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Gee...  Jovian really do sound like the good guys.

Shit like this is why I use Discord to game.


This is interesting.  NWT just admitted they don't know shit.

The RPGPundit's Own Forum / Re: Thousand Year Old Wokepire
« on: April 27, 2021, 10:53:21 PM »
If you are a supporter of the near or far right I am going to ask that you not buy my games. I don't want your money, but more importantly I don't want you to feel comfortable enjoying things produced by the people and systems you want to destroy. I don't want bad people playing my games–and that includes folks who are willing to look the other way while braver bigots perform their hateful work.

Yes this means members of cartoonishly evil hate groups, but it also specifically includes Trump supporters and those Republicans who voted for Trump. You are lobbying for the death of my friends and relations, you are pushing for dangerous authoritarians to destroy the systems that let books like mine come to be. And this goes for equivalent groups outside the US–you know who you are.

People who make art and beauty and fun almost universally revile you and it's time you started to feel that. You aren't welcome here, you don't get to play with my things. Shoo.

I'm almost tempted to buy it and post a youtube video of a bunch of us playing it while wearing MAGA hats and the most "left offending" T-shirts I can find.
Then send the author a link to it.   

Or not.
Someone is welcome to steal this idea. ;-P

I would say do it, but then you have to spend money on buying his book.  Do you want to do that, or spend money on people who would be appreciated to have your money?

Stars Without Number did post scarcity transhumanism better without resorting to real life politics.   In my personal view I will stick with that.

I am giving her a 16 to 18 range.

James O'Keefe and Andy Ngo are among the last real journalists in America.

Happy to support both.

Both democrat plants

Your evidence?

The RPGPundit's Own Forum / Re: Covid, the "lockdowns" etc.
« on: April 16, 2021, 03:00:37 PM »
If your forcing people to get killed by a volcano eurption that will Pompeii everything and everyone around it, then you do deserve to burn in hell.

Help Desk / Re: Norton Dark Web warning
« on: April 14, 2021, 09:18:35 AM »
Already changed my password.

The video is unavailable Geeky.

But enough about the Trump presidency.

Oh one of these faggots again...

Just block him Brad.  The TDS is all the justification you need.

How do we do that again?

Profile -> Modify Profile -> Ignore/Buddies List -> Ignore

Once there put his in the box and press the add button.

But enough about the Trump presidency.

Oh one of these faggots again...

Just block him Brad.  The TDS is all the justification you need.

Think you should go for a custom magic system that really fits the setting.  Maybe RPGPundit can help you out with that.

Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games (RPGs) Discussion / Re: Enjoy.
« on: March 30, 2021, 10:05:45 AM »
Isn't light enough to play?  Like who ever has the higher stat rolls 2d10 instead of 1d10 with the highest result wins.

Design, Development, and Gameplay / Re: D20-based Fastest Combat Rules
« on: March 28, 2021, 08:26:36 AM »
Didn't D&D hacks make it quick enough by having only the player roll for attack and defense?  Like the monsters do things, but they don't need to roll so all the pressure is on the PCs.

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