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Quote from: Maddman
There's probably something in All Tomorrow's Zombies, but I don't have that one.  Is it even out?  It would probably have a ton of goodies for you.

I'll have to look that up... Just did... yep rules for cybernetics.  Out sometime after now

Help Desk / Reflecting on Week 1
« on: March 08, 2006, 11:03:39 pm »
I have to say, I like haveing a forum just for my RPG stuff.  keeps me focused when I'm here.

11 ish... more if you count rules for Warhamer mini games...

Quote from: Varaj
I would be very tempted to use something like Spycraft myself.  As for setting I much prefer a magic free setting for cyberpunk.  Shadowrun is a great game just not cyberpunk in my mind.

I was thinking the same thing. The psion rules from Shadow Force Archer could be usefull with minor modifications.. and the Shop source book has rules for Mechs and other high tech gear.

ok the third archetype I'm trying to flesh out for my setting is an old CORPS cyborg.  This is a survivor type.  Originally solders who were injured but who weren’t ranked high enough to get Bio-Comp repair.  They’ve received older military grade cybernetics. Since the fall they’ve become warlords or headmen of groups of human survivors.

I’m pretty much done the stats but I have no idea how to represent the various cybernetic enhancements they’ve received.  

Oh and for their quote :)

Yea, I may be a piece of Rusted Scrap Metal, but I’m the one keeping you alive.

Does Eden have any rules for Cybernetics?

Here's my second Archetype.  a priest of the pure blood

Priest of the Pure Blood
Type: Inspired
STR: 2 DEX: 3 CON: 4 INT: 3 PER: 3 WIL: 5   
LPS: 34 EPS: 38 SPD: 114 ESS: 35

Inspiration (5)
Gift (5)
Increased Essence Pool (3)
Charisma (3)
Zealot (3)
Secret (3)

Humanities (religion): 4
Driving (car): 3
Rituals (Rites of the Pure Blood): 5
First Aid: 3
Writing: 3
Storytelling: 5
Hand weapon (Club): 2

Touch of Healing


None of this is your fault. It can’t be. It’s God’s divine wrath. If people had only listened, if they had only understood that what you were doing was righteous and just.  But now it’s to late for them. God has visited his judgment upon the earth and it’s up to you to guide the people through the end times into a new paradise.  You were reckless before; the last group you were with was obviously unclean. They accepted the presence of abominations amongst them.  You don’t know why they tried to kill you. This isn’t your fault it’s God’s will. Next time you’ll be careful. You’ll choose your followers more cautiously. They will be true believers of the pure way.  Why do they keep driving you away? Don’t they know you’re trying to save their souls? This isn’t your fault…. Is it?

Why yes, I do know why this is happening

Book of the Pure Blood with Ludd’s annotations
False book cover

ewwwwww.... and David Cronenberg would like to option it :)

Quote from: obryn
The game's set in 2005 - basically present-day.

I'm thinking that this would probably have been enough to kill off the abomination.  Of course, the spirit possessing the huge walking orgy has likely survived all this.  Again.


Walking orgy eh.... so this games takeing place in San francisco? :)

Yeah.... I'd say the Grenades would have gone off but I have no idea how big the boom would have been.....

Ok... what year is the game set in?  but yeah the unmentione gas leak is the best answer... I could see a few of the grenades going off... but the ammo not so much.... though all that shrapnal in a labe.... not good over all.

Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games (RPGs) Discussion / What scares you?
« on: March 06, 2006, 03:29:40 pm »
Quote from: Aelfinn
For actual scaredy terror, that gut-wrenching fear that makes a person so irrational that they are virtually worthless for anything other than screaming?

It's always personal, and it's always all about violence towards me and my family. Monsters, Aliens, and Serial Killers are things I generally only find terrifying when it comes to my daughter.

So that moment in the Shops when you  notice your daughter has wandered off and you can't see her imediatly...... yeah.... that'd scare me

oops forgot to give him equipment....

small stash of looted items

Ok here's a write up for an Uninfected Bio-Comp cyborg

Uninfected Bio-Comp cyborg
Type: Norm

STR: 2
DEX: 3
CON: 3
INT: 2
PER: 2
WIL: 2

LPS: 30
EPS: 26
SPD: 10
ESS: 14

Acute Senses (2)
Sense Biocomp Zombies (Gift ,5)
Recurring Nightmares (1)
Minority (1)
Low Status (3)

Notice: 3
Stealth: 2
Haggling: 3
Dodge: 2
Driving (car): 2
Guns (rifle): 2
Brawling: 2
Bureaucracy: 4
Computers: 3
Hand Weapon (ax):3
First Aid: 1
Smooth Talking: 3


This isn’t fair. Your life wasn’t supposed to be like this. You’d just made partner. You were making mad money for the firm. And you’d just convinced the hot redhead from accounting to join you for a private party away from the company New Years Eve party.  Ok you knew it wasn’t a smart thing to do… to link up your enternet implants in a private loop. There was a slim chance for the feed back to cause brain damage but damn if it didn’t make sex amazing.  When you both came out of it everything was different.

Now you spend your days living on the edge of a camp of living humans.  They treat the two of you like crap but they still need you when it comes time to get supplies.  You still don’t know how but after it all came crashing down you just knew you had to get out of the city.  You made your way to the country and found some survivors.  They don’t like you.  You were rich and they were poor and now the shoes on the other foot.  And the fact that you have Bio-Comp  doesn’t help either.  But you were able to find a niche.  You were the best scrounger and you never walked into a nest of Frankenstein’s or got mobbed by squawk boxes. Sure they take your best hauls but you’re able to survive. If only the dreams would stop.  Dark wet rooms and men without faces and pain….

“No, We should go this way.”

Maybe I should have said.. "easiest"  Which is easiest to keep your players involved with the horror and not cracking knights of nee jokes.  personaly I think near modern settings are best.  fewer elements to distract the players.

Quote from: Jangling Jack
Other various ideas and comments:

What would the effect have been if someone had been shielded from the initial virus/anti-virus battle?
uninfected Bio-Comp cyborg... either because they didn't have the enternet implants or because theirs weren't working that night.  or they had simply turned them off. or they were out of range from a relay.  they are sometimes seen as pariahs.  rich fops that have damned the world for their vanity.  they also have a sixth sense with regards to Zombies. this makes them valuable on supply raids as they can help avoid some of the more unpleasant things out there

Quote from: Jangling Jack

Did animals get some of the Nu/Tech treatment?

maybe a few research subjects or the odd military experiment but not many.  

Quote from: Jangling Jack

What of satellites and space stations? An AI forming on a moonbase could be interesting...

The more I think about it, the more it seems like a mix between the Borg and the Matrix.

They'd be very limited in regards to resources.  they might adapt by becoming more machine then organic.  

There's also the Comic book Virus which was very much an inspiration for the patchwork men.

The holocrons could be like bundles... but for Skills and feats...maybe you use them when you go up a level. Your normal skill and feat buying is suspended and the holocron gives you a bundle of skills and a feat.  You may be getting more skill points then normal.... but they are very focused and you have no control over what you chose......

As for the lightsaber.... why not make it a training saber.  Doesn’t do damage but can stun.... can deflect only the lightest stinger bolts.

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