressive assholes that don't want to be called out as being assholes when they are being assholes.  It's the latter type that is the problem here.

Agreed, with the addition of people who feel they have a god-given right to be an asshole without paying any consequences. But that seems more like an online thing.

Quote from: Ratman_tf;1103625
Changing Goals is a great term to differentiate dealing with the concequences of failure versus Failing Forward into success.

Goals evolve, if the campaign continues though, don't they? And I don't agree with failing into success, which isn't what fail forward is supposed to be, I don't think. I always interpreted it as, "don't fail into a dead end."

Alexander K: I think you're implying that anything other than a strict adherence to a present stake, or rather consequence, is the best way to arbitrate challenge, as it provides a clear, non-shifting benchmark (is that it?). I may be off on that one. I do think we're mostly in agreement as to the way we might run the same scenario. Maybe. Part of that, too, is that I envision possible consequences, but, when adjudicating results, I might think of something better on the fly. Going by a strict recounting of our campaigns, though, we've had plenty of characters fall, so I can't unequivocally say I'm 100% on the FF wagon. I don't discount it, though, if it leads somewhere worth pursuing, in my judgment (which includes how I perceive the players' desires when it comes to what's fun).

Quote from: RPGPundit;1103723
Don't post political on here. Only warning.

Also, it's not. It's how Never-Trump neocons and Establishment democrats imagine the Trump Deplorables.

Yes, no one is allowed to respond here, because that would be political posting. Tough.

It's an observation based on people I actually heard reacting to the omnipresent Fox News broadcast in a local pizza shack.

Not that you were actually there to witness it, of course...

So, is the problem that Monte Cook is forcing anyone to play his game? Or is this another, "Grrr, those people exist!" thing?...let me guess...

Quote from: Shasarak;1103747
There is no taking 10 or 20 in PF 2.  There are skill feats that you can take that give you a minimum roll called Assurance (or some such away from book atm)

Guess I better get those, since I'm playing the skill monkey.

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