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Eberron had dinosaur riding mafia halflings with some plains Indian thrown in for good measure.

I'd actually pay for an issue where Absorbing Man beats the crap out of them, while making fun of them the whole time ... and he doesn't use his powers once.

I saw a link to this on Facebook and thought it looked like a cool idea.  I didn't back it, as I'm not gaming much these days.

I'm backing it tonight, after hearing how TBP reacted.  Screw them.

Good luck, amacris!

I haven't played any edition of D&D past 3.5, so I'm not likely to pick up 6e.  I'm pretty much playing Cypher System exclusively these days, and that's okay by me.

That said, if it's a choice between a new system and not gaming, I'll learn a new system.

For me, I'd say Star Wars d6 and Palladium's Systems Failure.

I started playing red box and then AD&D in 1980.  We lived in south Texas and were members of a Baptist church and then an evangelical Bible church. The satanic panic missed us altogether.  My friends and I played at our house all the time, my parents and grandparents bought me the various books and boxed sets, and I don't recall anyone from the church saying anything about D&D one way or the other.

After I left for school, my gaming buddies would still come by my house to see what was for dinner, and my folks would feed them - even though I wasn't there!

Quote from: GeekyBugle;1105861
Okey, now I understand your position, and you might be right or not I see no way to destroy cancel culture other than to have them live under it. It's that or to lose like a gentleman. Guess we'll get to find out who was right.

I agree with you.  I hate we're in this spot, but I think you're right.

Quote from: deadDMwalking;1105860

An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind...

If my in-group mistreats you while we're in power, it seems likely that you'll mistreat us when you're in power.  If I return to power I'll want to revenge myself upon you when you were just revenging yourself upon me.  This is especially problematic if the people now being persecuted aren't really the ones who started the whole issue.  

If I mistreat you and you later wind up in power, rather than revenge, you should look for justice.  That doesn't just mean punishing the people who did bad things, it also means tearing down the structures they built to ensure their continued rule - not just turning them against their former masters.

An eye for an eye limits retribution.  It means you can do what was done to you, but no more.

Quote from: jhkim;1105844
I'll try to clarify my point by breaking it down.

1) Tait's suggestion is to apply blacklisting to those who do blacklists. I'm going to call this strategy "counter-blacklisting".

2) An important point is to ask what the result of the counter-blacklisting will be in the future. Will people really learn their lesson?

3) To inform on point #2, we can look at the past. Have there been times in the past when people been blacklisted, and they turned around and tried to blacklist those opposed to them?

4) An example of #3 in the past is LGBT people and allies. LGBT people were often blacklisted particularly in the 1980s and earlier (as well as later to a fair degree). There was a segment among who thought "We should blacklist those who are trying to blacklist us."  This is the counter-blacklist strategy.

5) I believe the result of this counter-blacklist strategy is more blacklisting in general, not people reflecting that blacklisting was a bad idea.

Does that clarify?

There's research in game theory and conflict that suggest you are mistaken, that tit-for-tat is an effective strategy and response.  In the current big example, Aaron Calvin (a reporter) was doing a piece on Carson King, a guy who was making news by raising money for a children's hospital.  Calvin dug up 8 year old Tweets from when King was 16.  The Tweets were racist, but had nothing to do with the current situation.  King suffered some fallout.  Meanwhile, someone digs into Calvin's background, and in a turn of events shocking precisely no one, turns up racist Tweets.

Calvin gets fired, the paper maintains the original story should have gone forward as it did, Calvin maintains he's only being fired because of a right wing rage mob.

Both Calvin and the paper miss the point - there will be one standard for all of us, or there will be none at all.  What there will NOT be is them trying to gin up a rage mob and writing it off as actions have consequences, then claiming it's dirty pool when the same tactic is used on them.

Quote from: cranebump;1106154

Well ... bye.

Quote from: GeekyBugle;1105613
From rules for radicals: "Make them live under their own rules".

Yep.  I hate blacklists and cancel culture, but I don't believe they will end until and unless the left gets a taste of them, good and hard.

Probably $50 - $60 for the colossal red dragon from Wizards several years back. My wife accidentally locked me out of the house one Saturday morning while she and her mom went shopping, and she let me get the dragon to make it up to me.

Quote from: GeekyBugle;1104789
"You'll be made to care"

Quoted for truth.

Quote from: Chris24601;1104034
Alone. They sleep in it alone.

Nah.  They have cats.

Quote from: Mor'du;1103794
Seems like Monty has to change his colours in order to keep his desk?.... I dunno, this stuff was never an issue before. I'm perplexed. it's fantasy an escape from the "real world" -they'd like to see us old timers out of their safe space methinks.

More likely, it's that he's banging Shanna Germain and wishes to continue doing so.

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