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Thankfully Multiclassing & Feats are Optional.
I'm certain I'd be happier if the DMs removed more options. But so far, the three DMs I've experienced don't do that. And its clear that most of my fellow players like having lots of options from multiple supplements to choose from. And multi-classing is pretty common. Because that gives even more options.

Damn kids. Always on my fucking lawn.

Indeed, no one curates to their settings like they used to.  ;D

An early lesson from CCGs is de facto banning of cards through the power curve and the danger of ever expanding pool sets to said curve. If everything is allowed many things which were designed in exclusion of each other can and will fall apart when thrown together without consideration. In such a competitive environment only immediate and unstoppable power will make sense in such a cacophanous card pool. Thus a deck building pre-game becomes part of the play experience, and quite an occupying one at that.

Given RPGs are part of a different paradigm altogether, "all options on!" does not lead to exponentially greater creativity, just greater cacophany. And in such situations people default into scrambling for the loudest instrument they can make to shout over the din. It becomes even worse for newcomers who fall into either analysis-paralysis or following a 'build' they have no idea how to play.

Cacophany of Options pulls attention away from one of the most natural of human activities: let's pretend!, and gatekeeps it under system mastery through the guise of freedom. :-X

And it is the GM who is the master of ceremonies to ensure their setting is evocative, matters, and elicits earnest collaborative play. They set the tone. Surrendering it to the kitchen sink leaves a tone that is as deafening as a garbage disposal.  :P

Don't worry they like it when you bust their balls and establish order.
What a pathetic mindset. Not that your glad that your method of fun is becoming more popular, but the method of fun you don't like is being enforced. That doesn't even demonstrate a love for what you like as much as an angry bitterness for those damn kids and their new toys.

If grognards where consistent with their desires, their ultimate game would be a drama jam where actions where resolved with a coin toss that the GM could always revoke.
Obvious comprehension error on your part.  ;)  Powergamers affect all types of games played, regardless of "method" (to the eventual exclusion of all but their own style of play, as dictated by its inherent socio-disruptive design), and was in fact alluded to do so in the previous sentences you clipped out. Also see: online video game communities. But keep tilting at every dragon-windmill!  8)

And the verb is "were," by the way.  :-*

Nothing Stacks, Mods Added Last 'PEMDAS', & Assume Round Down Until Told Otherwise. Gold.  8)  Killed most early 5e powergaming dead until half-assed Multiclassing loopholes/synergies & Spell/Archetype PowerCreep were compiled.

Thankfully Multiclassing & Feats are Optional. Beloved return of the "blue box," except typical powergamer tournament mindset ("if it exists it is assumed turned on for exploits") fights against optional tooth & nail. Glad they throw that Optional label on everything UA just in case, too. That and PHB+1 restriction for AL, just in case to shut up chargen mini-gamers. Those outlier players push the envelope to breaking each and every time in all game types and should be leashed with "GM Prerogative, Campaign Optional, and Org Play Restricted" each and every time just to piss in their neverending metagames of whinging corn flakes.  ;)  Don't worry they like it when you bust their balls and establish order.

 ;D  I think of a multiclass two level dip with Eldritch Blast or Paladin Hexbla --  :-X

 :)  Not necessary, but I won't get in the way of your creativity! Gonna 'copy pasta' your PC and Snowman's PC now.

edit: Well, poop. :( I cannot edit that post anymore. Seems like that feature was lost in the transition of this new board software.

OK, I guess you'll have to post your PC within the IC topic. Give it a few days just in case we are at a page break for some people. And welcome to the show!  8)

Play by Post Games / Re: IC: Talislanta Sword & Planet Disco Fantasia!
« on: September 19, 2020, 09:42:56 AM »
3rd day, 2 week, 4th month
Prime Sun Noon, minutes after, (Second Sun Horizonal)

BGM  "Come Sail Away" / "Let It Go" mashup -- STYX & Frozen by Puddles Pity Party.
{OOC - Such PC madness deserves a fair pairing of BGM bedlam. Crescendos around 2:20} ;)


Akbir Depot, Immediately Outside (The Barrens Arrival/Departure Hangar)

Round 4 Resolution

The Akbir Hangar's bonfire has now been stirred by the determined andirons of the guard platoons, spraying embers and screaming bodies out of any giving orifice of its hangar-cum-brazier. This is the breach-point, from here there is little left to the niceties of thought. Those innocents still scrambling outside for the last remaining vehicles to get away see what shall spill forth next will trample them to escape. Whimpering joins screaming.

Helios, fast on the uptake, launches into a sensibly convincing appeal for armistice given the circumstances. Dismounting the greymane and embarking upon the salt flat catamaran with a breathtaking confidence past statuesque Danuvian Amara, one notes how quickly her eyes assess the situation. Ghandus' tensing muscles reflect that in moments he read Amara's judgment and concurred wordlessly to let Helios pass and get comfortable. Comfortable apparently is a spell to divine hope away from here.

This gesture of catamaran crew detente is the thawing ice dam to the hangar's pressure building behind them all... and visibly gives the Za woman pause. Before her agape mouth launches a counterproposal, Astlumia proffers her own assets to this impossible melange. And from off starboard yells, "And I can help you pilot!" -- a sight as mad as the state you find yourselves in -- a Gao sea pirate running desperately across the salt flats from the burning, burgeoning, bellowing melee within the massive building.

"Enough! --" as her eyes finally soften seeing Za warriors dying with intruders alike in chaos, " -- the Tirshata knows we must endure if we are to avenge ourselves of these everlasting trespassers." And with that the first and second wave Za fighters relax; the battle suspends. "Tell them that cannot yet reach us to disengage and meet up at the known 'Western Annex' within the 'Pan of Contrition', which speaks of our sins before our fall. Zaran shall survive!"

"Zaran shall survive!" and Za warriors start calling out and gesturing to successive waves behind them the message until it reaches the bastion holding the hangar's outpouring at bay. With a frenzy parts of the third and fourth wave start attacking any vehicles and mounts within reach to ready their scatter off into the salts flats. A handful of the nearest 3rd wave (five Za) rush to help any wounded 1st wave (four Za) and 2nd wave (nine Za) onto the lifesaving ship.

Altogether an unwieldy crush of eighteen (18!) Za warriors are boarding along with their 'Thigriz'. She stands as nodding interface to her crew and the rest of your inexplicable party, like obeying the ship rigging orders of a Gao pirate newcomer, or a Dhuna's request on boarding her greymare near a Thrall's mangonel lizard in the breezy catamaran hull. With haste your gathered impossible flees into the sweltering calm of a formless horizon.

{OOC - I won't have you chased in earnest just yet. ;)  Now tell me your resolutions and introductions. If you need more rumors sprinkled upon you just ask and then share your favorites.}

Sounds good, arcanuum!  :)  We could always use a captain who is relearning Navigation/Piloting for Dracartan Land Ships during on-the-job training! Don't change a thing: you'll still 1/2 your Nav/Piot rolls but I'll just dampen the crit failures a tad.  8)  This way I'll have the motley-est of crews to GM!

Quick bookkeeping question: Would you ever so mind if I post up your simplified PC data in the IC's first post? That way it won't be lost in the sea of posts forthcoming, just in case for easy GM and fellow PC reference (such as name, size, look, dress, etc.). :)

Where is the Wasteland in Talislanta? Do you mean the Desert Kingdoms?

Sorry, the Wilderlands of Zaran, center of the continent. Yes, the Desert Kingdoms, but off into the hinterlands. Roughly between Seven Kingdoms and the Desert Kingdoms.

Apologies if this is rude to ask. Is there any room in this game for another player?

Not rude at all, arcanuum!  :)  The more the merrier! And considering a cosmopolitan caravanserai hangar is currently emptying out from a literal disco inferno, now might be one of the best times to hop in!

We're using Talislanta 2e, and currently in the Wastelands (Western section, centered around The Barrens at the moment). The party is currently making a break from the chaos they instigated -- out of the frying pan and into the fire already -- so we can slip you right in.  ;D  Make a PC soon and let's stow you away on a madcap cruise into post-apoc fantasy!

"I have such music videos to share with you!" /hellraiser voice  8)

 :D  Homeland: Silence. Faction: Feathers. Doomed heathens returning to their accursèd forest as an enslaved unit.  8)  Poetic fate.

As a zero level funnel, a la DCC? Background only (no stats, saves, abilities, features, or quickstart gear), 1d4 Hit Die, PB +1, assume straight 8s if you must ability check. Sell 'em a Backpack or gear with their Background starting cash and go forth and play!  8)


That'll do ya.

Disclaimer: not my product, I get nothing if you buy a copy.

Nice! I'm pretty DIY, but cool! Let 'em reap the fruit of their efforts.  :)

And a zero level game can be a lot of fun. Reminds me of an awesome RPG concept someone told me years ago where you play the scrambling victims while NPC adventurers and superheroes burst into your place of work. The whole idea of playing desperate, hysterical functionaries hiding for our lives sounds like a scream! But then I'd probably love playing as the cast in a goofy disaster flick. "Gojira?! Mein gott en himmel!" /runs off arms a'flailin'

I wait here with baited breath in antici... pation!  ;D

Eveyone stay safe out there! I like to think everytime we get back in the Talislanta swing of things a little bit of its post-apocalypse spills into our realm.  :o   8)

As a zero level funnel, a la DCC? Background only (no stats, saves, abilities, features, or quickstart gear), 1d4 Hit Die, PB +1, assume straight 8s if you must ability check. Sell 'em a Backpack or gear with their Background starting cash and go forth and play!  8)

 ;)  I'd be interested. Though I may have too much on my plate at the moment. /looks at my blood-red skies

Play by Post Games / Re: IC: Talislanta Sword & Planet Disco Fantasia!
« on: September 10, 2020, 12:53:13 AM »
{OOC - 8) My skies around here are suitably dramatic for Talislanta. Everything is under a sepia-toned filter. Oh l'amour!

Anyway, any more responses? I will try to respond by this weekend, if we are all still here. Enjoy your time before Talislanta lovingly slaughters you all. ;D }

Play by Post Games / Re: IC: Talislanta Sword & Planet Disco Fantasia!
« on: September 05, 2020, 08:43:28 PM »
3rd day, 2 week, 4th month
Prime Sun Noon, minute after, (Second Sun Horizonal)

BGM, cont. Alicia Bridges - "I Love the Nightlife"


Akbir Depot, Immediately Outside (The Barrens Arrival/Departure Hangar)

Round 3 Resolution

The Akbir Hangar is now a shimmering bonfire throbbing to a frenetic beat. Meanwhile the threat of order encroaches as guard platoons ready to smother the thrill. Seems victims who could flee have done so, the rest within must be willing participants slaking their own thirsts.

Helios successfully hops atop the striding filly, seems to be a graymane, and spots the statuesque Danuvian pushing herself full tilt. She threads up the ramp between enemies before the intervening Za reach her thrall ally. At the end of her sprint, breasts heaving, she readies for attack. Together, armed greatsword by longsword, they stand picturesque shoulder-to-shoulder as bulwark upon the ship's ramp, the Second Sun on the horizon counterbalancing the empty sky next to the main sail; it is a heartbeat before bloodshed, worthy a shot of nectar.

Ghandus' greatsword tip rips a swath across the first Za warrior who reaches the top of the ship's ramp, a warning to others. The Za staggers back a step but still eager stands waiting for backup, his gash trickling blood. As the first batch of Za make it to the top of the ramp they freeze in anticipation upon hearing a sultry voice belt, "Why'd you kidnap me? Another doll for your collection?"

Amara and Ghandus, if you turn to look back, you see the Za woman propping herself on her side with one arm as best she can upon the catamaran netting, the other hand up and outstretched in the universal symbol to stop -- it seems less for either of you than for the warriors. The first batch of Za then flag the second batch of Za to slow, and so on to the third wave of Za escaping the flaming Akbir Depot. There is a fourth wave that seems to be fighting other unrelated Za and miscellaneous fighters trying to spill out from the depot towards you.

Through her you appear to have the Za warriors' attention, the entire gross of them. (OOC - roughly 20+ Za immediately connected to this shared scar-symbol & woman, who knows how many more in the 4th wave or inside?)

In this to-do Astlumia soon pushes Helios & herself ever faster towards the sand flat catamaran racer, calling out an offer to help. The Za woman inquires, "Aid? What sort of games are you playing, intruders?"

The melee in Akbir Depot is pushing at its seams, the fourth wave does not look it can hold its banks much longer and the guard platoons are ready to push in.

Round 4

tell me what you are doing?  8)

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