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Over the Edge - super simple, yet extremely flexible rules (easily compiled into a single page, including character generation), no need for anything but D6 and a setting that is just packing fun and adventure.

Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games (RPGs) Discussion / Dungeons and Deceptions
« on: September 01, 2019, 03:13:00 AM »
Turning up on a forum and in the first post accusing people of trolling, while writing stuff like "Typical Internet Gamer in Grandma's Basement" and "hee hee hee Pretty funny really."... #kettleblack

Old bitter men fighting over credit (not) given to men who died 10+ years ago. No money, no actual fame just much much drama.

Quote from: Spinachcat;1085196
You need more proof of something than a Tweet? Why? :confused:

How dare you sir! Tweets are our most sacred and profound communication!

And Brawndo has what Tweets crave.

I stand corrected - such a shame if 16+ pages of gloating would be all for nought. Tweet my pretties, tweets of justice.

Anything to support that anyone is actually sueing anyone, other than hearsay and a vague tweet?

Colin Chapmans rather great post-apoc system Atomic Highway is free from the Drive Through (and a softcover version is 5.99$), as is the systems mutant sourcebook, Irradiated Freaks.

TL;DW: "If this t-shirt makes you think, that WoTC hates you, personally, buy Pundits game instead". 20 minutes saved.

Quote from: Ulairi;1034566
and Ars Magica.

Fantastic game (and setting), but didn't it come out first in 87? But the best edition (IMO), 3rd, is of course 1992 :)

Over the Edge - hands down. Fantastic setting, extraordinary (and simple!) rules. Have played the crap out of it, well into the 00s and beyond.

Over the Edge 20th Anniversary Edition ('round 100$) or maybe the Delta Green Eyes Only Volume 2: The Fate (80ish $), bought a couple of years before Pagan Pub collected all three Eyes Only-books in the big Delta Green: Eyes Only. I think my Ptolus-book only set me back around 65$.

From all the stuff mentioned, I only really know of LotFP - and I generally like it a lot, both the vibe and the rules (magic, specialist skills et all), but...

Every time I played it, I've had issues with the whiff factor in combat. Low attack bonus combined with a high(er) basic armor class (plus armor + the option of defensive fighting...) leads to really long fight with (almost) endless "roll to hit - miss. Roll to hit - miss. Roll to hit - miss. Roll to hit - miss. Et fucking cetera".

Is this a general issue with these rule sets or are there some of the mentioned, that does combat differently/swifter?

Quote from: BedrockBrendan;1001015
Jeff didn't place it here. He placed it elsewhere and I moved it here. So not Jeff's fault if this being in the main forum bothers you. That said, we occasionally do have posts like this in here. If you object, take it to the help desk or contact one of the other mods. Or just ignore the thread.

I know Jeff didn't put it here and check.

At my yearly go-to convention, they run a reallocation project with both rpgs, board games and books. In the past I've donated my World of Darkness collection (Vampire + a handful of supplements, Mage and Wraith) and a lot of minor D&D, Traveller and indie games.

I don't consider person bitten by (non-game, nor convention related) dog, now needing money for surgery neither industry gossip nor an event, but your miles may vary.

So this is main rpg forum material... but Dusk City Outlaws and Blades in the Dark aren't... ok, then.

Apart from that - all the best to Erin.

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