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Yeah, I debated on re-working the serpent man side quest; it's a matter of getting the time to do it. The werewolf one I'm not sold on. It just seems kind of a waste of time. Excellent idea on using them as a filler for when the whole group isn't there. Thanks for that.

So, I'm running the Complete MoN that came out in 96 for my home group and they've just reached London. Now, what I'm leaning towards doing is cutting out the side stuff like the snake man and the werewolf. My reasoning is this is a bi monthly game and as much information as there is to keep track of already, the less they have to keep track of the better.

My question is to those that have ran it before, do the side missions add a whole lot to the game or am I fine dropping them? I was curious as to what people's actual play experiences were with them, and what if they were memorable. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

Quote from: remial;886126
Poochie?  the plush dog that was white and had pink ears, and was for girls?

Pathfinder: "no we won't do a 2nd edition incorporating all our required supplemental core books, because we care about backwards comparability."  There I said it without laughing, can we turn the recorder off now?

Pathfinder: Kid tested, Poochie approved.

FATAL: Feeding reviewer's bloated sense of self-righteousness since 2002.

Call of Cthulhu: When Mistress is busy with another client that night and you've been a naughty boy.

4th Edition: What else are we going to do while Tichondrius is down?

Dark Sun: I hear the Humongous runs a pretty tight table.

Far West: And I beheld when He opened the sixth seal, and, lo here was a great earthquake, and the sun became black as a sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood, and the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, and Far West was completed.

There is a very vocal, very annoying section of the fanbase that whine endlessly that the monk and rogue are useless classes, so I'm guessing that it's throwing them a bone. I can't imagine at this point, with Pathfinder being it's own thing, that backwards compatibility is much of an issue.

Other Games / August painting thread.
« on: August 08, 2013, 12:33:05 AM »
Doing this for a friend of mine. It's a little further along then it was in this picture but I'm too lazy to take another one till it's done.

Mystery of the Snow Pearls. It was pretty bad even for a solo adventure and had a horrible gimmick of a "magic viewer", a red plastic film needed to read parts of the module. After reading about three blocks of text with it you usually ended up with a splitting headache. I don't think I even got half way through it before giving the module away to some other sucker.

Four, with a fifth interested in getting in on it.

Quote from: GrimJesta;564522
What the fuck is this "informed answer" bullshit? This has no place on the internet! This is the domain of knee-jerk hyper-reactionary freakouts and finger-pointing! Get it right!



Sorry. I'm new here. I was hoping the rest of my post would have filled in that quota. ;)

How is the Middle Earth stuff for Rolemaster? Is it worth tracking down?

You know, I can make a really detailed argument that the movie Predator is full of homoerotic subtext, and at the end of the day all I've done is look really hard for something that probably isn't there. If you turn your head and squint and crank up the righteous indignation meter up to eleven, I'm sure you can find things about Golarion that make you scream, "THAT"S RACIST!!" like the kid from Wonder Showzen, but guess what? You've probably spent a lot of time looking for something that really isn't there.

I've read both the Inner Sea guides, and never once have any members of the five different Mwangi races been described at "spear chuckers in grass skirts." One of the most powerful and technologically advanced of the ancient empires, Shory, was Mwangi. One of the most powerful mages of all time was a Mwangi named Old-Mage Jatembe, and he's credited as helping save civilization from total destruction after the Earthfall. One of the oldest and most prestigious mage schools, Magaambya, is in the Expanse. The city of Osibu is a paradise on earth that is one of the few bastions of happiness in the entirety of Golarion. Call me funny but I'm just not seeing it here.

What I am seeing though is an attack from a faux social crusaders that contribute nothing to the gaming community other then stirring up puffed up moral outrage to mask attacks against whatever person or company they happen to dislike. It's cheap rhetoric and the usage of strawmen big enough that Christopher Lee should be dancing in front of it used in place of actual discussion and reason. And the sad thing is that none of this is done for any sort of progressive reason. It's an ego massage session from a group of people that want to be seen as the nerd Richard Neville.

Quote from: Melan;561074
I love the character assassination campaign against Greg Tito. I also love how it stays unchallenged by the same moderators who would, and have banned users for saying marginally bad stuff about 4e.

It's not really a surprising. Ettin and his fellow tender warrior Cirno have made themselves quite the little niche of insulting whoever doesn't fit their myopic little worldview of what RPGs should be and getting at most a slap on the wrist. They're poster boys for a particularly loathsome breed of gamer; those that desperately wish to be seen as "industry insiders" without going through the heavy lifting of actually having produced something other then smug asides on message boards.

 They spend all their free time haunting blogs and message boards like some sort of deranged stalker till they find a quote they can leap on, take out of context and wave like a flag for their cause.  Or if that fails pull something directly out of their collective asses and pass it off as truth. Despite being proven wrong or caught in outright lies by the designers they attack time and time again they're still allowed to keep spewing without recourse. Why should this time be any different?

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