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Conversions have been few and far between officially due to the IP licensing costs. Same for Movie to RPG conversions. And Board games too really.

White Wolf did a Street Fighter RPG way back. One of my players local has it I believe.
Everquest seemed to get good reviews when it came out. Then poof. Gone.
Warcraft got a lukewarm reaction seems and then also poof. gone.
Dragon Age heard nothing on.
Didnt gurps do one specifically for Alpha Centauri?

Deathnet for d20 Modern was set up to allow emulation of various video games. Much like gurps and BESM, the DM has alot of work to do to make it so.

I've been (thinking about) getting back into tabletop miniatures wargames, and have joined a couple of wargames forums (non-GW/Warhammer, independent sites).

And there is just no politics. At all. (I'm almost reluctant to post this in case I jinx it.)

We see it more and more over on BGG with each passing month and it has creeped into wargames and most assurely they have had their claws in board games a good while now. Theres been 'discussions' about how playing nazis in a board game "normalizes" racism, and then thers the emdless complaints of "sexism" and every other ism at some point.

"You cant have Washington in a historical game because he was racist!"
"A game about exploring and colonizing Africa - promotes genocide!!!"
"Dwarves liking beer is racist!"
and so on ad insanium.

The thing that annoys me is that it was once a place where I enjoyed discussing games.  And those jackasses wrecked it.

I think alot of people feel that way and have moved on to other fora.

Has anyone ever taken up a kickstarted or GFM to launch and advertise a website aimed at competing with TBP specifically on the grounds mentioned here? I mean do enough ads to get it noticed and clearly say it is meant to be very different from that site? I would not want it to be just like here as this site has issues to, but definitely not as ridiculously woke and hypersensitive as

BGG exlipsed about everything game related years ago. The only reason it doesnt have more RPG and video Game traction is because they treat those sections like dirt half the time and staff people who have no clue what an RPG or video game even is the other half the time.

Pretty much anything can compete with because they have turned away so many.

Prior to all this it was rediculously easy to make, and lose, a forum on Yahoo Groups. But last year they totally gutted the system so severely its actually LESS functional than the original E-Groups Yahoo bought up 20+ years ago. But Y-groups had lost most of their userbase long ago as they regularly did mass covert group purges and account bans out of the blue. They were BGG before BGG. This on top of Ya-Hell being overrun with literally thousands of harvester bots collecting emails for spam mail companies.

LOL, that is entirely possible.  Will upgrade to worse encountered part over worst part.   :D

Gamer's life saved by horrible font. Spared brain death of actually reading 3e CP2020 further! News at 11.

Mike Pondsmith's brain found in jar! Claims Plausible Deniability regarding 3e CP. pg 3 of the Enquirer.

Though in all honesty they should have had a doll-figure for the, ahem, were-whales or whatever they hell they were.

The setting was no longer cyberpunk. It was a post apoc nano-world not much different from d20modern Gamma World.

As for the ducks in Runequest and Drakkar. It fits the original cursed by a god origin. And they did it before the advent of Gully Dwarves and Tinker Gnomes in Dragonlance. Another product of a curse.

Though nothing really approaches the WTF x 100 of 3e Cyberpunk2020. 10 years to produce... this. And these are just samples of larger pieces throughout.

After falling on hard times, Donald took up adventuring to help pay for his nephews' schooling, as well as to hopefully one day track down and defeat the shame of his family, the terrible lich Scrooge McDuck...

I'd be surprised if that is not a plotline for Wizards of Mickey...

I mean we had Micky turn into a Death Knight in that. Scrooge being some undead horror fits perfectly.

cringe  :o

Just short of every halfling depicted in every 5e book I have so far looks deformed, or outright hideous. I can think of two, maybe 3 at best that were not circus freaks.

I always hated the way that the demiplane acts as a prison that locks the PCs in, effectively preventing you from just doing casual Ravenloft adventures with an existing party without potentially turning it into a perpetual Ravenloft campaign forever that will always have to be about Ravenloft and nothing else henceforth.

They really should have just bit the bullet and made it its own setting rather than trying to omni-verse it. But TSR was really into that idea back then and thus we ge Ravenloft, Planescape and Spelljammer all as onmi-versal settings.


In reading commentary about the new *Woke* Ravenloft 5E, it strikes me as strange and childish why anyone would want to run a Ravenloft game as some kind of Disneyfied PG setting. We can't have a game about Gothic Horror be actually scary, or disturbing, or unsettling in any way--everyone has to giggle and feel safe. That just seems to entirely contradict the entire genre and purpose of Gothic Horror. If these people want safe spaces, why not just stick to playing the My Little Pony RPG?

Semper Fidelis,

Disney long ago Disneyfied stories like Cinderella,  Snow White, and the Little Mermaid. Their versions are generally well received. So don't be too surprised if others take the same route with something like Ravenloft because D&D isn't sacred and people are going to take it wherever they want.

Its a really old idea too. Some people just like to take something scary and turn it on its head and run with it. Sometimes for straightup comedy like Mad Monster Party, sometimes its still scary at times but its weirdly funny too like Monster Squad (the movie). Or they become some sort of superhero team like Monster Squad (TV series) or Drac Pack. etc.

It fails when you are trying to present a horror setting but the censors demand you remove anything... well... horrible.

Thats one thing Tomb of Annihilation had in spades surprisingly. Really horrible things in the tomb both subtle and blunt.

IIRC,  they used that in 2e to explain why the domain borders were left open. Even undead dread lords felt the need to have trade between their domain and others. Oh, and the trade allowed for spies (byond the Vistani) so they could each keep track of what the others learned about escaping the demiplane. It never really felt fitting to the mood of the setting to me.

Its that sort of Universal Monsters shared world thing like in the two "House of" movies.

I think one of the mistakes of the Ravenloft setting as a whole was trying to make it have a "continent" with fixed borders. If you're in a weird demiplane, then it would be far more practical to have each realm be in its own space, and travelling through the mists would not reliably take you from one nation to the next. It would then have been random or up to the GM where the PCs moved/fled to.

Try tried to Planescape it before Planescape.

Check out Guncrawl then. Great 3d paper minis and terrain too.

Varies depending on where the PCs are, or where they are going.

The X part of BX introduced wilderness encounters and there was the module Isle of Dread which is pretty much wilderness encounters everywhere just waiting to happen.

If a campaign is mostly overland oriented and dungeons/ruins are few and far between then its more likely there will be more stuff going on outside than inside.

Dragon Storm pretty much runs on the outdoor encounters as there are just short of zero indoor ones. Pretty much everything happens either en route to a locale, while camped, or at destination. Sometimes all of the above.

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