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Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games (RPGs) Discussion / [Game Pitches] 2014
« on: January 01, 2014, 11:27:33 AM »
Quote from: Silverlion;719022
I want to run these:

What about you?

All very nice, Silverlion, my favorites being The Thief King1s Gifts, Against the Dragon's Army and Majestic Wing Excelsior.

Quote from: Skywalker;679447
Japanese dark conspiracy supers RPG -

My own review:

Very nice RPG and review, thanks !

Quote from: Skywalker;679208
As said, I am running two scenarios at a local Con this weekend:

I am also hoping to read more of the Edge of the Empire.

Nice scenarios, Skywalker ! So, I'm not familiar with Double Cross, what's it about ?

Quote from: Rincewind1;679207
Well, admittedly, Jacobins were a very bloodthirsty bunch, and I speak that as a huge fan of French Revolution.

I agree that we shouldn't condone the Jacobins. In fact, the First French Republic debacle is pretty much on them, and the blood spilled. On the other hand, turning them into mustache twirling villains doesn't sit so well, again imho, in a French Revoltution game.

I've been taking a break from my Vampire: the Requiem and Game of Thrones d20 GMing, and playing some Oriental Adventures Rokugan d20, although it isn't really taking of.

I've recently ran Legends of Anglerre in our local RPG network meeting, and am wondering whether to run Night's Black Agents or Dungeon Crawl Classics in the September gathering.

Elsewhere (tBP), I'm running Monsterhearts, and planning on some Tenra Bansho Zero.

Someday soon, I'd like to try (here), a play by post of my recently arrived Machinations of the Space Princess, by the much maligned James Desborough, if anyone's up for it.

This weekend, though, I'm doing nothing.

Yeah, I'm a ADD pandering RPG whore.

Thanks for all the suggestions, I always thought about checking out In Harm's Way (and Duty and Honour, for that matter), and I definitely knew about GURPS Scarlet Pimpernel, but I must say that I think those couldn't convey the exact emulation one expects from a French Revolution game.

When someone goes for a swashbuckling game, it is expected to go for different shades of fencing schools and such, and that it should matter in game.

By the same logic, a military history RPG should go for gritty and tactical, whereas a French Revolution game, imho, should go for gritty, political and unpredictable.

And don't get me started on Scarlet Pimpernel turning the revolutionaries in villains.

Thanks for the clarification ! Pity, though, as it shows there really is no RPG set in the French Revolution. Strangely, as there are examples set in the Napoleonic Wars (Duty & Honor, In Harm's Way) and in the Absolutism Period (Flashing Blades).

Quote from: Rincewind1;675463
I can only tell you what I googled myself ;). Just google the name, it was part of the brand called "Real Life Gamebooks". And I think it's not that surprising - weren't Fighting Fantasy CYOA also marketed as RPGs?

And now I find that Board Game Geek lists it as a board game, :o. LOL

Quote from: Rincewind1;675457
Actually reading the blurbs on RPGGeek, I think it's a CYOA rather than an RPG.

Really ? The online stores that sold its used copies (there are none around anymore), like Nobleknight, and Wayne's Books, list it as a RPG. I guess it's so obscure people don't seem to know even what it is.

Unfortunately, we didn't play RPGs this weekend, which was a long one, because of the Pope visiting Rio de Janeiro for the Youth World Journey.

A small part of our group played the D&D boardgame Wrath of Ashardalon. Funny thing is, most of them hate 4e with passion. I prefer the old editions, but I like 4e better than 3e, as I loathe feat wankery.

This week, however, we're gonna play Rokugan d20, and I'll probably run something on the monthly RedeRPG (RPG networ) in Rio. I'm torn between Night's Black Agents and Dungeon Crawl Classics. Last time I was there I ran Legends of Anglerre.

While searching for historical RPGs, I realised I'd never seen one about the French Revolution, which is odd, because of its importance.

Then I discovered there was one, released by FGU in 1976, called Madame Guillotine. So, any of you RPG historians and collectors know about it ? Is it any good ? I've seen a blurb describing what appears to be a proto-social combat. Is that so ?

Thanks in advance.

Other Games / Marvel Heroic Roleplaying is done
« on: April 24, 2013, 11:30:24 PM »
I agree with the feeling here, the books had very high production values and the designers were clearly passionate about them, but were clearly based on a absurdly wrong business strategy.

Centering the game around Marvel events, not having many of the iconic characters on the core book, not having even character creation rules in it, and making the power rules too similar, those were its faults.

Of course, even if they didn't make these, IMHO, mistakes, we aren't sure Marvel wouldn't have pulled the plug as well, as Marvel Saga and Marvel Universe were also cut short.

On the other hand, Green Ronin's policy for the DCA book is apparently solid, as they have just released the last planned book, and used it to spearhead the new M&M edition, for which they are releasing genre books (Supernatural Handbook,  and the upcoming Cosmic Handbook, for instance), which always seemed to me a good decision, from when I picked 2nd Ed onward.

Quote from: Silverlion;636595
Thanks, I'm working on 2E, but I've got it delayed a bit to get it right this time in terms of having all the content I can cram into it AND getting art (full color!)

As for Cu Sidhe, my best friend, she passed away this morning. She was ten a good long life for a Great Dane, not long enough, never long enough. I've been in tears most of the day. I am trying to distract myself with work.

She will be dedicated in the front of the book along with the friend who got me into superhero gaming, he passed away last year. Right before he turned 40.

My sincere condolences for your losses.

Quote from: Silverlion;636202
There isn't a stick to beat the PC's with like MSH (though I love it dearly.)

I use the carrot cake approach:
Death is set as part of the pitch. You want it? You can have it. You don't, you set it at no, and except as very limited backdrop elements such as self sacrifice/villains taking out minions or themselves. Death won't occur.

 Your killing attack will seem to work, BUT, something will happen to prevent it from working as you planned. The GM is fully allowed to let that be a robot/hologram/instant teleport or whatever occur for the villain because the pitch was set so that it isn't supposed to happen.

 In fact trying to kill them prevents them from going to jail a lot of the time, which is usually bad tactically.

 Setting the switch this way also presents "fridging" of women characters (or any loved one.) It will tend to shift the game a bit more light in tone, but doesn't guarantee silliness. Oh I'll "threaten" harm, and have the NPC's cry/suffer a bit, but kill them?

Of course I generally play with people I try and put on the same page, if I fail to do that well its a failing of the game group/myself, not the game system or game play.

I did have one player who seemed to think he can get vicious and kill-happy in one of my previous groups. It is quite funny to watch him squirm though when his lethal attacks fail/are evaded/foe escapes-- because HE AGREED in advance no killing.
Worse case scenario? I do let it happen in game which has the "Death" switch on, and I send the PC to jail for murder.

Of course I often use super villains who are a bit death-evading anyway.

Boreal is a living ice sculpture (transformed somewhere in her long history as Baroness Blizzard) you can shatter her and melt her, but she'll come back. Its simply her nature.

Count Cortex plans in advance and rarely confronts heroes directly. Being a psychic brain in a robot body he's pretty resilient, uses look alike drones, holograms and cheating.

Hellrider claimed he was so evil and good at what he did he rode out of Hell, and is undeadish enough to make it believable.

So while H&S doesn't have a stick, I do STRONGLY encourage you use the rules to set your own standards of play.

2E will go into this, when I'm not dealing with the mess of things I'm facing right now (my dog who is my best friend may be dying.)

Nice approach, Silverlion, and thanks for the great reply, hope 2e comes out soon, and your dog gets well, my parents have two labradors, and they have had some close calls, it's terrible.

So, anyone in the know about Magic World's release date/estimated time ?

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