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Off the top of my head,

In Game:
Motivation for the characters
Consequences for their actions
A fear of actual loss or death
A sense of mystery
Balance of in-character dialog with action

Outside the game:
Players allowing their characters to suffer adversity
Abandonment of electronic devices whilst playing
Dedicated attendence
Trusting the GM

Quote from: DavetheLost;985604
Empire of the Petal Throne and the world of Tekumel deserve a mention too. Barker went deeply into it.
I'll second that. The book of Ebon Bindings is a magnificent addition to Barker's culturally pertinent religions.

Quote from: vivsavage;981578
I think this stuff is great for NPCs and monsters, but not for PCs. Conan doesn't get stabbed in the heart or have his limbs crushed or severed in Howard's works. When he gets captured, it''s usually because of poison, magic, or a crack on the head he didn't see coming. In that sense, I find Mythras & Runequest to be ill-fitting. The increasing hit points in d20 works well for Conan, IMHO. He could fall 100' off a cliff onto a bed of razor sharp rocks and still live without any lasting injury. Any why is it? It's because he's Conan.
Thus we return to the perennial question of whether an RPG should be modelling the immunity of a literary setting's central character(s). We all know that Conan couldn't die otherwise Howard would have thrown away one of his most popular income revenues. Yet less egregiously than many authors since, he wrote the stories in such a way that Conan remains vulnerable to injury, being outnumbered, capture... heck, lets say it bluntly... losing and fleeing the fight every once in a while.

I like to think this is why many folks feel that BRP/RQ/Mythras is such a good fit. Its the feeling of vulnerability and recognition that Howard was striving to retell certain realities of combat, that these systems try to model: locational blows, single hit incapacitation, damage reducing armour, the ability to survive a fight by parrying, outmanoeuvring multiple foes, and so on.

The idea that Conan would bounce back up from a 100' fall onto sharp rocks, is to me the antithesis of the character. Instead I image that he might roll over the edge, but instead grab a ledge or root before he plummeted. But that's my own personal opinion.

Howard himself seems to have had a rather pessimistic view of falling...

'Take your plots to hell with you!' he roared, and like a sack of salt, he hurled the prince of Pellia
far out, to fall through empty space for a hundred and fifty feet. The people gave back as the body
came hurtling down, to smash on the marble pave, spattering blood and brains, and lie crushed in its
splintered armor, like a mangled beetle.
- The Scarlet Citadel

...although the following quote supports your view of Conan's immunity, if not the distance dropped.

He did not fall any great distance, though it was far enough to have snapped the leg bones of a man
not built of steel springs and whalebone.
- The Slithering Shadow

Mythras doesn't allow for that type of 'immunity.' If Conan were to fall off that cliff in RQ/Mythras, he'd either be dead or a mass of shattered body parts and more than likely permanently maimed. When I designed Red Mists, I made the system to specifically allow for the hacking of enemies but not PCs.
Mythras instead offers Luck Points so that Conan wouldn't necessarily fall in the first place. Not that I have any problem with permanently maiming PCs. Those beggars have to come from somewhere right? ;)

As for the 2d20 Conan game, it seems too slow to me. Sword & sorcery combat should be fast & furious, and I'm not convinced the Modiphius system can do that.
Totally agree that S&S combat should be fast and furious. I suppose my own preference is to avoid games where I feel immune until I have a handful of Hit Points left. Rather I want to embrace to feeling of risk at all times, since gambling my character's life makes the reward that much more satisfying (assuming I survive). However I have no idea whether Modiphius 2d20 embraces this sensibility as I've never had the pleasure of playing it.

As always, a matter of preference & opinion.
Yes indeed. :)

Quote from: TrippyHippy;981445
Could you file out the IP references and just call it Mythic Hyperborea or something?
Since it is filled to the brim with quotes from the Conan stories and is specifically written to provide mechanical support for Hyborian creatures and cultures, it would gut the entire point of it. Gentlemanly behaviour towards Modiphious aside (who have to cover licencing costs remember); anything I personally write and throw out to the community is now vulnerable to legal challenge, placing TDM at risk - no matter any protestations on my side that it is for the fans and not intended to make money.

A Mythic Hyperborea is a bit academic anyway. If you look at the combat, magic, cults & brotherhoods it is obvious to many that Mythras is designed to run Howardian pulp fantasy out of the box, whilst Monster Island further expanded it to cover CAS literature. In the meantime I wholeheartedly support other poster's suggestions of using Xoth, GURPS Conan and the Modiphius books for background material.

Quote from: TrippyHippy;981420
Unfortunately, no-one ever made anything for Conan for Mythras, although they did have that Legend campaign trilogy that were very similar to Conan. Can't quite remember their names!

Oh I did. Its sitting on one of my hard drives at the moment, and several fans have their own hacks. Unfortunately however, in my position I cannot release it into the wild.

Its Homeric mythological Mycenaean, with a historical basis towards lifestyle, weaponry, etc where archaeological evidence exists. Its more mythic than my Rome and Viking books.

Quote from: Madprofessor;980147
Someone on this thread mentioned a Mythras Mythic Greece supplement in the works.  Any truth to that?
Yep. I'm working on it intermittently at the moment. ;)

Quote from: Premier;978313
It's been awhile, but isn't he fighting off armoured men while wearing no armour himself, all in the enclosed quarters of his bedroom? I'm sure he could handle a lot more with armour parity.
Actually he starts the battle in plate armour, sans helmet and shield.

'True; there had been lack of time to don the heavy plumed casque, or to lace in place the side-plates
of the cuirass, nor was there now time to snatch the great shield from the wall. Still, Conan was better
protected than any of his foes except Volmana and Gromel, who were in full armor.'

Conan uses his superior strength and skill through the fight to drop nine enemies, each with a single blow. He keeps himself alive using footwork to limit the number of foes who can strike at him at any moment (Outmaneuver in Mythras), but still ends up with a number of superficial cuts, surviving thanks mainly to his Aquilonian armour.

Unfortunately he then takes a serious wound (sword chop) to the left shoulder, followed by a serious wound to his chest (dagger thrust through the open armour). At this point all is lost for Conan whereupon Thoth-Amon's demon arrives, routing the remaining assassins and killing Ascalante, the last of the conspirators and the best fighter.

This is Conan's most epic solo fight in the entire series of tales, taking on 15 to 1 odds. It was also the very first of the published Conan stories. In the later tales he uses surprise, darkness and outmaneuvering to great effect, and generally flees when the odds are against him. He also wears the best armour available, whenever he can. Paramount to his survival however is the fact that he uses his wits and personality to take control of situations before he can be mobbed. There are frequent cases of him talking his way out of a fight or limiting it to a single combat for leadership.

Quote from: Voros;977955
Mythras? Hit locations, piercing and fatigue all seem very ill-suited to Conan. Seems to me a broader more heroic system would be the better fit.

Hit Locations? 'And the Cimmerian came, with a desperate leap and a humming slash of his sword. The beautiful head rolled from the top of the screen in a jet of dark blood and fell at his feet, and he gave back, fearing to touch it.'

Piercing? 'Fighting as he had never fought before, straining every last ounce of effort to parry the blade that flickered like lightning about his head, Zaporavo in desperation caught a full stroke near his hilt, and felt his whole arm go numb beneath the terrific impact. That stroke was instantly followed by a thrust with such terrible drive behind it that the sharp point ripped through chain-mail and ribs like paper, to
transfix the heart beneath.

Fatigue? 'A wind out of the west blew against his face, laden with a salty dampness he recognized. Dully he was amazed. If he was that close to the sea the long chase had been even longer than he had realized. But it was nearly over. Even his wolfish vitality was ebbing under the terrible strain. He gasped for breath and there was a sharp pain in his side. His legs trembled with weariness and the lame one ached like the cut of a knife in the tendons each time he set the foot to earth.'

Oh I think the Conan saga is very well suited indeed... By Mythras and Crom!

Quote from: CRKrueger;952733
If you want dark, savage and decadent...

I'm surprised you didn't mention Monster Island. Thanks to my predilections its pretty much the most savage sandbox out there... ;)

Believe me, the foreign policy of the US poses a considerable threat to the security of a large proportion of the world, let alone what will happen if the US dollar collapses.

Quote from: Spinachcat;936936
That hack REH didn't read his Gygax!!!

Or maybe Conan only had 12 HP left and knew a crit would kill him. Some PCs smarten up when their HP are low.

Nope. Not only was he was on full HP, but was young and arrogant to boot. ;)

‘I am the watchman, knave,’ answered Arus, bracing his rocking courage. ‘Stand where you are;
don’t move or I’ll loose a bolt through you.’
His finger was on the trigger of his arbalest, the wicked square head of the quarrel leveled full on
the other ’s broad breast. The stranger [Conan] scowled, and his dark face was lowering. He showed no fear,
but seemed to be hesitating in his mind as to whether he should obey the command or chance a sudden
break of some kind. Arus licked his lips and his blood turned cold as he plainly saw indecision
struggle with a murderous intent in the foreigner ’s cloudy eyes.

Quote from: CRKrueger;936452
Well, the thing to remember is Pete is a fairly serious reenactor from what I understand, and while I don't know how deep he is into ARMA, HEMA, studying fechtbuchs, etc, he's out there wearing armor, wielding weapons and getting bruised and bloodied, so I don't know that it's entirely accurate to say that the combat system is modeled on fiction as opposed to reality.  The combat special effect system in particular seems designed to model his real experiences with the weapons rather than Mongoose's Feats like "Pantherish Twist" etc which were an attempt to model the fiction of Howard and the pastiches.

I have to admit, I have had my fair share of deep cuts from nicked sword blades, bone fractures, concussions and worst of all, ripping my left knee apart in a tournament. However, atop my love of historical combat I am even more into battlefield pathology reports from ancient and medieval grave excavations. Fascinating stuff! ;)

Yes, the special effects in Mythras/RQ6 were based on a lifelong study of various martial arts, whereas the underlying mechanics came from my frustration in trying to replicate in RPGs what I did as a matter of course during fights. The Physical Damage rules - like in most games - are merely a simplified model, but there's a very careful balance between game design and reality, to keep fights dynamic and exciting.

What a shame. He was a gentleman with a wicked wit and a very Biblical sense of justice. I appreciate the handful of times I was able to chat with him. RIP Mr Dever.

Design, Development, and Gameplay / Mythras Conan
« on: November 17, 2016, 02:59:37 PM »
Quote from: AsenRG;931282
Are you sure you can't at least send it via PM:D?
I'll think about it.

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