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Thought: Prof. Dubois from Starship Troopers would either be the best or worst person to play D&D with. 

I'd say probably best.  He would certainly be a team player.  I just read this book again, this time with my 13 year old son, and rather than losing relevance over the years like most books, it's becoming more and more relevant.

I feel every day more and more like we're drifting towards the Crazy Years described by Heinlein in the early chapters of the book.

I actually prefer not to have races/species/whatever  that are always evil. The reason why is because I prefer the moral complexity of more realistic scenarios where there are shades of gray on both sides of conflicts, where even villains have an aspect of humanity.
That's what humans are for, since humans can be any alignment. But orcs, goblins etc are always some kind of evil alignment. Always.

And humans of course don't always announce their alignment, so you can get a rude surprise. And of course, lawful good does not mean lawful nice.

Well, any player character can be of any alignment.  It's fully possible to have a lawful good half-orc fighter-cleric as dedicated to Heironeous as the human Paladin next to him, or a chaotic evil high elf as depraved and foul as the Drow living a dozen or so miles beneath his feet. 

Fortunately, monsters are organized on easy to understand lines of "Kill," "Negotiate carefully with," and "Don't Kill" courtesy of the alignment system.  Somehow the pinhead who created the video thinks that's bad game design.  He's probably the type whose father deliberately lost every chess game he played against him or something.

Why I would delve further into such arrant nonsense?

Players like butchering things horribly. We must give them a socially acceptable way to do so. This is why zombie movies are so popular - people feel uncomfortable watching someone gunning down human waves of Chinese communists, or Burmese militia (hi Rambo!) or the like, but nobody's worried about the feelings and culture of zombies... or orcs.

With an inherently evil or mindless race of monsters, we can butcher them horribly without guilt. They are thus a necessary element of game design. We don't game for moral subtlety, we're playing D&D, not doing Moral Philosophy 101.

Thought: Prof. Dubois from Starship Troopers would either be the best or worst person to play D&D with. 

Any guesses on how Siembeida will mess this up?  ;D

All of it.  All the ways.  All of them.  Every way possible.

And then he'll blame, in no specific order:

- Adobe
- Fantasy Grounds
- Microsoft (or Apple; he gives off that "We only use Powermacs running OS 9.x" vibe)
- Everyone else on the internet
- some stupid bastard who tied himself to the mast of the SS Palladium in an attempt to gain experience and work history in RPGs
- Usenet groups
- You
- Me

...but what he absolutely, positively will not do is take any blame himself.

Although, y'know, if you wanted to run an Omega Man like RPG, this could be a great launching point for it.

I’ve never been down with masks and the people complying drops by the day here. Despite the signs, I can walk into just about any local restaurant maskless without comment from the staff.

While on the flip side we had a bunch of idiots demand to go to a restarunt with no masks and the ALL got it and died. One of our local gaming group got it and she was dead in 3 days. Family member of another is barely hanging onto life after getting this thing.

I hope everyone pretending this is a joke or sham, or are actively trying to spread it gets it and dies as horrifically as regular people do who never asked for this to be inflicted on them.

~Shhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit that didn't haaaaaaaaaaaaaaappen dot teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeext~

I play VTT because my players are in Oregon, Washington State, Colorado, California, Arizona, and Kansas.  Two of them are in the same state as me but as the balance of players are out of state, it wouldn't make sense for them to come here.

I play via Discord and Roll 20.  Every other week I ref a Twilight:2000 game.  Monday nights is my many-years-running 1e AD&D game.  12 players, quite a lot of fun.

Has it really been three years since it was seven years since Far West was funded?

I love my little thread, and seeing it celebrated warms the cockles of my heart.  Fight, little thread, fight!  Every minute Skarka posts screeds on twitter is another day you get to live!

Are people really worried about a fucking 70 year old cartoon skunk?

More to the point: if we're cancelling Pepe to "protect the children", where is he that children are being exposed to him? 

"Well, he was going to be in Space Jam 2." 

As an ostensible rapist? 

"I dunno'.  Better to make a pre-emptive censoring." 

Okay, and where else is he that kids can see him? 

"Cartoon Network?  HBO Max?  I don't know.  I haven't watched any kids cartoons since over a quarter century ago."

So if you haven't seen the character in decades, do you know what his current portrayal is like?

"No, and it doesn't matter.  I want society protected."

From a cartoon character.  That's been redesigned to be less rapey decades ago.  And isn't anywhere on TV anyway.


Well, as long as your priorities are in place.

Bonus points: it's the same person.  The same NYT "reporter" who tried to tear down Speedy Gonzales, succeeded in tearing down Pepe LePew. 

Mike Mearls has done some legit, innovative shit in gaming.

Mike Mearls called me, and every other gun owner, agents of ISIS.  Not compared, not made a simile.  Fuck him and the horse he rode in on.  And fuck all of WotC for hiring a bunch of woke moral busybodies. 

D&D should've died in 1984.

Y'know I can't help but think though that if they do go all moral panic over D&D and purge it, they're going to have a rough time explaining the next nostalgia-heavy 80s TV event that has characters playing AD&D...and the fans can't get their hands on those books.

When Stranger Things debuted I had no issue garnering the attention of non-D&D players, old D&D players, and people who'd only played 4e and 5e by simply fitting the phrase "...yes, D&D, like in Stranger Things!" into the game description or conversation, and almost always at least a couple of players would ask me how they could get into "80's style" D&D, whereupon I would point them to the PDFs/POD files.


I don't know how I missed this, that Price has been hired by WotC.  And now, Kwan is hired too?

Here it comes, folks.  IF you don't already have your 1e and OD&D Print-on-demand stuff, *get it now*.  Or at least get the PDFs so you can get it printed elsewhere.  Because these "people" are going to conduct a little digital book burning soon, mark my words.

How very cool!

Inquiring minds want to know if these are available as STL (Stereo Lithography) files one can feed into a 3d printer...

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